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ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 22 . 4/5
Iiiiinteresting. Orophin is quite the observant chap, particularly for one so young. It's kind of a shame, honestly, because it means he feels Haldir's attitude and is hurt by it. I appreciate his openness, too. It's a refreshing change from all the ellyn that are doing their best to hide their feelings, or show only select few.
Rumil is just plain adorable. I appreciate him very much, and I'm keen to see him grow up and meet... Ah... nobody in particular.
Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 21 . 4/4
And so the complications start! Haldir is undoubtedly a great ellon. I find myself really respecting Thranduil, though. Twenty chapters ago, he wouldn't have taken such actions against him so... sympathetically. For one who has lived thousands of years, his character is developing rather fast now, and I like the direction it's heading.
Celebrian is a dear. I appreciate her enthusiasm. It's nice to know that not all decent characters have to be level headed and sensible. It gives me a bit of hope, that I can still be a decent person. *grins*
Great chapter, as always! Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 20 . 4/1
That wasn't quite the whole story, though. Thranduil failed to mention the fact he saved Caladhel's life. I think it slightly unfair to not tell both parts of the story. I'd say the arrow Thranduil took for her well made up for the bruises Caladhel received.
It was much easier when I loathed Thranduil, to be honest. Then I could confidently say that the Greenwood King didn't deserve Caladhel, and could go boil his head in a cauldron of oil. Now, I am torn between my appreciation for both ellyn. However, having read Peredhel, I would guess Haldir doesn't marry her, unless she tragically dies, which would be sad, so I must hope that Thranduil gets her.
Haldir and Orophin are both great, though. Orophin and Haldor both need to learn to hold their tongues, though. They would not make good politicians.
Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 19 . 4/1
Pleased indeed, the little matchmaker. *grins*
Honestly, Beleth is lovely and well meaning, but her mischief seems to really hit the sensitive spots, though I don't think she plunges her friends into the deep end intentionally. She just encourages them to paddle, and then they find out that there were sharks in the water.
Amroth is interesting. He seems jovial enough, and rather nice, honestly, but I can't forget his words about caging things. That is not a very nice threat to make.
Thranduil and Caladhel are getting along quite hummingly, all things considered. There have been more than a few bumps, but the more recent ones have been soothed some, probably by the fact Thranduil has fallen in love.
Another glorious chapter! Nice work! Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 18 . 4/1
*throws any and all respect for Amroth out the window and watches it blow away in the wind* Keep her caged indeed! Jolly scum! Do you really think that'll protect her? An elleth with such a free spirit cannot and should not be locked up. She would probably sooner fade than spend a lifetime like that.
And, meanwhile, Thranduil continues to regain my respect. He honestly seems like a pretty solid fellow. I appreciate his forthright, honest attitude. No empty compliments or flirting. 'Tis good.
Honestly, I am really loving these characters and their story. Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 17 . 3/31
I was looking back over everything said, like "Where's the pun? I missed it." And then the very next line explained it. I should have just kept reading.
Amroth is rather fascinating, as is Caladhel's relationship with him. She seems almost bitter about his becoming King. I can relate to that feeling, I think. It's quite sad.
Now why does Thranduil hate dancing so much? It's amazing! He'll probably find that it's incredibly fun, once he bites the bullet and begins. Still, it seems as if there should be something deeper than just likes and dislikes, or even the knowledge that he doesn't know how. (Though, as a King, I'd imagine he knows at least the basics of how to dance) I hope he one day finds joy in learning, though that, in itself, may need to be learned.
Thanks for sharing and God bless!
Guest chapter 57 . 3/31
Guest chapter 18 . 3/31
Tag yourself, I’m thranduil distracted by a pretty girl’s knees
Guest chapter 13 . 3/31
You’re literally a genius, this ties in so well with the histories of middle earth and even the movies. This will all be canon in my head now lmao
Guest chapter 4 . 3/31
This is sooooo good
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 16 . 3/31
Oooooh! Thranduil's efforts at romance could certainly be called awkward, but they're rather endearing too. He's not a nice ellon, but he's respectable, and loveable, once you get passed the stage of being his prisoner. (Though I still think Haldir deserves her love possibly more. I guess we'll see)
End of part one! Fancy! *grabs tissues and peppermint tea in preparation for the emotional stuff* This is going to be exciting!
Caladhel's skills at manipulation are admirable, and oh so very cheeky. Thranduil wants her company and his reputation, as well as a little peace. She is unwilling to let him have what he wants, and it is slightly delightful. (Forcing him to dance is just revenge, I think, for his holding her prisoner)
This story is seriously glorious! I have enjoyed it thus far, and I anticipate great enjoyment in future chapters. Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 15 . 3/31
Ooooh, fancy. With this chapter, my respect for Thranduil has been restored. His actions are not forgotten, but they are forgiven, and his improvement is appreciated.
I honestly kinda look forward to their next meeting. It should be interesting indeed, though some of the drama may be dampened by the formality of the occasion. Ah well. It'll be fun. Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 14 . 3/30
*eyes widen* That's a very fascinating tale. Excessively dark, too. Does it count as kinslaying when only one or two elves are slain, or is kinslaying a term only used for a massive bloodbath?
Even Tuven is seeming more respectable now. It is hard when one you love seeks to cause harm to themselves, or thinks ill of themselves to the point of falsehood. Thranduil is right, in some ways, but he is exaggerating, or being dramatic, as Tuven said.
Beleth continues to be a darling. Her council is wise. Hopefully her nephew can accept her comfort.
Anyway, I gotta go to bed. Goodnight! Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 13 . 3/30
Oh, fascinating! Very fascinating indeed!
I find it interesting that a character I so loathed but a few chapters ago now draws my sympathy and even some respect. Thranduil has suffered much, and as Caladhel reflected, he had the strength to stay in Middle-Earth. I wonder why? What stopped him from fading from the pain, or just dying outright from the injuries? Why did he not choose to sail?
I'm really quite hooked into this story now. *seriously considers pulling an all-nighter to keep reading* Nah, busy day tomorrow. I should get some sleep. Maybe one more chapter. Thanks for sharing and God bless!
ElvishKiwi's favourite sister chapter 12 . 3/30
Oh dear. *facepalm* Daerel is very sweet, but I'm not sure her meddling will be appreciated. Still, if Thranduil is going to marry at all, he would be better marrying someone who can win an argument and perhaps challenge his actions. He's far to used to everyone bowing and scraping before him.
Caladhel would still do much better with a character like Haldir, though. She deserves someone honourable and well-tempered. (Though Thranduil doesn't lack honour, I suppose. He just misplaces it sometimes)
Still, this could turn slightly nasty. We never know. I am keen to find out what happens. Thanks for sharing and God bless!
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