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Darkwing Duck chapter 24 . 5/18/2018
Hi, it's just me. I was looking for when the trial took place since I got inspired to write some Peter and Gomez dialogue tonight. Peter espouses he hasn't practiced law since 1795 and Gomez responds, "One hundred and seventy-four years experience, Peter. That will do." I figured your work made sure of the particulars between 1795 and 1796. Thank you! :)
Guest chapter 24 . 7/3/2017
Please update, I'm dying to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 24 . 4/10/2017
The level of detail in this work is exquisite. It adds depth to the story without bogging it down, and each supporting character gas their own soul without stealing the show. The whole thing is beautifully balanced, and I can't wait to see how this plays out!
Daryl Wor chapter 24 . 2/7/2017
Of his malice aforethought… Gosh, I feel bad. I thought have 1980's movie commercials stuck in my head was a trial. Bill's got it much worse! Yes, thank you judge for the consideration of Trask limiting his editorials. Sheez, if this is what Trask thinks of Bill and his beard, what would he think of Wolf-Man Jack? (It was the stripe-line he used. Sorry.) Bill's swearing thoughts made me envision the jury watching a circus ring-leader instead of a reverend, which makes sense! And oh, yes the oops on “okay” and “don't lose your cool”. I'm down with it making sense to Peter, though. All weirdness are jangling around this day. I'm with Bill for Peter on his opening. I wanted to applaud!

I'm with him too on the antimacassar hankie deal as a head-dress for Cr'Abigail. Then the assumption on Bill being the culprit before her tale has been gotten started. I wanted Hanley to chime in a bit earlier than he did! Feeling terrible for our Bill since he's got the strange men pawing through his clothes! Now if the wallet was found I would feel that would be proof of the time-travel but perhaps these folks are too set in the witchcraft angle to go any farther… And Bill keeping from laughing so Trask wouldn't pronounce his guffaw to be a spell. Love it! And that Trask to his witness like a teacher to his star pupil. So true! As for amnesia remembering one's name isn't that out there. He could have forgotten how to speak too! Enough praising Miss Collins detection skills, Trask! (Or in MASH parlance, “Can it, Frank!”) Please, hold Trask in contempt! (Ha ha! And way to go Judge Hanley too.) Oh wow! The doll and cat he whittled! Now I'm ready to bite my fingernails. Well, I have one commonality with Abigail: the disgust at the Jeremiah and Josette issue! (Hand us a chamber-pot with which to vomit in!) Oh dear, I hear Bill's “for crying out loud” on the score of cats. So wait, if cats are beasts of witchcraft and Joshua was one? *wink wink, nudge nudge* Oh hey! A little Bewitched into the bargain! Nice one, Bill. AND the nod to soap-operas for the jury! Great one!

Also going through the death of Jeremiah is good for me because it reminds me of what Lisa caught in the original DS in which the duel did happened: Josette was deeply upset over Jeremiah because Angelique managed to re-apply the love-spell on Josette just before. (She had fainted somehow prior.) It was the hardest thing to catch! So I wanted to relay that. Oh, I love what Bill thought about petty warlock and mundane pickings! Very nice to see the cross examination go into the generosity and kindness of Uncle Jer! Good job! And I'm delighted that we're getting to more facts of the matter in the case of why Abigail would have any idea of the business matters in the first place! She has to confess the boys at Ye Olde House didn't discuss them with her! :P And bingo on the doll, Peter! Excellent, yay! And I'm very much enjoying the discussion of Sarah's fondness for cats, as well as Abigail squirming through it.

Very amazing examination in the pursuance of suicide versus divorce. It is a sway in the establishment consideration that divorce was so horrible suicide could be preferable in those days, horrifying as that may be to us now. Great understanding giving that to the jury's attention for sure, and that Bill was outside the door in concern it might happen! And oh my gosh the Perry Mason thought and at this point desiring a commercial break for the sake of the dreadful monotony of the whole trial. Boy I hear that! Ah! Thornton and his tooth-powder. Love Bill's inner monologue on that, coming back to haunt him. Sadly hilarious. Awwww…. Dude… the accusation from Thornton! That bites! Well, there we have it. (Now I might leave this courtroom and need look at that yucky Davros on Doctor Who again. I'm not sure which is more insufferable. Bill's agony or… Davros.) Thank you, my dear! A good escape for me to attend and extremely spot on writing.
karmadog chapter 24 . 2/2/2017
Not necessarily related to this chapter, but Bill's dry wit throughout this entire adventure is just magnificent. You manage to give him very real reactions to the ridiculous and fantastical situations he finds himself in by writing in that wit. Also, been a while since I reviewed, so I'll lump in comments on a few other chapters that were absolute gems. I love how you included the comment about the Frenchmen all being insane - something along the lines of "Is this why they were all chopping each other's heads off a few years ago?" because it brings back the reality of the other worldwide events that were going on at that time and makes the characters of the 18th century seem more real. Your handling of the grief was well-done, as well, and I was specifically moved by (Hemphill's? I think that's who said it) mention of the loss of all of the children that must have come between Barnabas and Sarah. It really drives home the pain that she must be going through.
Guest chapter 24 . 2/2/2017
cynthia chapter 24 . 1/30/2017
Pretty good, scene, so Dr Thorton thinks Bill is guilty, oh boy, bad news.
cynthia chapter 24 . 1/29/2017
I like the line about the show with the witch. Going to finished chapter later but Abigail remains me of Abigail.
Guest chapter 23 . 12/18/2016
Ooooh, here we go!
mad margaret chapter 22 . 11/28/2016
I know I read this chapter before, but, as with most of my reading, it's done in the middle of the night, in bed, on my Kindle. And that's not convenient for writing reviews on the spot. So, I read this one again.

