Reviews for He's Not Dead Yet
Guest chapter 30 . 7/15
Combining Monty Python, Harry Potter, Dumbledork and Weasel-bashing, and now Life of Brian? You are awesome. I haven't enjoyed a fanfic this much in a very long time.
Oh and I caught the Fawlty Towers reference as well.
If you could somehow incorporate the Germans and the moose head, that would make my week.
Bronze chapter 20 . 7/13
Well, MoooRon didn't do as bad as in Champions Champion. I wonder how long it took/takes Madam Pomphrey to cure MoooRon? I doubt the school can blame it on the twins as they didn't give the candies to their brother. Of course you realize that this won't stop MoooRon from stealing things from his brother's trunks. Nor likely anyone elses who has food or candy in theirs. Now let's see, the second task is rescuing a hostage from the bottom of Black Lake. MoooRon knows how to swim but not in extremely cold water. Well, the magical world in England is going two for two in absolute stupidity. First they bring in dragons then they plan for young adults to swim in the extreme cold of a Scottish Highland winter. Why don't they simply arrange for the champions to AK thenselves and see who misses? The one who misses wins? Of course if they did it that way MoooRon would likely be the winner. I think Malfoy has more then enough brains to be able to fail to cast the spell. I'm sure the true champions would easily be able to fake the spell very easily. Maybe one of them would be so kind as to give MoooRon the proper motivation so he succeeds in casting the cure on himself. Of course with his brains, he's more likely to miss and blow up the stands anyways.
Bronze chapter 19 . 7/13
Unfortunately, we all know neither one has the brains to listen and realize that Harry's telling them the truth. Well, if this turns out anything like Champions Champion it's gonna be both embarrassing and funny. Ya know, I'm truly surprised Crouch Jr. didn't AK himself at the end after having to deal with MoooRon. I was also left wondering why he didn't beg his master to do it to him after escaping the boy. It's too bad you don't have a DE in the school to drive so totally out of his mind like in that story. But I'll wait to see what you do to the two wanna be champions.
Bronze chapter 15 . 7/12
I seem to remember a similar scene where Harry's Animagus form was something much bigger. Not a dragon but something that needed more room then what was in this. It was big and truly terrifying whatever it was. You've got Charlie a girlfriend in Red, now you need to find one for Bill. That'll give him a reason for not staying at the Burrow with dear old mother. I hope you're planning on writing the scene where Molly finds out Percy isn't working for the Ministry of morons. It'll sure give him incentive to stay with Penny and well away from home. Of the whole Weasley family, the only one I see staying home with his mother is MoooRon. I know Ginny won't be anything to Harry but I do think she'll get the hell out of the house once the plan totally fails. Of course it's totally possible that MoooRon'll flunk out of Hogwarts in the next year or two as Hermione won't be helping him with his homework nor doing it for him. He just isn't motivate to do any school work at all. He can't slack off in class as the teachers won't allow him. But other then that I really don't see him staying very long.
Bronze chapter 10 . 7/12
The Giant Killer Rabbit vs the Death Eaters? don't you believe in Dumbles way? Forgive everybody of everything. That Giant Killer Rabbit isn't gonna leave enough to id never mind bury! After all, you know they're not smart enough to acquire and properly use the Holy Hand grenade.
legoboyvdlp chapter 2 . 7/5
Awesome story! I do wonder if you brouht in the Spanish inquisition somewhere? We'll have to read it to find out...
Hmason chapter 28 . 7/4
i notice the closer to the end i get the more logic gets thrown out the window . don't get me wrong i LOVE the monty python jokes
daisycb9493 chapter 10 . 6/30
I am glad you chose Babbling to pair with Sirius. For some reason, Jones has been portrayed as not so nice in a lot of stories I’ve read and this has influenced me not to care much for that character. Also she’s been portrayed as very much a follower of Dumbledore which is, for me, enough to dislike her.
Monkey D. Chimera chapter 32 . 6/27
Best showdown, 10/10, would watch again.
carnivorous butterfly chapter 34 . 6/18
i really enjoyed your story :)
carnivorous butterfly chapter 16 . 6/18
that was an ex phoenix lol
carnivorous butterfly chapter 15 . 6/17
carnivorous butterfly chapter 13 . 6/17
this story is great! i love monty python lol
i keep getting weird looks from my family when i just randomly laugh...
iworshipthedarklord chapter 34 . 6/17
Oh my god! That was so good! :)
DaughterofKione chapter 34 . 6/17
Question, is the "Very Intelligent Muggle Billionaire" Tony Stark?
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