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SJS3000 chapter 12 . 9/17
For anyone like me who loves this story, I wrote a follow-up fanfic that tells the story of the 74th Games from the perspective of the Victor mentors. Would love to hear people's feedback!
Phoebus2024 chapter 61 . 9/6
With the 2024 presidential campaign heating up, seeing Phoebus work the floor here gives the talking up of a tribute almost the feel of political canvassing at an Iowa state fair. That’s really what this is: politicking, just with even deadlier consequences than we are dealing with in this world already.
Red Sting chapter 20 . 9/7
I think it was a good choice not to outline Mannanan's Games following him step by step in the arena similiar to Wheaton or Nolan or Circe's chapters. This arena lent itself well to being told from afar as a sort of horror story like vibe and you nailed most of it. A lavaland full of darkness would be fucking scary.

Even after these years Mannanan Ulmo is still a bit of a tricky character to me. I think he's cynical much of the time and pushes people hard when he has to and sometimes even when he doesn't have to but he has a lot of redeeming qualities. As for you, Johanna, I don't know why you have weird thoughts about Mannanan, there's a lot of similarities between you, snappy, cynical, dedicated. Idk maybe he snuck into District 7 around the time of Jade's Games and had some fun with one of the ladies.

I wish we could have seen a bit more of Mannanan because I think I see from now that he's abrasive and hard hitting to most people but probably can open up a bit to those few he becomes very close to. Since Halibut's parents died I imagine he was likely a sort of father figure to him [as well as being relieved to finally mentor another male victor from District 4]. We already saw him with Mags, we know he married another lady [infertile maybe?], you said he was fond of Finnick, I can imagine he had a soft spot for Cerulea and Briseis too. Seaward it seems sadly, went hardcore hardcore recluse after his Games for the most part. But the main thing here is Mannanan.

I like Mannanan. Yes, I think that's the verdict. I like Mannanan Ulmo.
T chapter 1 . 9/2
Seems interesting already!
Red Sting chapter 23 . 9/3
Mmmmmm. I remember this chapter. It's...muccchhhhhh better and more impactful then I thought. Damn. I think after Boudicca, Granyte, Mannanan and Thisbe this is where the Careers first felt fully a regular thing to Panem. I can imagine a lot of dark stuff in the Manchetti/Scavo backstory [I'm glad we don't know everything about your version of Panem and some things were kept to the background, feels more realistic and powerful that way]. Great chapter.

District 4 didn't feel very celebratory? They were leaning rebellious this time around? Oh well. Anyway yeah strong chapter; I think it got a tad overshadowed by Evelyn, Virtus and Cora coming straight after it but great job.
Red Sting chapter 12 . 9/2
So I didn't get to old Mags huh?

Well this was an interesting one. You know, I think it seems in character. I imagined young Mags of a similiar personality [and of Scottish descent-I actually had a fun headcanon she and Haymitch were distant but directly related] and I loooooove this arena. Not as an arena, you understand, but as a setting of nature. Good job overall. That boy from 1 was so arrogant lol. They should've booted him and got a strong male tribute from 10 or 11 or just sucked it up and took one of the girls. I know people like him in real life and...well...not good. But another good chapter.
Red Sting chapter 4 . 9/2
Ahhhh yes Orchus. I have known his character for so long now and I have so many questions on him, though we'd probably have to go into the DMs to thresh [hahahaha, District 11] it out properly.

From the very little we know for absolute sure of this character I like him, and I like how his gentle side remained [in some shape or form] in a world desolated by so much war.

...I mean mostly my question is about is that old man actually him, and if so why would he act in the disabled way? Trauma from the Peacekeepers? His parents? Something else even you aren't able to describe perfectly or naturally? It's a deep and compelling question but it's sort of like the Joker origins, I'm not sure I want to know the answer even if you could give it. It's so mysterious and effective it can't escape your mind but that adds to you not wanting to know the answer. But it was a very unique chapter so I thank you for that.

Even though we saw very little of District 11 in your story I quite liked all its victors-I already reviewed Wren and Chaff and I actually really liked Seeder's too for the amount of time and depth it gave her character. I understand Wren had a very difficult life in your story but I like to think Seeder could have provided her with some moments of friendship over the years.

