Reviews for Skin Deep
laurelith chapter 61 . 9/15
This story was amazing. You brought these characters to vibrant life and you made us smile, laugh, and weep. Thank you.
laurelith chapter 60 . 9/15
i have no words, just tears.
laurelith chapter 59 . 9/15
Bittersweet, but it makes Tauriel's presence in the movieverse even more valid. Besides, I liked her already. You just made me like her more.
laurelith chapter 56 . 9/14
i didn't expect any less from her. she wouldn't let them use her as a bargaining chip to bring Thranduil to his knees.
laurelith chapter 55 . 9/14
My heart is so so broken.
laurelith chapter 41 . 9/10
i am crying with happiness.
Guest chapter 23 . 9/6
Am so in love with your story.
AB0918 chapter 61 . 9/4
This was the most beautiful story I’ve had the privilege to read. It had everything and more. By the end I was in tears. This was just so beautiful and I’m so glad to have come across this.
ChimChim'sJacket chapter 61 . 8/19
I was genuinely sobbing while reading the last chapter. You have made such a wonderful story and I must say this has got to be on my Top 10 Favourite Fics. ️ Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece!
Elatinde chapter 61 . 8/7
This was the best story I had ever read about Legolas and Thranduil's backgrounds. Very well done! I am pretty obsessed with it, and I have to admit the Thranduil in this story feels very much a like Lee Pace.
Enomis chapter 61 . 8/5
What a journey! Thank you!
Bleachyyyy chapter 61 . 7/16
I read this wonderful story in a day, i could not put this down. The ending really made me sad but still, i loved every moment of it. I now consider this canon️
MonicaOP chapter 61 . 6/15
I just wanted to thank you for this amazing story, is one of the few I had decided to read when I know that Thranduil is going to suffer the loss of his wife and it was 'cause it was really amazing all the way!

I hope you decide to write a bit more of what happens in Aman, but is a truly beautiful story even without it.

Be well! hugs!
Paprika37 chapter 16 . 5/30
I love this so much the ending to Part 1 is so beautiful! I can't wait to read the rest! Thank you for writing this!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 61 . 5/10
Eeeeee! So very adorable! I'm glad Thranduil decided to sail. He was never at home after Caladhel left. It is good to see that his wife spoke the truth when she told him about Valinor. (Though, for the record, I never doubted her, only Thranduil's ability to hope she spoke true)
An excellent story! I am quite satisfied, and have forgiven you for brutally murdering Caladhel. Thanks for sharing and God bless!
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