Reviews for Skin Deep
Melskim chapter 57 . 8/22
It is so awful. So raw. The last few chapters are wonderful. I love this story.
Takuma-Elisabeth chapter 2 . 5/29
Hey hey, I'm back to re-read your masterpiece.
Even though it's been many years, I hope you're well!
Sincerely, Elisabeth
Tarah Draconiger chapter 28 . 4/11
I imagine Roewen a relative of Tauriel, mother perhaps? Tauriel is the best non-canon character in Tolkien's world, I can't imagine Mirkwood without her or her Silvan relatives kkkk
cupidsrose chapter 61 . 3/11
Currently sobbing at the last few chapters of this story. Loved it from start to finish.
shoppe69 chapter 61 . 2/25
Phew! Thank you for encouraging me to read on after Caledhel's death. It DOES have a happy ending... thank you.
shoppe69 chapter 57 . 2/25
I made the mistake to skip a few chapters and read the last one. ... No I cannot return to reading the rest of it. I should've known it was a story about Thranduils first wife. Thank for sharing it anyways. I cannot read sad endings. I believe in happy endings, I need happy endings. I will not read any further...
shoppe69 chapter 34 . 2/25
I have to take a break in reading here and stop to say: Thank you! My most profound thanks to you for this wonderful piece of fanfiction. I swear, there is hardly another Thranduil fiction that matches the quality of this one. This story is so well structured, the characters are so well described, the whole setting and backgrounds are so excellently built - I could not have asked for more. I know there is a second part, I'm looking forward to reading it and I am sure I will enjoy it too!
shoppe69 chapter 30 . 2/25
Very well written.
shoppe69 chapter 16 . 2/23
Hach... thank you so much for this story. I cannot wait to read the next part.
shoppe69 chapter 5 . 2/23
Fine arsehole, that king
Kuuking chapter 61 . 1/24
This story definitely cuts skin deep and even more
duaimei chapter 61 . 12/28/2022
Thank you! This was wonderful!
i.dont.know.2006 chapter 43 . 11/5/2022
after reading this , the song , 'thousand years' by christina perri just made its way into my mind and it wont leave. Great job , i enjoyed the fanfic so far
JimmyHall24 chapter 33 . 10/6/2022
All Thranduil did here was confirm Tuven's fears
JimmyHall24 chapter 32 . 10/6/2022
I had forgotten the kinslayings.
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