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Charley Gurl chapter 17 . 5/11
I loved this so much. The end of this chapter was just beautifully written especially the line "The embrace ends and Logan has the oddest sensatio, that he's an intruder in a private moment Eva's having with someone else." It was both beautiful and terribly sad. Even though it kind of had to be this way I will miss her.
Sunkissu9 chapter 17 . 4/28
I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you for sharing.
(No offense on the Eva character but I've been waiting for this chapter for a while. Hopefully LoVe comes back stronger than ever.) ️
C.Elder chapter 17 . 4/26
Gosh this is a strong chapter indeed.
It is great to see V finally tell her dad about the whole sex tape sordid mess she created with her pursuit of the Castle. Gallant of Keith to pass over how that cost him the election.
But, your Eva! What a fantastically written piece about her. She is the only completely generous and selfless person in the cast. And the only adult. Her insights are spot on. And, of course, Logan just thinks that everything can be made to work by throwing money at it. I am very disappointed that he is just a selfish baby. Eva's heart was breaking, and he never picked up on it- preferring to storm out and sulk about himself and how badly he was being affected. It's always me, me, me me,me with him.
I can't see Gaius warming up to that.
Poor Eva, I really feel for her. She gave Logan so much, for so long...and now she is sacrificing herself so that Logan can try to be a father. You can't be a father unless you put the other person's needs first, not just spend lots of money on them. I hope Eva is not going to go for that long swim when gets back home...that would be a tragedy too far.
Anyway- a great update to a great story.
Abef chapter 17 . 4/26
Thanks for the update- it is beautifully written.
It is just a pity that Logan still does not understand what love really is. He continues to be selfish, and only consider how events impact him and his feelings. Never considers how Gaius may be feeling, and what is worse, has no clue about Eva. He really does not deserve her at all.
She was a wonderful character that you invented, and I hope she will find someone who will love her as she really deserves- not that ass Logan.
Guest chapter 17 . 4/23
Poor Logan...always alone.
octoberreign chapter 17 . 4/24
Welcome back!
This chapter made my heart ache for Logan. He is always being left. (But then, so is Veronica.) As much as it hurt for Logan to lose Eva, I completely agree with her reasoning. If Logan wants to be a father, a real father, to Gai he can't live in another country. I think you did a wonderful job showing how torn and confused and hurt they BOTH were. It felt very real and very natural.
I'm glad Gai has two friends that handle things so different from him and from each other. The varied points of view will help him navigate his rapidly changing world. I would really like to see him interact with the other adults in his life as well, to get a sense of how his world was shaped until now.
We all know Keith has never been a fan of Logan, and I love how you wrote his part in it. So many stories have him loudly protesting, yelling out his anger, but Keith very rarely showed that kind of anger. His is always a quiet, thoughtful, listening in frustration, rarely shows his anger, anger. As with everyone else, you wrote him perfectly.
I know I'm very subtle in my expressions of love over this story (I'm not at all, really. It's no secret that I adore it.) However, I just want to reiterate that this is fantastic writing and superb storytelling. I frequently have to reread previous chapters of other stories just to remember what happened before, but I honestly always remember where we left off last in this one, no matter how long between updates. It sticks with me. It's unique and memerable.
Thank you for sharing it.
Guest chapter 17 . 4/22
Will we ever see Eva again? She's such a strong character but she probably got to be strong after being with Logan. They both needed comfort and tenderness and we know Logan is expert at tenderness for those who are hurt. They've grown and are ready to face what life is putting in front of them. She is ready to live the next stage of her life. If she stayed with Logan in LA, she may have ended up like Lynn. Not able to shine her own brightness and dependant on Logan. She's too smart for that.

Logan wants to be Logan and as soon as he heard Gott was dead, he wanted his old life back. Eva wanted Malachy but he died in the FBI cell.

This chapter has two characters moving on. Will the rest of the story test if Veronica is capable of moving on?