...This is such a captivating chapter due to the aforementioned question, I think it'll stay with me for many many years yet to come. I feel agitated in some ways that I can't ask you all the questions in real life dude. I don't care if you want to move on from this story, if I ever find you, we are going to talk about Orchus [and then Halibut, Gleam, Cora and a lot of others].
Red Sting chapter 2 . 9/2
I'm actually surprised I didn't get to this one. I stlll think Ahenobarbus reminds me of Haymitch a bit but the bigger parallels from this chapter were to Anakin Skywalker. The young handsome angsty war hero slowly breaking down due to influences of outside and destroying all traces of morality. You know I think I can see Hayden Christensen in a red wig playing Ahenobarbus, age appropriate, whatever.

It's an iconic beginning chapter even after all these years. The detail is on point. The novelty of the arena and shock within everyone there. Yeah, you did a good job with it dude. I don't really want to know what he meant by 'what was left of' the boy from 8. The first time I read this for a weird second I thought he had pulled a Titus decades earlier. Now I imagine...well, you know, not that, but still brutal.

Out of all the victors of the first decade I feel like Nobi was probably the heaviest drinker. I know you said he had the other 'hatch' but I think he probably drank a lot too. He clearly has anger issues though we didn't see quite enough of his older self to know for sure how long they stayed around for in his whole life. In some ways we didn't see as much of him as I expected in the story overall.

Yeah it's a very good chapter and beginning-and the tone of it also let me know to expect each chapter would be in a different style. If you are still reading this, good job.
IHeartPuns chapter 64 . 7/23
Right now, all I'm doing is laughing at the twins surname: Delacroix. As in de La Croix, or of that sparkling water beverage you see in supermarkets?
Callalily770 chapter 46 . 7/15
Hi. In chapter 36
The 35th games Enobaria said that Beetee was the only person to ever kill all 6 careers

However in this chapter Chaff kills the 4 boy when he's having alone time
Sneaks up kn the 4 and 1 girls in the train
Kills the 2 girl when he loses his hand
Kills the 2 boy when he's being held back and has a final face off against the 1 boy at the end.
Rome4 chapter 77 . 7/7
Great story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had to take notes to keep it straight. lol. I can tell you D1 had 13 victors, d2-17, d3-3, d4-10, d5-3, d6-3, d7-6, d8-4, d9-5, d10-3, d11-4 and district 12 had 4. I can even tell you how many were boys vs girls, but I won't. I was curious at the end so I went down my list and totalled the Victors by district and gender.
Thank you so much for all the time and imagination you put into this story. I found this story by Googling best Hunger Game fanfictions. This was the first story listed. Kudos!
Rome4 chapter 76 . 7/7
There is Boudicca, glad she has decided to move on with life. Her chat with Katniss at the lake was good for both of them, I think they both needed it. I went through my notes from this story and I have finally accounted for all the Victors. I found that Cora passed between the 58th HG and the 3rd quarter quell. Im going to assume that Lyme died in the war in the Capitol. in the movies when Squad 451 is hiding in Tigris' basement, they her gunfire/shelling and Gale say it could be Lyme or Paylor and that the rebels are close. She didn't turn up in the victors meeting in Mockingjay, so I'm going with dead. Chevy said he lived a long life with a wife and kids. He should have been a mentor in the quell, but he wasn't mentioned. This has been a fantastic story. bone chapter left.
Rome4 chapter 75 . 7/7
I like the end of Peeta's chapter #13. I'm happy to see life is moving on and he deals with his PTSD one day at a time. Next up, Katniss.
Rome4 chapter 74 . 7/7
That was an exciting chapter. RIP Emrys. Good riddance to Luster! It amazes me that Paylor would send Katniss back to 12 with just Haymitch and Peeta. I mean, is she really out of danger? Will she ever be? I hope the remaining Victors live long lives, especially Katniss and Peeta. They were used by all sides, Snow, Coin, Plutarch even HaymitchPaylor in some ways.
Boudicca, Chevy and Cora are the Victors I don't know what happened to. unless I missed them?
I just read Chevy's chapter again, it says he faded from the public and lived a long life, but he had to be sedated every year for the trip to the Capitol. He would have had to of been the mentor at the 3rd quell, so did he survive?
Rome4 chapter 73 . 7/7
So Brutus didn't volunteer, he saved his Victor and kept his word. Brutus was a good guy even being from the brainwashing Murder High. Boudicca was the brainwasher, Tiberius (I think) saved her from the slave block and trained her. She won and got the President to let her have control of Murder High. She turned the control they gave her into gratitude and servitude. She thought the games kept them safe, but none of the Victors were safe, and the outer districts were so oppressed it was sickening. The Capitol and their excess and perversion was just gross. You have seriously wow'd me with this story. I'm sad it's coming to an end, on a couple chapters left.
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