Reviews for The Bloody Ashikabi
justjeff71 chapter 35 . 9/12
very sad to see that this story won't be finished but I completely understand your reasoning. excellent work though.
HP Fan chapter 34 . 9/6
It's not an issue. You've written a story like no other, a story I've enjoyed very much. While I'm sad that you've lost the will to write it, I still appreciate what you've given us so far.

I wish you luck and success in your future endeavors.
Zekrob chapter 35 . 9/8
It was a nice story to read, and while I would have preferred to have the rest of the story written out, I understand and respect your choice to not force it, and appreciate that you posted an outline of where the story would have gone had you written it further. I do think that Harry taking semi random magicals with him is out of character for the person you wrote him as, but it's entirely possible that this change of mindset could have had a logical in-story reason. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and should you ever revisit the story concept, I would gladly be informed of it to read it. o7
Guest chapter 35 . 8/29
He saved the Potters of all the people, what the FUCK is his problem.
Monster King chapter 35 . 8/28
Great story.
Smokeing chapter 34 . 8/27
Sorry to hear you canceling it was a very good story enjoyed it very much if you ever pick it up again let me know please what I don't understand is you guys right in fanfiction and people think you have to follow the story that was written originally fiction is fiction and if you're writing fanfiction you're following some of the story but not all of it thank you for writing
Reyn Black chapter 35 . 8/8
Scotus chapter 2 . 8/4
He do not just attac he protec
Gabrielbrooks chapter 34 . 7/29
So are you doing a re write or just more challenges
Guest chapter 1 . 7/26
please change the status of this story discontinued does not mean the story is complete
Gabrielbrooks chapter 1 . 7/23
Can you take up your own challenge of the grimm wizard plz or point me to a specific author who took up the challenge
TranoMoon chapter 35 . 7/22
I regret not doing this sooner, but this is an amazing story and has been an absolute favorite of mine for a long time. I loved the character progression that you showed throughout it, and I can easily see myself loving those future chapters if they had been made. I'm sad to see this story end, but I wish you the best of luck wherever you go from here and I will make sure to look out for any future works of yours.
LordMentat chapter 35 . 7/19
Shame this is over.
Jesseblackhawk chapter 35 . 7/18
can that would have been a good ending shame the story never finished but i appreciate not being left on a cliff hanger with a story that was never going to be completed
Jesseblackhawk chapter 32 . 7/18
i see this story reminds me of fates gamble especially this chapter reminds me of blackwing protecting media from the same sort of contract
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