Reviews for I Hope It'll Be Monster-Less
isis chapter 1 . 1/4/2014
My gods this is amazing! PLEASE make more?!
the wishing tree chapter 1 . 1/3/2014
yo this fic was amazing and cute and your writing is hella amazing also i love how you characterized them accordingly to their age yet still managed to avoid that irritating ooc-ness lots of people write in future fics so good on you for that plus i love the little interactions between hazel and leo it felt realistic and in-character keep up the great work i can't wait for more

oh also if you continued this i would love you forever ok now imma go drown myself in feels
medella chapter 1 . 1/1/2014
Oh, my gooooooooooooooddddssss. I already (sort of) reviewed this on Tumblr, but a proper review is in need.

Where do I begin? I have never read anything cuter. Honestly. I love how beautifully you portrayed Leo and Hazel and hOLY FUCK SAMANTHA I JUST LAKSJDSKLJFSKDLJFLKS

I love Leo's "office", and how he jokes around Hazel. And Sam. Oh, gods. Sam. Why isn't this canon, omfg. She fills my heart with rainbows because she is so fucking perfect, I mean, OH GOD. And her relationship with Leo and his description of her is just way too cute. I wish I could C/P some favorite lines, but FFN doesn't allow that, but I loved that paragraph about how cute and cocky yet innocent she is. And how Hazel's so used to Leo's jokes and just brushes him off and how Sam is so hyper (sans Leo), yet so calm and controlled (sans Hazel). It's too good to be true, omg.

And then, the others. Damn, the others.

Percy and Annabeth... these two are like ambrosia and nectar. Percy is just so... Percy, and I love HOW ADORABLE THEIR KIDS ARE. Could I just say Luke and Charlie are A names. I love how Annabeth-y Luke is, compared to Charlie - that's so cute, because you'd usually expect it to be vice-versa. Also, the descriptions of them covered in snow. CUTE TO THE POINT OF PARALYSIS

Now, Jason and Piper... You've made me fall in love with all over again. I absolutely love, love, LOVE how you made Piper an actress - that's so ironic considering her distaste for fame, and Lucy. These names are so perfect, omfg. LOVED the tidbit about Luke and Lucy "getting married". Little details like that warm my heart!

Nico. Oh, Nico. I like how subtle his part is but goddammit, Nico. I love (how many times have i said that) how close he is to Sam; it really sheds a light on his character and how much he's progressed over the years. Also, the dialogue about who's coming is just GOLD.

AND THE MIDNIGHT THING OMFG. I nearly died when Percy sat on Jason; and how they all carried them upstairs, and it felt like they were all HoO age but you could still see their maturity. And Leo and Hazel... 'nuff said.

ANNABETH'S PREGNANCY WHERE DO I BEGIN. The execution of that scene was PERRRRFECT. The dialogue was to die for and did I ever tell you how you are a master at that bc I just did. That was cute and perfect and the ending HOLY FUCK

I like how you ended the story on a cute, soft note instead of a customary bang: the Lazel dialogue at the end was just so fjsdlkfjsdlkflskd-inducing (at his point, I was biting down my hand to keep from squealing), and I love the Seven!bonding and need I say more?

(Also: no Frank was a bonus because then it'd be all awko-taco and stuff, but it's still perfect).

The writing? Oh, love, I don't know what you're talking about when you say there are millions of errors, THIS WAS PERFECTION. I want to favorite this story a billion times, and the writing was so amazing. Dialogue is really one of your strengths, and the fact that you paired it with pure fluff made this the most perfect New Year's fic EVER.

I've said this countless times before, but thank you for existing and writing this and never stop writing, okay? Because I expect to see a novel from you very soon (and by that I mean, if there is NOT a novel from you very soon, gods help your poor soul because you will get a visitor in the middle of the night in Sweden and there will be a knife at your throat and a person FORCING you to publish your work- I mean, pfft. Nothing. Take your time.) But seriously, your writing is so amazing, and you need to publish it soon, okay? Okay.

This was so good. So fucking perfect, I mean, what's to say that hasn't been said? You're perfect and insane and talented and words don't do ya justice, N. I'm the luckiest person in the world to have gotten to know you, and for that I am hella grateful. :3

Much love and Happy New Year, fuckface. ;) You've reduced me to tears of joy. Never change, my friend. I love you and this fic. :)

This was so perfect, like I can't even.

*overseas hugs to many more fics to come* :') Stay insanitastic, love.
fowlsprincess6138 chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
Very cute. I love it! Happy New Year!
Oi opakio chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
This is perfect!