Reviews for Tempest
Nat chapter 50 . 4/11
Wow, I am left speechless. This has been one of the best stories I have ever read, including those that are published books. You seriously have real talent as a writer and hope you succeed in being one, if you decided to pursue that career. I look forward to reading more of your stories (and hopefully a sequel to this AMAZING peace of literature). :D
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 52 . 4/11
Sequel potential? Here's hoping :) if you decide to do so you definitely have a career in writing. Tempest was incredible. But the themes and philosophy. Wow. That blew me away. I recognized the themes while reading but having them spelled out. Wow. This story is deep! I find it hard to fathom you had all this planned from the start. I'll PM u tomorrow about it. But here's my final review of Tempest. Number 52. I feel sort of empty inside. I will never again read Tempest for the first time. It will never be the same. I can't forget the shocks and revelations. And I never want to. This story changed me. In what ways I'm still figuring it out. But it's been that impactful. And so for the final time. Thank you :D 3
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 51 . 4/11
A million words can not express my emotions at having completed this amazingly tragic story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. From the start I was hesitant because I knew this story would be agonizing. I'm a reader that feels characters. That really connect with them and this story really brought that out
At the start it was Elsa who was broken and Anna who was whole. Anna was her sunshine. She was everyones sunshine. Alek. Hans. Edmund. They all looked to Anna. And saw something. Something pure and good. And after all the trials and battles, I feel the roles have switched. It's Elsa supporting Anna now. And their love shall conquer the demons of the past
I can't stress how amazing you portrayed Elsas and annas relationship. I can't count the number of times I wanted to punch Elsa. Their relationship was so rocky and fragile. But Anna. Anna was the catalyst that changed everything. She made Elsa believe that there was something better
The princes. This is the first story I've read where hans actually has 12 brothers. Each was so different yet they were all connected. The changes that took place shocked me. Obviously the deaths particularly gustaf and Edmund but just the general interactions. Alek and Hans were special. I was so suspicious of them to start. All their schemes. But once again. Anna changes them. Hans fights the sorcerers magic! And wins. I'm glad he became king. He no longer wants it for the wrong reasons. He deserves it. He deserves it. Deserves redemption. Shout out to Alek though. When Elsa left, he really grew on me. I love his wit and skill and cool sword play stuff. IMO he and Edmund were the best OCs. Ever. In all the stories I've read. They just have so much depth to them. All the characters did really. Gustaf. Man im conflicted about him. He tried to be a good father but kinda bombed that. I believe he was a good man who loved his son too much to see the flaws. He took the fall as sorcerer and that will be one of the greatest trick plays i will ever read. I didn't fall for it cause I suspected Edmund but still. Extremely well planned and executed.
And so the last major character I will mention. Edmund. Still loathe him but I respect his character. Honestly if I wasn't so suspicious I would prob not have suspected Edmund. Seriously he gives his brothers funerals! His character rivals Elsa and Annas in terms of depth. Throughout the entire novel (yes I refer to this as a novel; it's that brilliant) we only get glimpses of the princes. Then those last 10 chapters or so blew my mind. Edmund. The boy who had a reliquary made. Who endured years of suffering. I find it so sad that Elsa making her own reliquary caused him to snap. He had hope. He tried to suppress "the hunger" (still didn't get that). But seeing his embodiment of perfection crumble was too much. That is some fuckin character development. He was a master at chess. Master at strategy. I still remember him beating Elsa at chess. That was a defining moment for me. All te pieces falling into place. He was strong in magic yet that strength caused him unimaginable suffering. In the end he won though. Checkmate. I could go on but I'm seriously running out of gas. Typing on iPod is so slow
I think the contrast between the two fathers is fantastic too. Honestly you are such an amazing writer. All these foils and parallels. Elsa and Anna. Elsa and Edmund. Agdar and Markus. Hell even Alek and Hans. Tbh markus is the root of all evil. All the events were caused by him. I hate him more than Edmund.
