Reviews for Welcome to Fatherhood
courtee21 chapter 143 . 6/26
Good chapter! Really enjoying this story! You are a very good writer.
Zeraphime chapter 143 . 6/25
Love it, love it, love it! Can't believe that I finally caught up :/ Keep posting!
TheWalkyre chapter 143 . 6/23
I just read this whole thing in like five days (I have a lot of free time...) and at first I was like "Did she really name her Mary?! I mean really Mary Winchester what's her middle name Sue? " but you managed to make a OC named Mary who travels back in time into a compelling character with no Sue attached. Honey, I think you just broke a seal because hell just got a little colder.
xxPaige23xx chapter 143 . 6/20
As always, great work. Love your writing!
Avalin Rose Ellyot chapter 1 . 6/20
Jennik55 chapter 143 . 6/20
Just as always. The winchesters are always getting themselves into trouble.
Can't wait to see where they'll end up!
Love the chapter!
hiddenfaller chapter 142 . 6/19
I've been reading your story for the past few days and its wonderful! The characters are well written and the fact that you changed everything around and still managed to keep it realistic is also what keeps the story going along so well. I love Mary and all the other characters, and I look forward to the next chapter!
TheImpalaLover chapter 41 . 6/19
Poor Ben. He actually had a dad for once and then POOF he's gone.
TheImpalaLover chapter 37 . 6/19
NOOOO! Poor Dean his baby's tires are slashed. If I were him I'd be pissed off.
Zeraphime chapter 118 . 6/12
I'd love a sequel to this story! You're very talented with your writing and the story never gets dull :) I'd love to read about Mary's and little Nathaniel's life in the future :)
dikku3singh chapter 142 . 6/5
Have to admit it you are one of the best fan fic writer... I loved it! Its nice logical and yeah way too happy ;) I'm pleased to read a kind of happy version of supernatural...
Just a few advices-1) plz don't just involve Sam around marry as a father figure, let them have a nice uncle niece relation fun one
2) plz include some female character for Sammy too,its not fair on his side to be alone.
3) make dean enjoy a bit more. And something with JP might be good
4) marry seems wat too weak when it comes to hunting make it work plz...
5) involve bobby and charlie too a bit more
6) and sometimes in an intense situation there are many paragraphs that you include for making us understand what the characters might be thinking, don't make it 3 or 4 paragraphs just stick to 2 or max 2.5 coz it really gets bored sometimes
Thanks BTW for making a superb version of supernatural.. Proud of you and you are nice in writing... Lots of love and update soon can't wait :)
ken johns chapter 142 . 5/22
Almost cried there at the end of chapter 142. I hope you have a good plan after the season 10 final involving the Mark!
Dee777 chapter 142 . 5/20
Oh my gosh finally! So relieved! So happy things are back to normal! Dean is to cute I can't even! Thank you for giving us fan's a win.! The season finale of course was heart wrenching , but thank you for this chapter ! Can't wait to see what's next?! How are you going to cure Dean?! Are you going to try to follow the show still and do it the way in the finale?! Or do you have your own story?! Also is Crowley and his mother going to be brought up at all?! Plus death?! Or is the timeline to messed up for it to be like the show?! Again can't wait! Thank you :)
xxPaige23xx chapter 142 . 5/20
This chapter makes me happy!
LensFlares chapter 142 . 5/20
Crying happy tears awwwww yay Dean's back!
I really needed to read something like this after the emotional trauma I went through while watching the finale!
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