Oh, my goodness, Bill. Everything is not your fault. It's Back to the Future, and Barnabas' portrait at the Old House will start to fade now. Poor Bill is so confused. I'm glad Natalie is seeing reason. I always liked her character and you write her well. It must be unnerving for Bill to talk with Naomi, given her resemblance to Liz. I hope this trial doesn't last too long and he goes home soon. And then there's the question: will he actually be able to change history and save someone's life? If not, what was it all for?

As in all stories of this sort, people are popping up everywhere with fang marks in their necks and everyone is clueless. I wouldn't mind if the correct answer occurs to Bill, since he is from a time where these things are better known, even if, not long ago, a supernatural explanation would be out of the question.

Now the cows are getting picked off. What is it with Barnabas and cows? Is there some sort of vampire lore precedent for this? I remember Louis and Lestat drinking rat blood martinis but cows are really big.

Half the journeymen had the same names (and probably looked just like) their contemporary counterparts. Sometimes I think this place is Brigadoon. Fernando? An ancestor of Buzz? Piratical yet educated. Perfect. Although I didn't think of Buzz as a homebound native, more of a adventure seeking soul. Still, nice reference. When you mentioned Judge Hanley, I thought at first you were referencing Evan Hanley, who most certainly does look like a warlock.

A cliffhanger ending. I know you're on this guilt trip, Bill, but after all, in 1967 they're all going to be dead anyway. Well, most of them. Kind of dead.
Daryl Wor chapter 23 . 11/7/2016
Ah, something I can sink my teeth into, thank you! (I can give note-taking for The Munsters a break.) And bless you for the author’s note. I’m already with Bill on the accuracy of The Family History when it comes to tragedies minus when it gets worse in his experience! Word on the sadness of Sarah’s passing. (It so happens I’ve finally gotten to more of her in the rebirth, so I keep that in mind. *happy face*) Love the nod to who put the swing on the tree. The wrangling of who sent him back in time and how it might have gone down had he not been there, all the suppositions to Angelique and then remembering, “Oh lordie! I don’t think of this because it will drive me bughouse!” So true!

It’s great all this musing on Sarah and Naomi, as well as the search party out in the storm. When we are sheltered aren’t we so often imagining not being so? But then the mind is apt to want to find something to feel solace in when there are troubles we cannot help solve. “…face seemed as grey as his hair.” I chuckled in surprise. Glad to get the update on Sarah. Ruby Tate? Shoot, I’m behind on my homework… Okay, I remember her now. Ooo-oo-ooo, “not that she’ll be doing anymore rollicking now”. Ay’uh! And “What an epitaph.” No kidding. I love Peter’s take on the situation in regards to how he wants to keep Miss Wick company, wanting to feel less polluted by death before talking to her and that. That desire for protection toward another. And I love Bill’s smile for that as well.

Oops, Bill, you just worked away from giving Peter some thoughts of feeling cleansed with the tip on the family history. Well, he did ask after all. Aw, sheez… trying to figure out how to explain the séance to Peter Bradford and then the ghost of a girl who has not died yet and then the biz with Trask possibly picking up on this as proof of warlockery. Egad! (I’m remembering Caleb in mine, “I’ve really come to despise quantum mechanics…”) Okay, Bill’s reached the point of explaining. Yes that description would help. She’s usually a happy ghost which is a happy thought. And it’s true, she is.

