Reviews for Hope and Miracles
Guest chapter 9 . 1/19
Please Update.
ponylover2 chapter 9 . 10/17/2017
Please upload more chapters soon as possible so I can read this story more I'll be waiting my friend
Aqune chapter 9 . 4/27/2017
I really like this story! I think I'll read the prequels for this. So when's the next updates coming? Please let it be soon! :D
Guest chapter 9 . 11/22/2016
great story plz continue
Guest chapter 5 . 10/14/2016
TK is starting to act like the original Davis around Kari as he is with Dai
RY chapter 9 . 8/27/2016
GOD DAMMIT! Just finish this already~!
I wanna know what happens next!
Guest chapter 9 . 8/20/2016
Guest chapter 3 . 8/19/2016
Finish a series before you start another one you idiot, I'd actually like to finish some of these sometime soon, as in at the end of the season or series.
Aura chapter 9 . 7/7/2016
Won't u continue? Please? I wanna read more of the story!
KittyKat-Belle chapter 9 . 6/26/2016
Great chapter but...
When will u update the next chapters? It looks like the last update u made was on Dec 22, 2014, almost 2 years ago now...
Can you tell me? Please? :3
KittyKat-Belle chapter 8 . 6/26/2016
Great story so far! :)
I wish Daisuke's hairband snapped so her hair would fall down, letting Ken & TK see what she looked like without the ponytail. I like to know what they think if that happened...
Off to the next chapter!
Crows-Love-Henry chapter 9 . 6/23/2016
Is this going to continue? Oh man I want more chapters. Aaaahhh
MakiSakura chapter 9 . 4/24/2016
I hope we continue this soon it's really good I love y I hope we continue this soon it's really good.
Erza Tinatia629 chapter 9 . 4/11/2016
Please update I really want to read the next part of this story.
Comfy candy chapter 9 . 3/31/2016
Please update this story your doing really good at this one I loved this story as much as the other two stories before it
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