Reviews for A Shadowed Life
Gothazon chapter 33 . 11/27
dragon chapter 33 . 11/26
I really enjoyed this storyline. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
Elementalearthwolf101 chapter 33 . 11/24
So far so good!
Millie chapter 4 . 11/17
Are you using beta? Please correct them on the usage of in bread. A family is inbred as in marriage or sex between close relations. Not sure if in bread exists. After reading two chapters I considered dropping this story from my reading list; then tried chap 3. What a change! Plot line became more interesting, pacing picked up and you have convert. "Life" has become a definite finish. Thank you.
farawisa chapter 2 . 11/17
i like the story so far, but there are a few inconsistencies i noticed. with the diary entries you set this before fourth year. at this time harry does not know about the order of the phoenix or nagini since neither have shown up so far. just something to think about. *hurries off to read on*
Mumia0813 chapter 33 . 11/14
the final chapter is coming soon! o i cant wait! plz hurry!
Wishfull-star chapter 33 . 11/13
that was amazing I loved dumbleshits demise and I can't wait for whatever happens next:)
Tsyilna Llyria chapter 33 . 11/13
Oh holy hell this has been an amazing journey of a story and I am so sad that there is only one more chapter left. A glorious battle! I am so glad the dumbles is dead and that magic can finally begin to heal and recover and begin anew!
Lady Kaiki chapter 33 . 11/12
Awesome chapter ! Plz, update soon !
Jeramy-Toombs chapter 33 . 11/12
I need more! I dont want it to be over!
a fan chapter 33 . 11/12
I saw that this story is almost over, which made me really upset cause this is a wonderful fic. I hope you keep writing more for this pairing since you have a real good writing style. Is there going to be an epilogue? I do not know if I am more upset about this ending, or the fact that I have become emotionally invested in this and just do not want to see it go. I also can not wait to read the new fic you were talking about.
mizzrazz72 chapter 33 . 11/12
Harry showed mercy toward Ron.
Sheiky81 chapter 33 . 11/11
WOW! Love the chapter
GinHanelle chapter 32 . 11/9
I swear this story makes me almost want to cry. It's one of the most emotional and drama heavy stories I am able to read without losing it. Seriously, if it wasn't for the happy parts, this would be too difficult. Really, Dumbledore needs to suffer in this fanfic. Ron too. Nothing makes me paranoid and worried quite like this tale. It has a happy ending, right?

And omg the twins look so cute! Leon and Lilian are a great name combination for twins.

Thank you for the chapter _
Gothazon chapter 32 . 11/6
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