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amxliapond chapter 63 . 7/25
omg im so happy to see this update! (btw i used to be moonlitsky262, i went under a name change lol) i actually grew out of doctor who for a while, in fact i havent seen any of season 9 at all (i think i grew out of it because i was so heartbroken over 11 regenerating, which probably sounds stupid but he was what i used to help me through a lot of rough stuff and seeing him leave broke my heart so much even though it is a tv show, lol) ANYWAY, i grew out of it for awhile but recently was bored and decided to go back and watch some of my favourite episodes of the show, and it reminded me of all the fanfiction i used to read and write about it (though my fics are hidden away on my computer never to be seen because theyre just embarassingly bad) and decided to come back and check and holy fuck i forgot how in love with this story i am. I'm so excited to see how the rest of this episode plays out, and im just so so so excited for this story to continue going. I'm definitely not as into doctor who as i used to be, even if im starting to get back into it bit by bit, and im not at a point where i can enjoy a lot of fanfics about it like i used too, but this story is the one that no matter what because its so beautifully written, i will never get bored with. anyway im sorry for leaving such a long review, im just excited and have no one to tell any of this too haha. Great chapter, im really excited for the next one :)
RandomFandoming chapter 63 . 7/23
I love this fic so so much, its a reality fic because its not straight foward teenage bull shit romance ( that coming from a teen) i love when a story doesnt center around the romance and ends when they finally get together. I believe a stoty should focus on both the relationship and the characters as seperate people and not one. Its refreshing to see a different race besides caucasian. While some caucasian's are still stuck in a fucked up mindset not all of them are, i feel as though some times us as humans can be pick and choosey about right from wrong and its not okay to racist no matter your race. Your sex is a matter of personal perspective, same as your sexually. Im african american and i am a closet bisexual because my family is stuck in a old world perspective. Bravo on the writing, your'e a tease. Like all good writers your'e a sadist.
JediGemini chapter 37 . 7/23
*falls off chair* goddamn and it was just getting good to!
SporkGender chapter 63 . 7/23
My heart... Oh my god, why must your writing do this to me? To Theta and Rhea?
I don't believe I've left a review on this in the past since I tend to avoid writing reviews due to my scatterbrained-ness, but I simply had to, especially after reading this chapter. Your work is absolutely stunning.
Your portrayal of the many, many sides of the great Theta Sigma aka The Doctor is pure perfection and leads me to believe that you must have met David Tennant, Matt Smith, Christopher Eccelston or Steven Moffat himself to have such insite on writing The Doctor.
The beautiful Rhea is perfect for said portrayal of The Doctor, but she's also her own person who I just wanna hug or give a huge basket of her favourite baked goods to. I am also adoring the fact that she is POC as we need far more representation of POC in today's media. Before I checked my email to see that you had done so, I was in a crap mood and felt like crying due to the massive amounts of gender dysphoria I've been feeling as of late. This chapter has improved my mood. So for that, I thank you for updating as well as coming up with the idea of writing this fanfic in the first place. I hope you have an amazing week and I look forward to the next chapter.
BabeRuthless87 chapter 63 . 7/22
Damn it woman, so freaking close! I absolutely love this story because of your amazing character. I know it's all about building up the anticipation and should it finally happen between the doctor and rhea I think it will literally collapse whole solar systems.
Audrie-13 chapter 63 . 7/22
Haha! I couldn't stop laughing throughout the beginning of the chapter! It was too funny. I really needed the laughs. One of my aunts died last month, and my grandfather on my dad's side died a few days ago, so there's been quite a few tears in my family recently.

I am so glad you finally updated! We've been waiting so long! :P I can't wait to see what you have planned for Human Nature / The Family of Blood! Update soon!

Sophie Marcel chapter 63 . 7/22
Melissa Fairy chapter 63 . 7/22
Noooooo! U can't stop there!
grapejuice101 chapter 63 . 7/22
Do you don't know how happy I am when I found out you updated. This is a great chapter. I can't wait to read more
firedrakegirl chapter 63 . 7/22
This is a great chapter. I so love this story. I actually think it might be my favorite Doctor Who non-crack non-shortfic story. I love the way Rhea tries to cope with everything, the way the doctor tries to make things better. I also love how Rhea and the TARDIS get along. Thanks for a great chapter and I eagerly await the next one.
NicoleR85 chapter 63 . 7/22
Another great chapter. I am so glad that you are doing Human Nature/The Family of Blood. I can't wait to read how Rhea will act around Joan Redfern and vice versa in the coming chapters. Please update soon.
Guest chapter 62 . 5/31
Where did your story go? I loved this story!
Just a Lone Wolf chapter 38 . 5/21
This sounds a little dumb, but there was a spot on my screen and I thought you had written Churchilis bunker. That was the funniest thing to me for some reason. Then I noticed it was a spot and you had just written churchills bunker. Not chili. Haha. Still funny.
Arty Shea chapter 62 . 4/28
Hello? I don't know if you'll get this. But I really hope you do.
I love this story to death. Literally. To. Death. It is amongst my favourite fanfics, like Lizziexx's stories and waaaaay better than Anadona's 'Jumping Through Time' and definitely up up there with also with Tinker16's.
And you haven't been around. I know, I personally, would adore it if you continue this story. If you would finish the story of our lovely Rhea and bring her back to life again.
Please come back and finish this story!
I love it.
-Arty Shea
TheDoctorsTrueCompanion chapter 62 . 4/5
So weird question, but have you stopped writing when Rhea jumps? Cuz I started to think in the last 5 or so chapters that they were all the same doctor but that wouldn't make sense so did you get bored of it or did I skip over a chapter in which you explained?
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