Reviews for The Dread of Tomorrow and Yesterday
Audrie-13 chapter 62 . 11/26
Oh, yes, I enjoyed this chapter. It was updated a day after my birthday, so it was kind of like a birthday present. I haven't read this chapter until now because I'm on a cruise. Luckily, I will be home to fast and free wi-fi on Sunday! Anyways, update soon!

Potatoe chapter 62 . 11/23
I WISH SHE WOULD JUST SAY YES FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THINGS HOLY PLEASE. I appreciate how she is taking her time but dang it the doctor isn't a pure soul. He's pretty broken too so her constant fear that she will 'taint' him is pretty unnecessary. Also her fear of messing things up, how will she mess things up I can't think of a single thing... im rambling and need to stop.
screaming-motorcycles chapter 62 . 11/18
Amazing, seriously the best Doctor Who story I've read. You are fabulous :) Well done xx
Olivia chapter 62 . 11/18
As much as I enjoy this fanfic, trust me I do, Rhea is starting to get on my nerves I think she needs to get other herself.
Please don't think I'm slating your work, I think you're a fantastic writer but I'm getting frustrated with Rhea's attitude.
grapejuice101 chapter 62 . 11/16
I have a feeling the King is not done yet! Update ASAP please
tangle.of.ivy chapter 62 . 11/16
I love this chapter! I think 11 was very in character and I reread his little speech to Rhea at the end several times because it was so amazing.
Soooooo close! Poor Rhea. I think you got her thought prices during this chapter nice and clear and understandable.
LookAliveSunshine03 chapter 62 . 11/15
Hello, again, and thank you for another fabulous chapter! Just when I thought Rhea was going to give in to the Doctor...ah, so close!
deathb4beauty chapter 62 . 11/15
So excited to see this updated! Poor Rhea! Her mind has been so utterly brainwashed she can't let herself be loved or to love! I love that the doctor is slowly breaking her down!
BloodyBlondeVamp chapter 62 . 11/15
Yayyyyyyyyyy! You just totally made my day. A part of me was actually really scared that you would end up never updating, which sadly is quite understandable. (I still can't even get some of my own story to work) But I'm really happy you're back :D & with probably one of the best little sexual speeches by 11. (he does have a lot of speeches now that I think about it) I can't wait to see what's next.
NicoleR85 chapter 62 . 11/15
Another great chapter. I can't wait to read where she goes next. I hope that they get together soon. Please update soon.
Marion chapter 62 . 11/15
I really do love this story! Only complaint is that poor Rhea can't find peace- aah just breaks my heart. Though, it's much less of a complaint and more my own empathy. I get freakin chest pain each time she's upset, you're that damn good of an author.. Or maybe it's my heart condition... Nah, you're unbelievably talented.
Serendipity989 chapter 62 . 11/14
*Cries miserably
Falling Right Side-Up chapter 62 . 11/14
OH! Thanks for the update! And yes, I've been wanting to see Eleven for a while now :). I don't think your characterization of him was off at all. While I love all the nu-Doctor Whos, Eleven had a particular duality-physically and mentally-that made him so very intriguing. So young in face but old in mind, simultaneously truthful but also a bold faced liar. So very reckless and bold (like Stonehenge speech), sometimes cruel (like leaving Old Amy behind in order to rescue Young Amy), sometimes kind, sometimes cowardly, and it seems always stuck between a rock and a hard place. Jeez, he had it hard (losing the Ponds, knowing the fate of his wife and basically ensuring her death to preserve the timelines, knowing that his best friend's child was made into a weapon in fear of him when all he's tried to do is save people, knowing his own death-place, etc.) Major Eleven-whumping.

So yeah, despite his baby-giraffe spazzy-ness most of the time, we know he can be pretty suave when he wants to be, and I can see how he'd outright declare all that he wants from Rhea. So kudos! Hopefully your vacation months will allow more updates. I just pray that you don't stop writing until we actually get to Twelve and on :)
Guest chapter 61 . 11/10
This is so good. Please keep writing.

Is it common or is it just me that Rhea keeps blaming herself because of some stuff she didn't really had control over. I just think it's so sad that she doesn't see what the Doctor sees in her.

- Coral
LoveLiveLife22 chapter 61 . 11/5
Love it cant wait for more to come
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