Reviews for Christmas for Kise! (Kaijo Centric)
godess bubbles chapter 2 . 5/4/2017
nglphil chapter 1 . 8/30/2015
Just read this right now and i'm so glad i did. It really made me feel all warm inside, sniff, just what i needed right now, as i'm going through something. Thank you for sharing!
Silent-melody2413 chapter 2 . 8/1/2014
Hi, again!

Wow, to be honest, sometimes I feared that omakes could be pretty... not-funny, but yours is definitely funny! XD

It completely relates to the main story! I like the last part, especially when Kise calmly reacts then suddenly panics when he realize how Kasamatsu and Kuroko have contacts of each other. That's really something! XD as expected of Kasamatsu and Kuroko! They're truly resourceful(?) haha

And whew, I also like the relationship of Coach Takeuchi and his teams. I figured that he'll be one of the coach that gets along closely with his team. And what Kasamatsu did in that first scene... LOL! XD Kise didn't know what trouble Kasamatsu's in for his sake!

Yay I like this team! Great job in making such a sweet fic for them! Keep writing and good luck! XDDD
Silent-melody2413 chapter 1 . 8/1/2014

I... I like this! Very much...! :O

Okay, let's start from the beginning! XD
The first thing that urged me to read until the end is your writing style. Seriously, I like it so much! It was so fun and easy to read! XD it just flows with the story and how the characters keep pop out one by one you know? Hahaha

I like to see the daily activities of the Kaijo team! I also love this team veeeeery much! They're so familial and the atmosphere around them just seem soooo close. It has the perfect balance and I somehow feels like Kise is like their "little brother" because among the regulars, only Kise is a freshman and that's just soo... awww X3

LOL! I've suspected that at the end it'll be all lies and turns out they're gonna make a surprise for Kise (duh, the summary says it all huh?) but the way you make each character speak their lines is so... convincing that I think, "Whew, I wonder how's this gonna go," for a second. I mean... Kasamatsu seemed so determined at making Kise goes practice (for a good reason of course) and Moriyama is just so... natural that it doesn't feel like he's even trying to lie! And that's what make this story even better! I like this! XD

And when Kise finds out and feels touched is just so... Awwwww!
And before that, I find how Kise reacts when he first thought that there are intruders funny. I mean, it doesn't supposed to be funny, but because we already know the genre is humor, so without realizing it... hahaha. I mean, the best part is when he thought /'I'll show them...'/ and I could just imagine him roaring to go. In a comical situation of course. Hahaha

I have a few notes though, if you don't mind :3
... I think the right word is "Senpai" instead of "Sempai" :3

... Hmm, how about changing some comas into a period? Like this for example: /"Thank you," he said sullenly and glanced at his friend, who's busy typing on his phone with a smile on his face. "I could see you're enjoying Christmas as always."/ something like that?

Okie-dokie, let's see the omake now! XD
Bloom Flower chapter 2 . 12/25/2013
Very cute!
Snowflake97 chapter 2 . 12/24/2013
Aww...It was really fluffy and cute. Omakes were pretty funny too. Oh and merry christmas :)