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katraj0908 chapter 63 . 3/12
So I've read most of your story and I think it's okayyyy like I don't think I could do much better, but there is just soo many sexual innuendos and her being flirty that it gets old after a while. I don't know Rhea's character seems just too much.
The Reader chapter 66 . 2/24
I understand where you are coming from and I'm glad you didn't crap on my opinion. Thank you. I just thought like that because of chapter 34:

"Hold on tight." The Doctor said. He pulled a lever and all three lurched forward as the TARDIS shuddered and spun through the vortex. The Doctor whacked the console with a hammer to the beat of the music and Rhea reached over, wrenching the mallet out of his hands and shoving it to the side of the TARIS.

"Stop hitting her!" Rhea shouted and miraculously, the TARDIS stopped.

Here it made it seem like because the Doctor stopped hitting the TARDIS, it stopped. And the point I was trying to make was that something like a mallet would not really affect TARDIS flight speed. So hitting and not hitting both don't make the TARDIS slow or speed up.
So I suppose we're both right lol. But I agree with your opinion. And great chapter btw, I just love the intensity!
LookAliveSunshine03 chapter 66 . 2/5
Oh, what a great chapter! Rhea's flashback really added more depth to her as a character and I especially liked how she tried to take charge of the situation as the Family were closing in!
LookAliveSunshine03 chapter 65 . 2/4
Ahhh, I didn't think Rhea could resist the Doctor for long - I mean John! This will certainly make things awkward between them when he returns to his natural form. In the meantime, phew! That bath-scene was certainly far from luke-warm! Heehee...

Like you, there was a part of me that found Joan a bit sad. I liked her in a pitying sort of way, but I remember watching her refusing to travel with him with a crumbling heart. She was so adamant that I lost all empathy with her. As for the Doctor visiting her descendant, it was a surprising move, that's for sure! I agree that his departure probably would have hit harder if he'd gone to visit River instead (and would have given her future rendezvous' with Eleven more depth).

Anyway, I'm done babbling! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
NicoleR85 chapter 66 . 2/2
Another great chapter. I really can't wait to read the next episode and how John will react to Rhea in the coming chapters. Please update soon.
ImsebastianstanButter chapter 66 . 2/2
Loved this chapter. What story are you doing after this one? I really hope it's a 11th doctor one I like him with rhea best. Anyway update soon.
emily414143 chapter 7 . 1/22
if he says he sees where she gets it from and the same gun, and I know he's referring to river, does that mean she is their daughter, as generally when someone inherits a trait it's from a parent not a friend.
Kylie Winchester chapter 65 . 1/22
So I am sure you have read a comment like this multiple times when it comes to this story. Firstly I love the story. I love the characters, the plot development, I just love it. Secondly... There is one thing that I don't really like. So whenever the Doctor does something to get Rhea really angry (which he seems to have a habit of doing), Rhea will usually get really upset, have a rant or two about it (or none at all, depending on the argument) before the Doctor finally gives an apology... most of the time (to me at least) it seems that he isn't apologizing enough. Now I don't want to seem to needy I guess, but some of the stuff he has done he should put more effort into the apology. Like with the Martha and the Science teacher and his feelings on them not having sex. Rhea did a rant (which I am totally proud of her for and she made fantastic points during it), and the Doctor (John at the time, I think this was last chapter) said a very small apology before she forgave him and then they had sex. I don't know, I guess I feel like she should have been mad for a little longer, because some of the stuff that he said was terrible.

Anyway thank you for reading my comment and I hope you have a fantastic day! :)

emily414143 chapter 2 . 1/21
if he expects her to recognize ANY of his previous 9 faces, does that mean she meets all of them at some point?
ImsebastianstanButter chapter 65 . 1/3
Can't wait for the next chapter and for the doctor to come back
The Reader chapter 65 . 1/3
I love this story so much.
Characterisation is amazing, as is the emotional moments, the conflicts and the intergration of the OC.
I only have one problem and it will sound really stupid but most people who add OCs always do this.
Problems with Nine and Ten hitting the TARDIS with a mallet.
Let me point out that the TARDIS is extremely large and hitting one part of her, even if it is the console, will not even cause as significant amount of pain too make a difference in her flying. Also, as much as the TARDIS is alive, she doesn't tend to feel that much pain unless she is attacked by a tremendous force, as seen by her surprise at feeling senses in the Doctors Wife. Lastly, the TARDIS has defences that can withstand supernovas and other means of incredible impact, which means a mallet would be nothing. Also, quick point, the TARDIS shrugs off pain as if it is nothing, like in Journeys End where she is on fire, then works fine afterwards.
Sorry for that rant.
Anyway, I don't mind that you do this with Rhea, well that's a lie, but if you continue doing it then I won't care, as I love this story too much. Anyway, glad to see the story is still going and I hope you love it as much as I do.
Wicken25 chapter 65 . 1/3
Omg omg! I can't believe it I haven't read this story in a while I think it deserves a reread. But nice yummyness earlier! Lol
Type40TARDIS chapter 65 . 1/3
I love your story, so very much. Your End Of Time broke me (technically it was the Eleventh Hour). My only criticism is you should start hitting those classic stories, as:
A) They are very good
B) Tom Baker is magestic
C) I do have a love for both series, just a bit more for modern. And because of this, I would like to see old doctors with uneasy Rhea, and new doctors with comfortable Rhea.

That was the only thing I needed to say. I really love Rhea as a character and I can't wait for Sound of Drums. Personally I think Rhea should go with Kartha, as the separation will make the Masters search more desperate. Even better, she dies in age Year That Never Was. But is brought back in the end, allowing for a heart felt reunion,

Anyway, great story. Keep it up!
I love damon Salvatore girl chapter 65 . 1/2
GOD I love this story! Please update quickly it drives me nuts when I can't know what happens next!
Doctorsgallifrey chapter 65 . 1/2
Yeah! Another update. Everytime I finish a story, I feel as if life has no purpose. I'm really liking john and rhea. I'm really waiting until the doctor shows up and remembers. How will rhea take it when once that adventure is over, she'll see a different doctor?
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