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WizMonCruWil chapter 6 . 10/30/2021
I like the idea of the floating walkways. They are sort of like the rocky spokes that we will see in the 3rd Quarter Quell arena 70 years later. Even if the idea of flooding the arena is... sort-of a retread.

I wish we had seen the idea of the patron boxes with the glowing numbers over them in the movies.
WizMonCruWil chapter 5 . 10/30/2021
I am sure Wheaton imagined that he could really beat the Capitol at their own Game. He got his dad his pardon... it was just a posthumous pardon. That's probably why he started to no longer care after several years.
WizMonCruWil chapter 2 . 10/30/2021
Reading about Ahenobarbus now, and what he will become later, we really have him to thank for the creation of the Careers and for the Games going on as long as they did. His attitude of loving violence and being the first really informed the Capitol that this system could work, and he also helped perpetuate it.
WizMonCruWil chapter 1 . 10/30/2021
Coming back and reading this again, as I do every once in a while, because it is just so engrossing! I have to wonder: when you were name-dropping some of these Victors that you created, did you already have their backstories and characters in mind? What district they came from? When they would win?
LawrenceDaddarioWatsonStewart chapter 10 . 10/28/2021
Old Boys' Club... I like it! Also, I found it harkening back to Disney's Nine Old Men, from the early days of the animation studio.

District 1 has been truly impressive: three wins - 1 out of every 3 - by the time the first decade of the Games is over.
StarPotterTwilightHunger chapter 10 . 10/28/2021
Marble was the best knife thrower in the district.

Marble? As in, the Marble that was just a cameo kid in the basement training academy from Tiberius's chapter? He would have been 17 by now, when he died. Nice touch.
Katnibellamione chapter 9 . 10/28/2021
"He wasn't the first tribute to kill his own district partner, but he was the first to ever make it out of the arena alive." For a story so renowned for its consistency in even minute details, this is the first detail I've come across that is actually incorrect: Platinum became Victor in part by killing his own district partner, Ruby, on the way to the Crown in the 5th Games.
ClintonBush43Obama chapter 7 . 10/28/2021
Minnie seems like an interesting name. I keep envisioning Minnie Driver whenever it pops up.
willoffire123 chapter 37 . 10/26/2021
I love the biblical imagery
Guest chapter 25 . 10/22/2021
So far so good, I've read the first 24 chapters, and made cupious notes of them. The aspect changes, Considering that this is supposed to have been written after the 3rd quell, the survivors of 75 are all alive, apart from Finick. Enobaria hasn't readjusted her teeth, and drinks *tomato juice'. There is an attempted assassination in Chapter 20. Johanna saves Katniss at this gathering in District 4. The three boys from district 2 appear, indocrinated by Boudicca. Honorius considers himself vindicated by his actions, but Evelyn suffers on her tour, as she isn't honourable or anything else. She's a destroyed woman. She gets hints from other female victors about a potential rebellion. Disricts 3-12 are more than weary, angry, curious, resentful, steadfast, afraid, hateful, kind (d.4), forgetful, respectful (d. 2) or cruel (d.1). There are still two boys, cousins of Honorus. According to a myth two of them should die before they are adult. Honorious 18 and alive OK. I'll have to read on. CHter 25 is entitles Virtus, is the protaginst, but he should dire.
Guest chapter 32 . 10/11/2021
I LOVED THIS AMAZINF AMAZING AMAZING you did seeder justice also question Virtus. Did he rape the girl from 1
swimflyaway chapter 1 . 10/7/2021
Many, many years later, I still come back to this story. Thank you for this gift, I hope you're well
Trazyn chapter 41 . 9/27/2021
Yes, I think Caesar's POV works, especially for a fanfic of this calibre. Keep it up!
Trazyn chapter 40 . 9/27/2021
Love this series! I especially liked Chapter 40, this one gave me a good chuckle. Keep up the amazing work, Oisin!
Guest chapter 40 . 8/23/2021
This is better than the list of things dr brights not allowed to do
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