Man, Peter’s really having issues with this séance thing. Fits the period but wow, to wonder if Bill would write to Naomi about contacting the dead! (((lol))) Oh, yeah, Peter. We’re sworn to secrecy but I think I’ll just put it on PAPER for no particular reason… Enjoying the letter here and happy to see Bill pulling back from “The Old House” and writing “Collins House”. (I really didn’t realise you’d put that together. It fit too perfectly so I thought it was on the show. More kudos to you for that.) This letter is so tender, I’m getting misty. I’m of two minds whether Naomi should see it but I’m glad to see it myself. :) Then the Greek tragedy metaphor is beyond fitting. Gosh, breakfasts… and I still haven’t had mine yet. This kindness from Josiah Haskell is lovely. Hemphill’s reaction is breath-taking and makes me muse of our beloved author in all of this. (hugs)

Then having to digest the information in that emotionless emptiness. What little things get us through it and the dream is profound to me. The idea of playing with Sarah and Carolyn is comforting however spooky it is. And the fog, wow you just reminded me of my husband showing me an intense fog through the window when he got up this morning. Ha ha “Great more twiddling my thumbs and waiting.” Hey I remember a Cotton Mather too. What a name, to be sure. Oh, that guy… yeah… scum. “Burning the opposing argument doesn’t show much strength in one’s own argument.” THANK YOU, BILL! Well said. I love as Bill is reading Mather he goes to Calef for relief. I would too! I’m glad to hear of this second author and bless you for that. Penny for your thoughts line was excellent.

Updates for Josette, too. This is just getting crazier, as expected, especially with Trask’s new BS argument about the death of Jeremiah. I’ll take a coffee too, Prescott! Oh, no no… there has been no howling wolves, for as some of us know what DS ep 422 led to, the howling is going on in private. *cough, wink* And yes, I’ve long agreed with Peter about the madhouse scenario! ARG! Bloody-Suki… fricken *grumble, gripe* getting in the way of someone’s secret honeymoon. (((shakes fist))) Ugh… the reading… I hereby award Bill his bachelor’s degree. Wish I could send him Samantha to set him free. (There are a couple better outcomes for Salem on Bewitched.) I’m with Bill on the fact that he’s in the cell at all means he’s not. Always confused the crap out of me learning about Witchcraft Trials. If they have such powers they could escape easily. Weirdness.

Oh, Josette was missing twice? Good! I’d like to extend the honeymoon! Hee hee hee. [Get in touch, Osheen.] Well, hell… Prescott, why don’t you get even more racist and call her a FROG?! Jeez-Louise… Go all out if you’re gonna diss on the lady. (((lol))) And as for crazy, look who’s talking! You people are still having WITCHCRAFT TRIALS! *raspberry* Oh dear, the dreams… here comes Perry Mason again! Oh my gosh… and the Bogart for Trask with all the Jerry Lacy going on! HAHAHAHAHA! The mind is going. Okay this dream is to die for. If I mention “Stand Fast” in another web-log entry it’ll be for this!

And all of it culminates in Josette’s death, reeking of seawater and the appearance of “hippy-bum” Bill admitting he’s no bouquet of roses. Yes, a wash and shave would be great, thank you Hemphill. Fiddly-do to Trask’s orders. And the grim shave it was being so angry at Trask and his part in all of this. I believe Bill expresses the anger in many viewers of the program! Still, all that hearty vigilance will surely melt in the long-winded steps for which trials take up so much time. And here we are… bathing in the lustrous bore that is a trial. I need no suspension of disbelief because this is the real thing right here!
Cynthia chapter 23 . 11/6/2016
Pretty good twist of the witch trial for murder.
mad margaret chapter 21 . 10/13/2016
Hey, somehow I got two behind. Well, I'll try to catch up now. And yes, I waited so long, I needed to read it again, but that's okay. It's a good chapter. I like the Maine-isms you interject, like from Bill's grandmother; also Felicity Bell is a great name. Once again, everyone is clueless as to who or what is attacking women and cows in the village. Even though Bill no doubt saw monster movies as a kid and the townspeople would likely be more superstitious than their present day counterparts, especially if they immigrated or descended from Eastern Europeans. Uh, did you just call Willie Loomis an insane abductor? Did anyone think to question Matthew Morgan, or was he already dead when Maggie was kidnapped in your story? Bill being locked up would not deter Reverend Trask. Hasn't Bill read The Crucible? And why has Bill no clue as to what is blame. He's already experienced time travel and witchcraft. What's a vampire after that? No, they didn't have the term veterinarian yet. Maybe horse doctor. Now he's calling Willie the village idiot? Well, maybe he became that after a bunch of shock treatment. And where in hell would he keep a dog without anyone knowing? So, once again, things look bad for Mr. Malloy. This guy just can't cut a break. And now he wants to meet with Trask? Maybe he should just put his head in the noose now. And what of Miss Wick? Can she hear this strange conversation? I hope Bradford doesn't grope her like he did Vicki in the series. Trask will see Bill after a suitable period of prayer. One can just imagine. Well played, Alex, Barnabas killed Angelique and that's why he took off so suddenly. Nicely done. So Trask struts in with his henchmen, Crabbe and Goyle. He is so aggravating, he seriously needs to be slapped. Interesting you mention Crucible and Communism in the same thought. Lol. Bill should tell Trask he saw Abigail Collins with the devil. Geez, trying to reason with that guy is sounding like a presidential debate. Did Bill really expect the meeting to go other than it did? When was Rev. Trask ever reasonable? Good, I'm glad the countess came back; I was hoping she would. Looks like you did a lot of research into reading Tarot cards. I used to be a card reader in a restaurant for a while. Okay, you guys. If Bill and Miss Wick are such powerful witches, why are they stewing in jail cells? Nice cliff hanger. Hope to get to the next chapter soon.
Daryl Wor chapter 22 . 9/19/2016
Well, happy 50th DS to you as well. And then there is the Monkees, and then Star Trek. I think we’re going to have some major binges on 50th Anniversaries in the coming years here. Ohhhh, poor Bill! He’s having that effect of that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode where they crash land to find their descendants and then decide to crash in order for them to live and then it doesn’t work. G’ah! Heart-wrenching! Good Heavens, now he’s taking the blame. Accountability and remorse. Don’t worry, Bill. With all of that heavy heart and self-blame you’ve just replaced Barnabas Collins!

