Reviews for Given Enough Time
Dino-Rogue chapter 1 . 1/2/2014
Eh? Tarantulus and Cheetor exchanging... erm, pleasantries? Haha!

Ha! Grumpy? Dandy? Rhymes from Dinobot himself, ladies and gentlemen! :-) Oh, yeah! Megs and his precious little rubber duckie are back, huh? And speaking of the Pred-head... honorable Megatron? Not likely... which is probably why MR eight-eyes used the term... and to add injury to insult (I think), he quits with "I'm not sure which is worse; your lack of self control, your stupid plans or your breath." Haha! My, my, they're both such gloaters, aren't they? And speaking of 'they's... tension between Rattrap again... all because of... lemons? Okay, first he's calling peace talks, now he's goading him? First he calls him double-crossing, then it's triple-crossing? Woah, Rattrap... Hahaha! Thank Primus for Silverbolt, the real peacemaker! *Sigh* Ha! See? Rattrap Stripes and the Bird-Lady, as you like to call them, brought you souvenirs from their "world croos", as you put it! Haha... Haha! Thank you for remembering Silverbolt's internal soundtrack, AKA the one in Changing of the Guard? Awesome, right? Yes, totally awesome! And, I love how you refer to Silverbolt as the 'winged doggie'! Haha! Nice one! Hmmm, that is true; Dinobot always has to be carried everywhere, does he not? Hehehehehehe! "Distortion readings are off the scale, fog of war and all, but you can't know what I know unless you rise or fall." I actually thought that was a song! Haha! Cheetor, gotta love him. Ah, and Airazor, too! Not your typical damsel in distress. Nah, she fights! And, apparently, has turned into a 'Queen'? Haha! Um, Waspy, it wasn't actually Dactyl-bot. It was... er, the fandom, yes, the fandom, who came up with that name, yeah! Haha! Ha! Finally, you'll do something yourself, Megs! Not just behind, ya know? ...Wait, speaking of Megs, again... Megatron regret? Woah, where did that come from? Hmmm... Writhe in the Inferno... boy, he misses Terrersaur so sorely... :) Hmmm, that's true; it was never explained completely if Rattrap or any of the others, for that matter, knew about that so-called 'second moon'. Now we know... now, Rattrap knows!

Oh my gosh, this is awesome I simply cannot wait for part 2!