Reviews for Drunken Space-Time Ninjutsu
xXChirushiXx chapter 15 . 19h
Such a cliffy for the last chapter, if its not being continued Thanks for writing such a great story!
brutusjr chapter 11 . 10/12
Never understood in time travel stories why no one wants to be truthful about the past. Butterfly affect or no...
brutusjr chapter 8 . 10/12
I will agree with you. That was a pretty bad chapter.

Good story otherwise...
Squishy4953 chapter 15 . 10/2
Okay, so I was rereading this, and I looked at the reviews and I freaked out. I mean, like. C'mon. Itachi? That's dafuq!? 'Cause ITACHI IS STILL ALIVE! HE'S TWO! THAT'S A MAJOR PARADOX!
Not to mention, I'm one of those people who considers dimensions to be a thing, but then again, the seal isn't space, so it's more likely time. But either way, dragging the poor guy (not to mention his companion) from some random point in the timeline is just...highly unlikely.
Even so, the seal pulled a single building back. It would break its own rules (but since it's Naruto, no one really cares) to just bring a Itachi and Kisame back. And even if it brings chakra, the physical body and their mind all the way back to the past, what would happen to the adorable tiny little Itachi from now?
But I can't prove anything. This just makes my brain go in circles.
Argh, I really want to see Chapter 16!
Rydan fall chapter 15 . 10/2
Lol, Itachi is coming home, will Sasuke be happy, nea?
Does that mean that in the next Omake, the Demon of the Mist is coming by, with his student?

Or is the past Konoha slung into the future Konoha?
I remember a giant hole, would be a nice way of filling it up, right?

Was Sakura her parents not civilians?
I would count that as a diversion in the two timelines.
Hatred bear it Fangs chapter 15 . 9/18
Last updated January 31st, 2016. Welp fuck me another story that probably won't be updated
Katt chapter 15 . 9/9
Holy fucking sh!t this ridiculously awesome story ends just when Kisame and Itachi enter the village?
scotty26 chapter 15 . 8/28
What a way to end it on a there are changes to the present future?
scotty26 chapter 1 . 8/27
You caught me off guard..I actually though the first chapter would be about Naruto lol
Squarekiddo chapter 8 . 8/23
Dont like the story much at all to be honest, its so extremely ignorant, this would never ever happen if the characters involved actually had canon intelligence, but for some reason you have added everyones intelligence to below mental retardation in certain areas just to fit what you want done with the plot, and I simply dont enjoy a story that is 100% built on extremely forced sudden cases of mental retardation of a highly respected village, this is all simply way, way to forced.
Anonymous Person chapter 10 . 8/14
That scene was freakin' amazing. Enough said.
Anonymous Person chapter 4 . 8/14
This is freakin' hilarious! Although, I bet both sides are confused as hell.
NobodyInParticlr chapter 15 . 8/13
No! You left it hanging there?! T_T Is it Itachi?! Are people somehow being sucked back from other sections of the timeline?! Is it Itachi and Kisame somehow? That's all I can think of when you have two figures and one says "hn."
NobodyInParticlr chapter 12 . 8/13
Noooooo! That was the toad Jiraiya! XD I literally gasped out loud when I realized and then had to give a long explanation to my boyfriend when he gave me a raised brow of confusion. XP

And Lee's speech. XD
NobodyInParticlr chapter 4 . 8/12
XD This is so ridiculously amazing! Like... It seems so over the top and yet at the same time everyone seems perfectly in character!

Favorite parts:
"And should I fail to do that, I'll start over again using only my teeth!" - XD The image of Gai climbing the Hokage monument with his teeth... so amazing.
And laughed out loud at the part where Snake hid in a box.
And when one of the guys screamed "She jukened my balls!"
And the competition going on between ANBU and Uchiha that results in loser buying dinner.
And "No! Lee! Don't drink that-"

So amazing! XD
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