This novel is Elsanna. But it is so much more. Coming in I expected angst. But I was blindsided by the quality of the writing and the complexity of the plot. Every chapter was a new mystery. No one was ever safe. And though everything turned out okay I feel the wrung isn't happy. Its bittersweet seeing Anna so broken. But having the chance at happiness. That's all anyone can ask for. Elsa Anna. They changed each other and for themselves. I can't begin to describe my own personal thoughts. I'll prob send you a PM. I've only ever read one other Elsanna story I thought was this good. That was Stolen Ice. That has always sat alone atop my favorites list but now I think it will share top spot. This was a dark story. Not fluffy at all. Death and angst abound but always hope. No matter what this novel taught me to always keep hope. Nomally I'd end with a best of luck sort of deal but with a novel of this caliber it's not enough. I truly want to thank you for writing such an incredibly moving story. I cried. Not a lot but enough. This was quite a journey. I love this novel despite the pain it caused. Because you can't shut out the pain and feelings ;) I think this is prob my longest review ever but it was well worth it. Plot. Characters. Style. Tone. All of it was first class. Unique and innovative. Touching and poignant. Philosophically questioning. Such is the power of Tempest. Thank you. Good night. And God bless you.
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 50 . 4/11
Thank you for this story. Ill try to keep this discussion only on this chapter. That battle scene was truly epic. I could imagine the ice, flames, lightning; the swords clashing. So masterfully written. And Hans once again saves Alek. I love those two. I'm glad they made it. And Elsa. Her words. They saved the world. She truly struck Edmund, changed him. He was the only one. He is the villain yet the hero. He saved the world. At the end, he had no desire. That's admirable and my hate for him lessened just a bit. And so the final prince dies. Alvard. Tobias. Reid. Gustaf. Saul. Fabian. And now Edmund. There were 13. Now there are 6. Really hope I didn't miss anyone. And Anna. To the very end she's so her. She understands Edmund. More than he deserved but it's Anna. Sweet optimistic clumsy Anna. She changed the Southern Isles for the better. Now she deserves her happy ending with Elsa. And so we go
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 49 . 4/11
Damn all these quotes strike me right in the feels. Ive been reading for so long. Gotta comment though
Alek! Fuck! Why would u do that to my favorite character?! At least he was a boss though. Totally wiped Agdar
Hans truly changed. The old him would never risk his life yet here he is. Admirable really
Anna and Elsa. Their conversation is so deep. Questioning life and meaning and purpose. It's all so profound. I detest Edmund but objectively he's such an interesting character. His life, his desires, his plan. It's all brilliant. But now he's becoming Anna. What will happen to the real Anna? And WTF is the mirror doing? U think after 50 chapters I would understand but I still don't. I'm dumb. Domt wanna ramble to long, saving that for my final review. The final battle. Elsa vs Anna. Never thought I'd say that when I started this story. And it's a new day now too. Exactly midnight pacific time. And so we go
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 48 . 4/10
Anticipation and fear. Those are my two feelings. That authors note is so ominous. I don't know how but The real Anna will return. I'm sure of it.
Elsas finally grown. She's accepted who she is for herself not for Anna or anyone else. She has truly changed and I'm happy for her. Guess I was wrong about her landing in Arendelle lol. U want the ten bucks in cash?
Elsa was the one who made Edmund snap. Markus manipulated Elsa to do it. Ergo it's all Markus's fault. His death was too quick.
