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wolfpool91 chapter 13 . 6/30
I really enjoyed. this chapter, I dont quite get the Maria reference though. Im enjoying reading your take on the THG universe.
Abyrae chapter 40 . 6/28
Move aside, Boudicca. Dido is my favourite now.
Guest chapter 24 . 6/14
This is beautifully done, especially the last section.
neonfunerals13 chapter 20 . 6/15
Here’s an interesting fan casting idea: Temuera Morrison as Manannan. I don’t remember if you ever specified his race but in my head, he was always at least partially Pacific Islander, plus he kinda gives off the gruff but lovable vibe I got from Manannan. Just a thought.
4chan anon chapter 60 . 5/21
Red Sting chapter 13 . 4/23
So I am back with a slightly unusual idea. Here are a few pairs of characters I think would have been interesting to genderswap with each other in the story;

-Bovina and Emrys. It's a little hard for me to believe a more physically built District like 10 only had 1 male victor ever and I think her personality may have made for a unique, very self deprecating but also very sincere guy character. To keep the gender numbers even Emrys can be a girl, where you can maybe explore her life in the District a bit more.

-Phoebus and Berenice. I think a cocky, swaggery female Career victor would be extremely cool to follow and an understated, serious and slightly odd looking boy that proves his skills way against his looks would also have been fun [though mayyybe he would be too similiar to Abram next year, but I think you could've found a way around that].

Anyway this'll probably be the last review for a while...cheers.
Red Sting chapter 44 . 4/22
Ah of the many characters I underappreciated the first time round, but you perhaps above most if not all others. For you, I think one of my favourite, perhaps all of our favourites, Anya Taylor Joy, would be best assigned as your actress. What a...yeah, I'm actually surprised I didn't notice her more before, I was maybe more focused on the ultra serious characters like Ahenobarbus, Halibut or Woof to notice her, but she still stood out. Interesting that she and Haymitch are back to back, because they slightly resemble each other in personality to me and it was the District 1 girl that Haymitch killed at the end of the Quell...some tie there through mentoring perhaps? And again, Ahenobarbus seemed sort of like a dark mirror to Haymitch as well, a sort of grandfather or uncle nephew bond [though a very dark one] would be interesting there...or would have been. Great chapter anyway!

Mean Girls is indeed a phenomonal film.
Guest chapter 11 . 4/19
a lot better than the canon story of the first Victor of district 12 in the tenth hunger games
Red Sting chapter 46 . 4/11
So this chapter was interesting. I actually have an unusual perspective on it I haven't seen before. I think you should've swapped the format for Chaff and Boudicca's chapters. Out of all the areas in your story, not that it was particularly awful or flat or anything, I think it's fair to say District 11 was the least focused on [apart from 12 but that's to be expected with what the books were about lol]. I would've loved to see a grounded, character driven approach to Chaff growing up there, his relationship with every body, sense of humour if it existed then, growing resentment towards the Capitol, fighting skills, hints of rebellion and then build it up to him entering the Games themselves. Whereas with Boudicca I don't think there was quite enough detail on her backstory that it was super effective for me, and since her character herself is kind of the 'ice queen' of District 2, the unknowable emotionless lady, I think focusing on her Games through the mentors' perspective would've been a great way to show off her terrifying skills and prowess. You could still humanise her a bit by maybe keeping the ending of her weeping, and in other chapters like Justus, Ares, Katniss, Bonds of Blood, etc. Bonus points in that we would see the interactions of the first female victors with the old Boys' Club, such as Mags and Ahenobarbus and Platinum, Wheaton and Bovina, etc. Overall this wasn't badddd, I just think there's a slight missed opportunity there.
Ghost chapter 77 . 3/27
Incredibly gripping series you've written! I had to keep a running list of tributes just to keep them all straight. Makes your undertaking all the more respectful for it's depth.

I enjoyed that you mixed things up, recounted some victor's in depth, some from the perspective of other victor's or officials. Made for a more encompassing world. I can tell this was a labor of love. Thank you for sharing it with us all
Red Sting chapter 9 . 3/22
Well after The Batman my only thought now is Robert Pattinson as [age appropriate] Halibut. Just saying.
Guest chapter 66 . 3/12
YOUR MIND. This is
Michael Rhett chapter 66 . 3/4
I did enjoy this. The films never give Finnick his due like the book does. In the book, you care that Finnick dies; you're really upset. It's the film, it's just a bit sad. Here, you add to his mythos and all that the Capital took from him, and it's actually even more understandable he'd be willing to give his life to release others from what was taken from him. Thanks
Michael Rhett chapter 55 . 3/3
Halibut snapped. nice
Red Sting chapter 33 . 3/2
Oh and Halibut as well for kids.
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