Good for Natalie in the wise words of “If we do not believe that we can, we will go mad.” Very true! And great to see her siding with Bill over the repellent Trask. I always kinda dug Natalie. (She was great in the retcon, too.) Also correct about Josette. She wouldn’t do that. We keep analyzing that cliff thing and seeing a loss of real estate over an intentional “Good Night, Irene”. I love this line: "We would all be better off if we protected each other less and told each other more." NO KIDDING!

Uh-oh, yes. The Sarah problem coming up. I can see why this update has been too hard to finish. Even I’m starting to get worried and then I remember what I’ve put together and calm myself down that way. All right: I just burst out laughing as the Countess assures him she is armed whether or not her driver is. Basically saying, “I take care a’myself, brah.” Groovy speech about Bill’s awesomeness at the end there. Hey, I need some food like that. Hand over the soup and cornbread, Bill!

Oh dear, now we’re going into the worry of The Butterfly Effect. I just want to assure Bill that when he gets back to the future everything will still be spelled correctly and no, there won’t be some other President in The White House. I adore his summary of 1967 Barnabas, supercilious smirk, ridiculous over sized ring, Sherlock Holmes cloak. HEE HEE HEE! Wunderbar. But sure, you’ll go back, he’ll be gone and The Old House will be filled to the brim with raccoons and spider webs all over again. (And that tipped over vase on the mantel that always gets on my nerves.) And wow, guess who’s come to see Bill! (Just as he’s thinking about her look-alike.) And yes, more meaningful things on her mind than your cheeks being covered with stubble.

So true about Naomi. The mourning attire is almost unnecessary when her expression says it all and so intensely. The discussion is so wonderfully heartfelt and Bill understands his considerations on knowing what she’s going through are nothing in comparison. Very graceful. I’m so pleased Naomi is willing to stand up for him in the witness box! That’s good and fits in well with giving Barnabas The Old House by going over Joshua’s head! But that echo from Jeremiah is a shake up. Great about the expenses being paid by Barnabas, as Peter explains! Great nod to Hound of The Baskervilles. (It comes in handy even though I was seriously bored reading that one and fell asleep a few times before getting through the video version.) I doubt our elegant vampire will be rolling around in any phosphorus, of course. ;) And the less favourable opinion of Trask. Well done! And not being sorry he missed his own hearing for the sake of more Trask sermons. Yep, it ain’t like Perry Mason.

Crap, divinely inspired case... no, not the state or commonwealth, The Lord has decreed this trial, Bill. And we all shake our heads with you! Good, The Collinsport Star. That will keep one busy. Oh Bill teaching! I want to attend his class already! For sure! His knowledge of the courthouse, too. That was nuts. Well, are we gonna tear this thing down or build it back up? Hem-haw-hem-haw-hem... Okay, next generation of Collinsport? Lather, rinse, repeat. OMG! I was busting up with the voluble guy ratting on his witchy neighbours for however long! Should'a seen that one coming but I didn’t! Oh, great, Doc Thornton... and his tooth-powder... Ah, what a lovely book, I’m down with that and I still want to attend Bill’s class when he gets home!

Dammit! Here we go. I gotta write myself through re-born Sarah’s 11th birthday one of these days. This is a big push to head me in that direction. Well! I’m all finished up and I’m sure you’re all ready to post another big chapter that shall rend our hearts. Thank you, my dear.
Guest chapter 22 . 9/5/2016
Again with the cliffhanger! I can't wait to see how this all unfolds.
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