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DaringGirl55 chapter 10 . 4/22
Please tell me that at dinner, someone calls Merlin Emrys, and Kings and queens know the name and explain it before Merlin has a chace to tell hem not to! Then Arthur has a giant fit and. Merlin wishes the floor would swallow him! Honestly, Merlin in Narnia, it could happen. :)
I am loving this fic like you would never believe! Please post soon! Or not soon, if that's what it takes to get an amazing chapter! :)
Golden Bearded Dragon chapter 10 . 4/21
I really, really, can't wait till the next update. I binge-read all 10 chapters in one day. Them meeting Peter would be great, I keep imagining Arther and Peter talking about who's better with a sword, and then dueling (non-deadly, of course). :D
I love this story, please jeep it up! :)
praetorlupa chapter 10 . 4/21
Beautifully written. I'm so glad you updated again! I've been waiting patiently for this chapter. I do hope you do not stop in the middle like so many other have...

Good job! Can't wait for the next update
guest chapter 10 . 4/16
very interesting story! I've never tried a Narnia/Merlin crossover before, but I'm definitely enjoying it; looking forward to more!
mokona-pyuh chapter 10 . 4/14
Amazing ! I had totally forgotten about this fic, to be honest, but I love it still, and I can't wait for it to continue !
I just wonder if or when you plan for Merlin to reveal his magic to Morgana (as he should do, I think), or to Arthur ?
And I am curious to know how the meeting with Peter will go.
Anyway, great chapter, I hope you'll update soon ! :D
Britt30 chapter 10 . 4/14
I forgot how much I love this story! Thank you for updating!
Ravnur chapter 10 . 4/14
The squeal you're hearing... it's from me! A update! *screech*

We got Arthur and Merlin discussing the lovely Morgana. Heheh. And Merlin's comfortability with Cair Paravel makes me wonder if he even will go back, when time is to go... Of course he will, since it's Arthur, but I'll bet he'll be tempted to stay, where no one will hunt him for being magical. And they treat him well with expensive clothes and cloudy beds. And Merlin, don't be rude to the maid! Ah, well. Makes sense that the Narnia-creatures know Emrys, since they're well... kinda magical in themselves.

And Merlin and Morgan's conversation? Another squeal! It's lovely, and everything I wanted from S3, that I never got... Oh, Merlin. I like that Morgana understood the whole thing about sacrificing one for man, though they didn't have the conversation, but she understood. That's lovely. I think Merlin's fault in doing that, is that in my opinion he should have at least told Morgana. But then S3 may not have happened.

PETER IS BACK?! PETER IS BACK! ... and you didn't show us him! Bad writer! Oh, I will enjoy seeing Arthur meeting Peter, since I suspect Peter is the most... kingly of the the quartet, besides Susan.

And it will be another while, before you update again?! Oh, girl. Well, take your time. I would rather have quality chapters done in longer time, rather than awful chapters..

By the way, I would love it, if either Arthur or Merlin notice that they're the only humans in Cair Paravel, besides the injured knights, Morgana and the Four Royals... *rubs hands*
Linorien chapter 10 . 4/13
Oh I'm glad they have reconciled.
CloudCarnivore chapter 9 . 3/30
Please update soon! :D
Speedreader533 chapter 9 . 3/10
Aslan should come and talk to Emrys personally, I feel like they will be such great friends! Will Morgana be evil? I don't think so in this turn of events, I'm glad I liked Morgana. Where's Peter? Can you bring Cor (from the Horse and his Boy) along with Corin? Please! And his wife, I forgot her name... Love the Narnia/Merlin Crossover by the way...Good job! :) 3
praetorlupa chapter 9 . 1/12
Marvelous job on the dialogue. I am in awe of you! I really hope you'll update sometime soon.
Britt30 chapter 9 . 10/1/2014
Aw! I'm very glad Morgana isn't evil. I also really like the way Arthur reacted, and just this whole story in general. Will Merlin get a magic reveal? And I totally didn't see that plot twist coming! I was expecting Edmund to remember the King Arthur legend from England and find out about that. Anyway, keep up the great writing!
esther chapter 8 . 9/13/2014
I look forward to what you have next. This is good.:)
JasonDragonwing chapter 9 . 9/4/2014
...amazing...just awe inspiring! Love the good!Morganna and I hope that Merlin's magic will be accepted to and maybe if you're planning the return of the white witch (or something to that effect) Merlin could so a full out in the open magic duel and amaze everyone with his power. It'd be cool for Aslen to come talk to Merlin and maybe Athur too and in the end Camalot becomes a safe haven for magic users under the just reign of King Athur and the knight of the round table as well as a strong ally kingdom to Narnia for many centuries to come. Keep up the good work and update soon! :)
Jeffrey Fouberg chapter 9 . 8/28/2014
Thus far I have very much enjoyed your story. I am a big fan of Lewis's Narnia and of the TV show Merlin. I cannot express my delight in your tale. I hope that you post again soon as I am interested in how this story will progress.
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