Reviews for Reckless
AnnaOxford chapter 30 . 7/2
I'm pissed as hell about being teased about another pairing when it was always gonna be a Sevmione anyways, but I'm curious to see why Tom grew freaky limbs.
AnnaOxford chapter 25 . 7/2
Pleeeeeeease, not Severus. I love him normally, but he has hurt Hermione too much.
AnnaOxford chapter 20 . 7/2
Omg, why can't she be with Draco or Tom's clone or even Harry dammit.
frostedkitten chapter 31 . 7/2
Im glad I came back to this. Please keep writing :)
AnnaOxford chapter 19 . 7/2
Still think Snape has been a monumental jerk to Hermione. I understand that his life was shit, but Hermione's wasn't rainbows and unicorns either and it's not fair she's the only one to give.
AnnaOxford chapter 3 . 7/2
Okay, who is he. Is the name a giant clue? Thomas?
AP.Violin chapter 31 . 6/17
I rarely have patience for long fics, but I couldn't put yours down from start to finish! It's simply amazing and I am SO glad that you didn't gove up on it. Can't waid to read more! :')
Slytherin251 chapter 31 . 6/14
really enjoying this.
please update soon
PureWhiteLily chapter 31 . 6/11
This is the first really good HG/SS I've read in a long time. I can't wait to see how everything plays out! Update soon!
Auroras Jenkins chapter 31 . 6/7
I hope that the book can give some answers and perhaps even a solution. Hope harry will be able to move on. As long as he remembers that problems and memories will follow one no matter how fare you go.
jane1020 chapter 31 . 6/6
Ok I'm absolutely rubbish at remembering to review but have to say I loved the ansgtyness (wow, spell check let that slip by), anyhoo, love the story, had me enthralled, so keep writing & I'll look forward to an update!
JoyBean chapter 31 . 6/6
I just discovered your story and it is so wonderful! I had a question though: Did Katie Bell marry Marcus Flint in the earlier chapter, and not Nott? I was a bit confused, but it ultimately doesn't matter since it is a side detail. I love your writing and hope you continue if real life allows!
jane1020 chapter 8 . 6/4
I really love this story, not sure where it's going yet but that's what makes it so compelling!
pottohipamus chapter 31 . 6/2
I'm loving your story, thanks for sharing.
Guest chapter 31 . 6/2
Great chapter! Love to see more... Update soon
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