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SJS3000 chapter 65 . 9/17
For anyone who's interested, I wrote fanfic from this that tells the story of the 74th Games from the perspective of the Victor mentors. Would love to hear people's feedback!
Red Sting chapter 21 . 9/3
This was a way better chapter than I remembered! Wren was very endearing and not nearly as cold as I had thought. I like her a lot. I think this is at least, very least, 20 places higher on my ranking list then I had originally put it [I do have a list and this like 69th originally]. I love the arena setting. I love her banter with Rem. I think she may have been a sliver too fast to be able to get the advantage over the 1 boy but the rest was great. I would have liked to see a bit more of her in the future. In fact, more than ever I think you should have swapped a couple of deaths. Because I also liked Gates so much I would have kept him and Wren alive and killed off Bovina, from old age, and Chevy, probably from an assassination, instead. But I liked this chapter. It just fit together so well. Comfortable A grade.
Red Sting chapter 27 . 9/2
I have some more fancasting suggestions;

Barry Keoghan as Emrys.

Timothee Chalamet as Gleam.

Jamie Campbell Bower as Luster.

I'll break the movie appearances rule and suggest Dane Dehaan as Matthias.

Tessa Thompson as Dido.

Freddie Highmore as Abram.

Logan Lerman as Blight.
Cs2719682 chapter 66 . 8/30
So firstly, I love this whole book. I love the idea of telling each victor’s story. I stumbled soon this maybe a year ago, and sadly never thought of it again. But I came back a few months ago and began picking out my favorite characters, the ones I knew.
And this is where this chapter comes in. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a Finnick chapter more than this one. I’ve read this one so many time, over and over and over, because it’s just purely amazing. You’ve got the gears running in my head for my own fanfic, and it’s great because this part of the story was so quickly told in Mockingjay. So this is something truly out of this world.
Takamura Rules chapter 46 . 8/27
Huh, Chaff's chapter is a reverse horror movie. Color me impressed.
Guest chapter 74 . 8/19
I especially love the part about Paylor.
Guest chapter 75 . 8/19
Takamura Rules chapter 16 . 8/21
This chapter was sad in it's own way too. There could have been the chance of something developing and Martinus a capital citizen learning more about the plight of the districts. I honestly thought he was going to want to learn more and maybe be the progenitor of the capital citizen that don't approve of what's happening. On the flip side, it perfectly illustrates the sick mentality of the capital in that they don't see them as humans anymore just as playthings; meant for them to move on once they get bored. Really stands out here is you've gone out the way to mention Martinus is 14, which means he's the first generation that doesn't know a time before the games. He purely sees it as a way of life compared to the intended punishment the older ones do.
Takamura Rules chapter 14 . 8/21
Wow, the Woof chapter got really sad there.
Red Sting chapter 10 . 8/16
I liked Gleam. His sort of enthusiasm at the beginning of the Career training for the sake of the District was quite sad. I wonder had he actually fallen into senility to some degree by the time of the 3rd Quell? I mean at his age it wouldn't be surprising but, well. Maybe that's overly steretypical.

If I have one criticism to make...I can see from the bio that you're a big Game of Thrones fan. I also like the books but I think you may have in some ways incorporated just a little bit much of Martin's writing style and taken it over here. A lot of the time, not all but a lot, when I read interactions between different characters I can see the 'this is part of the big brewing plot, layers and layers of history and scheming going on everywhere' instead of a more personal bond between the two. Part of the reasons Bartimaeus and Abram are among my favourites is that their chapters are for the most part exceptions to this. Blight and Jason kinnnnnd of also avoided this trend. I also liked Chevy cause he was a different kind of victor, a little more kindhearted and a good family guy. The worst offender was Ahenobarbus. He had so much potential from his first chapter and what we saw with his father but then it sort of tapered off and his role was small-ish as time went on and when he did show up it still felt as I said, overly brewy and scheming. Some of the ones where the 'scheming and plotting' side worked well for, cause there were some, Boudicca, Luster, Cora, Jade, ones like that.
Red Sting chapter 45 . 8/8
Ok. First of all, the scene in the rose garden, it was completely impossible not to hear Donald Sutherland's voice for every word of that scene. The 'deep rich voice'. It's clear you did like the movies for the most part you old sap. Anyway, I've decided on which chapter was the best for each District;

1. Luxe-a simple but very effective chapter. I felt for his bond with his mother, admired him as an artist, and could feel the anxiety and self-doubt plaguing him all over. Yet, the good person he was before remained. I hope he found some peace over the years.

2. Bartimaeus-was brilliant to see him put all his trauma and anger into proving himself, not to anyone else, but to himself. A great character all round, skilled and entertaining. I was very glad to see he survived.

3. Gates-witty and endearing. His strategy was very clever, and just different enough from Beetee's to be unique. I enjoyed his interactions with Ahenobarbus, felt for him during the mentoring in Chaff's chapter, and was glad to hear about his immenselv loving family. It's very tragic you killed him off so young. In fact, it's almost a bit odd. Maybe it would've made more sense to kill Chevy off and leave the morphlings as the only options for their categories?

4. Halibut-very hair raising chapter. He himself was a great case of 'leave the reader wanting more' but not providing it in excessive doses. Plus D4 deserved another male victor at last.

5. Circe. Another reclusive victor but seemed somewhat more kind hearted. Her strategy was impressive and I can see why she garnered the nickname in the Capitol.

6. Maeve. Well rounded chapter, gave enough knowledge about her to give us a bond to her while also showing the gross and depraved side of the Capitol.

7. Johanna. Great character, great format, great style.

8. Woof. I just love what you did with him; so tragic but full of character too.

9. Abram-see previous review. This was the best of them all.

10. Roan-he was not a great guy personally, obviously, but he did very well in the 'love to hate' category'. His Games, I felt, were also the most exciting portrayed of the 10 victors [though I suppose we didn't hear the full story for Bovina's].

11. Chaff-Junkyard was a good setting. Chaff himself was a memorable character from what you gave him. I liked the format [I borrowed it for one of my chapters, the 1st Quarter Quell in that version]. It was good. Not phenomonal, not every single chapter was [and you didn't give as much detail to 11 as some others], but definetely good.

12. Katniss-a great send off to the story and the section with Boudicca was very important, and the forgiveness beautiful. Well fleshed out and kept in canon feeling.

If I were to rank these 12 it would be Abram Gates Bartimaeus Halibut Woof Luxe Roan Katniss Johanna Maeve Circe Chaff.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/31
I love Marty's POV and how the Games twist the minds of everyone in the Capitol, even children. This is incredible.
Guest chapter 4 . 7/31
This is canon now.
Guest chapter 70 . 7/31
Wow. Go, Abram!
Your writing is spectacular.
Guest chapter 66 . 7/30
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