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Paul chapter 8 . 2/11/2017
A point of interest in this chapter. Majesty gilvary discusses "the smell of tanning hides" when mentioning furriers row, implying she may have worked there, or at least grown up nearby. Something similar happened in your one shot showing seeder interacting with miracle brea during drakes year, with miracle talking about working in a grimy perfume factory (On a side note, I really liked that story. It was nice seeing seeder befriend a fairly normal miracle on her first year out of the arena and trying to shorten the gap between career and outer district victors). This would imply that the two of them worked making luxury products prior to winning their games (in all fairness, since wealthy won't the sixteenth, district 1 may not have had careers that early). Wonder how that worked. Did district 1 hildren do something like rotate from training for the games to working in the factories every other week or did they work in the factories until they were fourteen or something then start training for the games. In the event you do a a future THG one shot featuring district 1 (say one narrated by a Victor like cashmere, wealthy or ravish), some clarification would be appreciated.
P.S. in the event that's you already clarified this and I just don't know about it, sorry, but it's hard finding all of your oneshots sometimes.
Paul chapter 8 . 9/5/2016
I wonder just when drake stated caring about whether haymitch lived or died and/or started trying to help him. Hope if we ever get a one shot narrated by drake we find out.
Paul chapter 21 . 9/5/2016
One minor, yet still notable, thing I liked about this chapter was the male Distirct 9 mentors reaction to the impending death of his tribute. The relationship between District 9 victors and citizens is utterly poisonous, especially with the men, but either Will or Hector was still desperate enough for his tribute to live (or at least caught up in the moment) to shout at the screen for him to run. Whatever their faults, from what little we see of them, the Distirct 9 victors appear to take their mentoring seriously, even though by that point their probably stuck mentoring kids who mostly hate them. Might be an interesting topic for a one shot down the road.
P.S. Another interesting topic for any potential future District 9 story would be whether or not Etta Bossard bought into Will nortons bad influence as much as Hector, Thelma and darla did, as she isn't mentioned as having done so in the narrow path (although Plutarch may simply have forgotten about her) and she did apparently die resisting the peacekeepers while Will and earls ultimantely just cowered in the background (although to be fair, age may have been a factor there).
Paul chapter 26 . 7/31/2016
I hadn't meant to post that review I just did, I hit the submit button by mistake. Below is what I actually meant to put.
Another one shot I'd like to see in the future would be haymitch visiting the Breens tailor shore a few years down the road for new clothes or to fix old ones and realizing he's wearing that jacket Violet sewed the button on for the night before she got killed. Then he'd mention it to her mother or something, and sadly tell the story as the rest of the family (Violet's father, any siblings she had, maybe an uncle and/or grandparent) get around to listen and are moved as they listen. Also appreciated (if you ever do a story like that) would be mentions of Kate (the Victor that year, and maybe in more than just passing, like what kind of Impression she made on district 12 during the games and/or her victory tour and maybe How she won), Mickey (maybe with haymitch telling how he and Violet got along or didn't get along) and the boy from nine who killed Violet (maybe with a brief mention of how he died).
A potential flaw in that story idea is he might have told them at the burial, but he was drinking a lot when he came back with the coffins and they might have avoided him then due to grief and/or holding him responsible (although if they ever did, they seem to have somewhat reconciled by finnicks victory tour).
Paul chapter 26 . 7/31/2016
Another one shot I'd like to see in the future would be haymitch visiting the Breens tailor shop years down the road to get some new clothes or get repairs to the old one and have on the jacket that violet fixed the button on the night before she died, with haymitch telling that story to the
A potential flaw in the story is that he might have told them at the burial, but h
Paul chapter 27 . 7/31/2016
I wonder just what di happen to divine Carew and brilliant gray. Could it have been suicide? We've yet to formally meet Brilliant, and Divine was a hard character to get, but I kind of want to see more of him since his appearance in your recent one shot that shows him talking to mags mother.
Paul chapter 3 . 7/27/2016
One minor thing I always disapproved of from this story was having earl and toffy be the only victors from 10 in the first fifty years of hunger games. It wouldn't have been that hard to write a third who'd just died a few years earlier or something and maybe won before Toffy. Just seems weird that ten only had two victors in the first fifty years when district five (which has fewer usual things to prepare tributes for surviving the games) had five: Charlie, thalis, faraday, tesla and the rarely mentioned Robin (who is said to be dead Helen haymitch visits five in this story but is alive at the same time he's a mentor in one of your challenges one shots, with her name also not being mentioned with all the previously dead victors at drakes funeral). I think I like having Robin be alive when haymitch wins better, and kind of hope that maybe she was still around helping tanager mentor for the third quarter quell, or maybe staying home and dying in the victors purge.
even though ten got two more victors, five got a sixth one. Just strikes me as odd that they got more than any other outlier district, even district 9 with its five victors, when most of the others are more rural.
On a similar note, I always wish you'd had woof have a female college before Cecelia. The two of them being 8s sole victors was entertaing, story wise, and did kind of make since considering their urban environment having few survival skills to pick up, but I always pictured there as being another district 8 female due to Effie showing dismay when Cecelia is reaped (which is understandable on its own, to be fair), almost as though there was someone else who could have been reaped instead of her.
Taylover chapter 10 . 6/13/2016
I absolutely LOVE how you've fully developed their background and everything. Like how you actually put thought into Lacklen's name, so he had a Scottish background, and found where Haymitch's came from, etc.
Taylover chapter 4 . 6/12/2016
Isn't Blight's lover Jason Mellark? Does it ever actually say that in canon, or was that created by fans?
bbnbob chapter 27 . 4/17/2016
another great story
Paul chapter 27 . 4/7/2016
Finally got that Drake probably committed suicide and wish that hadn't happened. Seemed like a sad end for him and it might have been better if Snow had him killed or something.
Paul chapter 21 . 2/9/2016
I'd missed it before, but finding the description of a training center maintenance worker giving Elmer a sponsor donation due to him having helped him with his job was pretty moving.
Paul chapter 27 . 8/19/2015
A minor inconsistency I just spotted, in chapter five it's stated that district 5 has had five victors, and one is dead and one is presumed dead, but in this chapter the one who is definitely dead isn't mentioned when haymitch goes over the list of victors who died before drake. Also, chapter three heavily implies that District 9 has only 2 victors, while The Golden Mean and the Narrow Path both mention that they have five, all of them from games before the 2nd quarter quell.
paul chapter 27 . 7/22/2015
in case you ever read this please forget what I just said about a Catching FIre Haymitch POV story. I haven;t read the Golden Mean yet and for some stupid reason didn't notice it until now.
paul chapter 22 . 7/22/2015
good story. Felt really bad for Haymitch's first eight years of tributes, especially Elmer, Violet, Stuie, Bessie and Ginger. Wish Simon hadn't turned bad, I liked him at first for taking down a career. this is the first story that really made me wish Wiress had lived through the rebellion. Drake's development was very well handled. Glass was a real piece of work, as was Redmond. Liked Martius. Caesar had some good scenes. Altogether a moving story. If you do any more Hunger Games stories it might be nice to make some religious references, all those dead kids deserve a happy afterlife, or at least the implication that one might exist. Might be cool seeing you make stories showing the events of Catching Fire and Mockingjay from Haymitch's POV, although I understand if you decide to right more Teddy Lupin stories instead. Hope you do write them eventually though.
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