Reviews for Skin Deep
thrndlwood chapter 15 . 10h
Glad he released her.
thrndlwood chapter 14 . 10h
Beleth's care about her nephew is great.
thrndlwood chapter 13 . 11h
I like your idea why Oropher didn't get the ring. Caladhel's reaction to scars was great.
thrndlwood chapter 12 . 11h
I am glad Caladhel apologised to Haldor. Love Tuven's promise to stay with Thranduil because Oropher takes care of his son.
thrndlwood chapter 11 . 12h
I am mesmerized by your battle scenes. Thranduil fighting with two swords! What a sight. Thank you so much for your story!
thrndlwood chapter 10 . 12h
Love Thranduil talking to Tauhrin and the respect he shows to him.
thrndlwood chapter 9 . 12h
Great escape!
thrndlwood chapter 8 . 12h
I like Iordor more and more. I can't wait what Tuven says about his wife's help.
thrndlwood chapter 7 . 12h
Beleth move was really cunning but I wonder why she was not loyal to her king and trusted a stranger. Great chapter.
thrndlwood chapter 6 . 13h
This story is getting better and better! Iordor and his son are great. Tuven seems to be mysterious character. Does he manage
SilvanStella chapter 53 . 8/12
Is there a possibility to see Thranduil mend his broken heart in Valinor? He's been through hell. Losing his father, his cousin and many of his people were enough to bring him down, but he never gave up. I really want to see him healed and reunited with his loved ones. Maybe Eruanna could help him just like how she saved the Feanorion from the darkness.
thrndlwood chapter 5 . 8/9
Thranduil copes in a interesting way with idea getting a spy. Wonder if she told him everything and can't wait to find out what he means saying he knew what could be hidden behind beauty.
Epilachna chapter 53 . 8/6
Sorry, guys. This is not a forum. If you want to debate Tolkien's histories and what constitutes OOC take it somewhere else. Guest, if you have something constructive to say, sign in so people can debate with you on PM and off my board. I don't accept anonymous negative reviews for this very reason. Clara, I appreciate your thoughts, but I'm not in need of anyone defending my work. The story speaks for itself, and since Guest hasn't even read beyond ch4, his/her opinion is irrelevant. Also, since Guest appears to be stalking these comments (he/she replied to you) that suggests Guest is looking to start drama. As they say on the forums, don't feed the trolls. Thanks for understanding and to your PS, I hope to be posting the next chapter soon.
Clara chapter 53 . 8/4
Wow. There is a mountain of impotent male rage in that last reviewer's comments. Sorry you can't handle storytelling with emotional depth, psychological complexity and thousands of years of interconnected history. I'm sure Epilachna is heartbroken that you won't be reading the rest of her story. And of course she'll take it down now that you've mansplained Tolkien to her. Not! Go back to your basement and let the grownups enjoy a story written by someone who actually understands the complexities of Tolkien's histories. P.S. I'm anxious for the next update!
thrndlwood chapter 4 . 8/2
Caladhel is really brave.
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