But this is it. It's been a long time coming. I hold on to Elsanna, but now I hold on to Elsa too. She's going to set things right
And so we go
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 47 . 4/10
Wow that backstory was dark as hell. Markus was one sick fuck to do this to a child. God Edmund was only 5... That's so sad. I understand him but why wouldn't he just end his life if he felt so much pain. Just kill himself to end it? Why drag Elsa and Anna into his misery? Elsa truly landed in hell. But not it's time for her to make the climb. Magic or no magic Elsa is strong. She has life. She has hope
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 46 . 4/10
Fuck Edmund. Fuck it all. Tears starting and we still got a couple chapters. I hate this. Elsa on the verge of death. No Anna whatsoever. Edmund being crazy. But that last gesture by Saul. That was impactful. Heart warming. "I'm glad I could be unselfish ... Just this once". The feels 3. But Olaf! The one variable Edmund couldn't predict. The chess piece that wasn't on the board. Anyways ten bucks Elsa lands in Arendelle. Also was that little Elsa that Saul heard? Omg that was amazing. Olaf embodies little Elsa! The Elsa that was happy and free
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 45 . 4/10
Fuck! God kill me. Edmund won? Thank god there's still chapters left. Elsa has to beat him. Edmund had everyone fooled except Saul. And Saul was bound by magic. So clever. Edmund planning this from the start. So damn smart. Alek is alive still. Good. My favorite male better make it out. Edmund is totally bat shit though. The hell would he pretend to be Anna. Mental issues to the max
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 44 . 4/10
Holy fuck I called it. Edmund the sorcerer. Wow he's an amazing actor. Sociopath and mastermind. Damn kristoff shoulda thrown him into the void. Now he's possessed Anna. The allusions r too much! In a good way. That ending. Dark knight rises. The one you trust stabs you in the back. Literally. Markus get owned as expected. But Anna god. What's going to happen to her.
Lastly, Twilight Princess! I totally see it. Assembling the mirror. Elsa being the twilight princess. Legend of Zelda 3
god these last chapters are gonna be ugly. Pain is coming but Im finishing this today no matter what
Veoviing chapter 52 . 4/7
Why did you end it like this...
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 43 . 4/6
That authors note seems ominous. Well it's the true end game now. The truth is finally revealed. Fuck. What might have been... Seriously the what ifs are killing me! Elsa was living a lie. Markus is evil when she thought he saved her. And Anna. Oh god. I'm gonna have faith she will survive and have her happy ending but god it's hard to believe. Elsa finally had her past, but can she claim her future? I don't need to stress this enough but fuck markus. Hope he dies painfully that bitch. Where the hell at Alek and Hans?! They should be in on this! God I'm seriously losing my mind. This story is heart wrenching and riveting. You are a fantastic writer flat out. The finality of stories always scares me. I'm scared of the angst, scared of the pain and tears. Guess Elsa is rubbing off on me. I'm a coward but I will return to finish this. I just need a break. I knew when I started this would be hard to finish. But I will. That's a promise
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 42 . 4/6
That moment when you realize Elsa is just a girl with extreme self-esteem problems. Lol. That's a severe understatement. Yep fuck markus. I truly believe if elsa heard that then she would have changed. But she didn't and we still got 10 more chapters. After all that we are down to 10. Elsa has changed though regardless of anyones intentions. She purposefully landed on the beach so she didn't have to slaughter Arendelle. She is misguided thinking she needs to be whole to deserve love. But she doesn't realize love isn't something you deserve. It's something your receive. Unconditionally. Im not crying anymore :) but inevitably I will soon...
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 41 . 4/6
God dammit not even close and I'm crying. Those back and forth scenes between Anna and Elsa were so well written but god. It's so so so so sad! I'm betting those were her actual memories. Markus fucked with her head to make her resent her parents so he could use her. Fuck. Everything is fucked up right now. But Anna. Precious Anna finally discovers the truth. Elsa doesn't need fixing. That's a revelation for me as well. All this time I legit thought Elsa needed to change her violent ways but I guess she doesn't? Bit confused actually. Mostly sad. This is the biggest what if story ever. What if Elsa had a childhood? What if they had met sooner? What if Elsa didn't create a reliquary? Well. Here we go.
Just to note, markus speech... WTF saying peace is bad? Yea that's a surefire way to tell he's an evil dude
Ignis Aurum Probat chapter 40 . 4/6
Fuck. I think I connected the dots. Edmund is dying from a disease that has taken years to manifest. Markus created a reliquary before Elsa on the sorcerer. The trolls said gustaf did not have a reliquary. Edmund is dying. He has no heart and that is killing him. Fuck. I knew Edmund was suspicious from the start. Edmund is the true sorcerer
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