Amazing vivid story. Rich in characterization, emotions and poignancy.
wack31 chapter 14 . 4/23
frenchbobcat chapter 17 . 4/23
I was so happy to see a new chapter of your story ans so sad when I finish reading this. It was painfull but also right, and sober. Like Eva said "c'est la vie", It's time for the family to reunite, they all need each others.
I like to discover Gai point of view. I think Keith will give goods advices to his grandchild. I hope we will have more Gai and Logan moments.
Thank you for your work !
(sorry for the mistake, my english is disastrous).
Guest chapter 17 . 4/21
This chapter was just so sad. I can't fault anyone's feelings or reactions (Gai comes closest to earning my censure), but it's all just so hard without it being anybody's fault. Even with good intentions, it's all just such a horrible mess. As Eva says, it's life.

Speaking of Eva, she is hands down the most sympathetic "foil" for a L/V reunion I've ever read. In fact, I can't even consider her a foil. She is too fine a fictional human being to be summed up by a cliché. :)

Thanks for the update!
Guest chapter 17 . 4/21
Can't wait for more
Maggi Esk chapter 17 . 4/21
OMG! I knew Eva was going to do this but it's to soon, I wasn't ready and Logan wasn't ready either this is so unfair cause even Logan staying gets him what?! the stupid kid hates him, (yes right now I hate the kid) Keith still hates him, Dick is all "Veronica is my BFF now who the hell are you" actitud, and Veronica is not helping with the kid that it's apparently the most important thing so is pointless staying he needs to go with Eva she loves him and in Chile there is not sad memories and not people (the kid) making him feel like he's Aaron fuckin Echolls (btw that broke my heart for Logan).
She is giving up to soon she needs to fight for that man she will never find something like that in Chile, she is so fucking damn stubborn is breaking my heart that she is leaving, like I said I knew this will happen but not now you make me love Eva to just take her away just like that. I don't even thinking about the possibility of LoVe happening now cause it will feel like cheating Eva. I thought she will stay a little bit more after what happened in the dinner with Veronica I was sure that will happen this can't be the end please tell Logan realize he needs to go back home in CHILE!
And after my meltdown for Eva I'm kind of ok that Gai is kind of feeling a little bit curious about Logan maybe there's still hope for Logan and he's not giving up everything for the hate and indifference of the kid.
Even when I'm suffering the goodbye of Eva it was a great chapter and I want more hoping she comes back. Yes you make a character so great that win me over and I don't want her out.
hugsandpuppies chapter 17 . 4/21
Every time I get to the end of one of your chapters I say "What?! No! It can't be over already! I need more!" Everything you write is just that good :)

Even though Logan and Eva obviously needed to break up due to logistics (and also how dare he love anyone other than Veronica ever! lol jk), it was still heartbreaking to read how much they were both hurting in such an impossible situation. Loved getting another peek into Gai's head, and looking forward to more Weevil. I'm certainly curious to see how the mystery unfolds.
irma66 chapter 17 . 4/21
How can I be so relieved and so sad all at once? I don't want Logan to lose Eva - I've been reluctant about that for so long - but how else can we hope to get a LoVe happy ending? I wasn't expecting it to be so soon or so easy. Obviously plenty of angst but it's a tribute to the wonderful character of Eva that she was able to truly see what they each needed and be able to stick to her resolve in the face of Logan's anger and hurt. I hope that Dick is equipped and willing to support Logan since he isn't going to get anything significant from Veronica or Gai for a while.

Speaking of Gai, I know he's in shock right now but I'm hoping he's even half the great kid that everyone keeps saying he is because he can't continue to blame Logan for something he didn't even know about while he was trying to keep Veronica safe. I enjoyed the interaction with his friends. I would anticipate that if Gai doesn't get it together on his own, Fish may have some choice words for him about rejecting a father who actually gives a damn about him.

Finally, I'm hopeful that Keith can put aside his ingrained distrust and dislike of Logan now that he knows the truth. Both canon and fan fiction tend to make it hard for Keith to get past the past. I hope that the ugly reality of what was probably coming for Veronica with Logan in her life back then and what Logan sacrificed to keep that from her will help Keith come around so he can help his grandson develop a positive relationship with his father.

I was so happy to see this chapter this morning. Thanks for your great work!
dabblingpen chapter 17 . 4/21
Heartbreaking update. Eva had actually won me over (I wasn't a fan to start with) and I am sad that she is getting shuttled south of the Equator. Honestly, and this might be LoVe heresy, but I don't really want to see this Logan and Veronica get together...and certainly not at the expense of Eva.
That said, it was just lovely. So glad you are continuing the story
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