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Creature of Grimm chapter 33 . 12/6
Lightstrider101 chapter 24 . 11/23
it's wishfullfillment. thanks author screams he's not making Harry op, whilst simultaneously giving him all the possible perks. you can justify all you want, but a 11 year old should by no means be stronger than dumbledore. if you like the typical cliche lor Harry slytherin ravenclaw peverell, then you'll like this. the sekirei part of the story is far better, but still suffers from a lack of tension, as Harry has snagged extremely strong sekirei, and then proceeds to be converted into a part pillar for flimsy reasons. but there's no point critiquing this story, as it's main purpose is for an op wish fullfillment MC as it would be like trashing the multitude of fics written by horny 13 year old girls. for what it's worth, the grammar and pacing are fine.
Univers One chapter 1 . 11/22
How come Yume react to the "my mother was a whore" if she don't understand English ? That don't make sense..
Guest chapter 33 . 11/10
So lucking forward for the next update
Guest chapter 33 . 11/9
Please let Rin come back to life somehow.
Mitchelltrt chapter 33 . 11/10
Why the fuck did his cat try to kill him? Something about MIB?
renextronex chapter 31 . 11/7
It would have been befeting if Harry did something like releasing a water stream in Ollivanders face while reiteraiting that he was not a Potter
lubabpaul chapter 33 . 11/4
Pleaaaaaaaaaase update. Don't let the story die here
Roadrat2292 chapter 33 . 11/3
You mustn't like the Brits too much, that is obvious. The story is actually very good and well written. I have enjoyed it. Keep it up!
R chapter 8 . 10/31
What the hell was that? Miya pulled a really dumb move, and Harry doesnt even attept to retaliate?

Not to mention Karasuba's reaction, and MBI.

Guest chapter 33 . 10/30
how about a Harry Potter and Fairy Tial crossover

James and Lily don't trust Dumbledore anymore because of his obsession with there son Harry because of an prophecy and also his lack of about any real actions against Voldemort and his followers because he want to redeem all of the Death Eaters back to the light instead of putting them down hard and well the Potters agreed with Dumbledore to go into hiding in an safe house in Godric's Hollow under the Fidelius charm and also with his advise to switch secret keepers with Peter Pettigrew instead of Sirius Black but to bad for the manipulative old meddler because the Potters have planned something different then what the old headmaster had in mind for them so they have in secret rigged the whole safe house in Godric's Hollow with very powerful exploding runes and with very powerful anti escape barrier runes against portkey's and apparating and also built an secret escape tunnel from the house to the forest nearby the village when Voldemort came for them they use the tunnel to escape before the house blows up with old snakeface still inside the house then with the help from the Goblins James, Lily, Harry, Sirius and Remus move in secret by a ancient ritual to the world of Magnolia with all of there money and all there family artefact's and family heirlooms including the Invisibility Cloak that James has refused many times in the past to let Dumbledore to barrow it so he can study it because it could save his family lives one day they become members of the Fairy Tail guild were they learn the magic of that world and harry learns the magic of the wizarding world and of the Fairy Tail guild together and is a prodigy and a super genius all the well that the rest of Magical England except for Dumbledore thinks that the Potters have died that Halloween night until the Tri Wizard Tournament when Harry's name somehow comes out of the Goblet of Fire as the fourth champion

you can choose to get hem a harem or not Harry as a Fairy Tail raised wizard and he doesn't take crap from anyone or anybody and he also doesn't trust Dumbledore at all and is also sarcastic, rude and disrespectful to hem and also doesn't believe in any of Dumbledore's words, lies, half truths or any of his attempts to try and guilt trip hem into doing what he wants hem to do and Harry also throws a lot of insults at the manipulative old meddler and some of his staff and its students like Snape, Malfoy, Ron and Ginny that he calls it all bullshit and when Dumbledore says he doing the things that he does is all for the greater good then Harry says oh yeah and what Greater Good crap would that be you old fool is it for the so called greater good for the Magical world as a whole or is it just for the so called greater good of Albus Dumbledore an senile old man that is getting more and more insane with the day and is slowly losing his touch with realty and thinks his has the right to stick his ugly nose into other peoples business where it doesn't belong to try and meddle in them like he think his has the right to meddle in what other peoples do in their lives or with their lives and likes play god with peoples lives like they are chess pieces on a chess board I don't believe in this bullshit and Harry also has very strong Occlumency shield to keep both Dumbledore and Snape out his mind you can also choose to give Sirius and Remus wifes along with children in Magnolia or not
Guachico chapter 33 . 10/31
Good afternoon. I’m really getting into this story! I found it a couple of days ago and wasn’t familiar with the Sekirei world. After a bit of google help to understand the basic premise, I was sucked in. I literally blew off important things I needed to do just to keep reading.

There does seem to be a bit of a disconnect between the Harry who is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way and the Harry that is interacting with most HP canon characters. It seems like he can only conceive of two options: 1) let them live to avoid a political incident or 2) slaughter them in front of a crowd. What keeps him from considering something more subtle? Like offing Dumbles while nobody is around and he’s got an alibi? Or just making him disappear entirely with no body ever found? We know he’s capable of it considering his plan to save the Sekirei from MBI.

Keep up the excellent writing.

Crossxx chapter 33 . 10/30
A grate story so far, keeps me hooked I can't wait for more chapters
kynan99 chapter 27 . 10/29
Thanks ...
kynan99 chapter 24 . 10/29
Thanks . ...
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