Reviews for Breathe
Anne chapter 55 . 7/7
love it so much!
Sapphira Rayes chapter 55 . 6/19
I'm surprised it's taken me so long to find this story! Everyone once in a while I stumble on a wonderful, long story I've never read before and can't stop reading until I've finished. Thank you for making my 6 hour train journey so enjoyable :)

Your writing of both Finnick and Annie is perfect, just how I always imagined them. I loved the slow, 54 chapter build up to the kiss and the suffering that Annie and Finnick (and others) have to endure feels unnervingly real.

I know how hard it can be to update regularly but I really hope you have time soon!
doraviolet1 chapter 36 . 6/18
I wish u can still continue this story. pls update! I love this story very much!
doraviolet1 chapter 37 . 6/18
this story is stopped or there will be an update? this story is absolutely amazing and is my fav fanfic.
Guest chapter 55 . 5/5
Please Update
Guest chapter 55 . 4/21
trosety chapter 55 . 4/21
Please update! I love your story!
PLEASE chapter 55 . 2/21
PLEASE WRITE MORE- You're writing is amazing!
Guest chapter 55 . 2/17
Are you planning on updating or are you done with this story?
Guest chapter 55 . 2/17
Please update!
doraviolet1 chapter 52 . 2/9
it's been the seventh times I read this chapter. I'm yelling for a new chapter! please update soon!love this story very much. thank you.
Guest chapter 55 . 2/6
Please update soom... please!
Mini-mom7 chapter 55 . 2/4
So excited for the next chapter! I get hooked more every update!
doraviolet1 chapter 55 . 2/4
I check it everyday to see if got any new chapter,haha!please update soon! cannot wait for what will happen between them. well done on ur writing!
Fleur Delacour Hux chapter 55 . 2/2
Awwww I'm so excited that Finnick is ready and willing to wait for when Annie is ready! Thanks for updating... I check this story EVERY day to see if you've updated it!
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