Reviews for Quartet
David Fishwick chapter 2 . 2/15/2016
Great and thanks for writing as I enjoyed reading this story.
missmorganpryce chapter 1 . 3/20/2004
i read this story on a different website actually, and i came here and found it again, and it was begging for a review... this is such a great story, long and the plot keeps on going. love the wesley/lilah scenes
Lunatique chapter 1 . 11/29/2003
An intelligent adventure worthy of AtS, with fast-paced action, believable and well-rendered characterization, and emotional complexity. One of the few stories I've seen that deal convincingly with post-S3 Wesley. I loved how you contrasted the two couples, affectionate and quietly intimate Gunn/Fred, the constant mind games and sparkling interaction between Wes/Lilah. I think you were dead on that these two were bound together by nothing that betrayal could shatter. Great insight there.
I like how you placed Wesley at the center of the action, yet gave him complexity and depth beyond simple nobility. Perhaps his most defining characteristic, seeing the big picture and making decisions independently of emotion, is exceedingly well portrayed here. Plus, everyone played a significant part, all the while interacting and playing off each other in an amazingly natural and fluid way.
Above all, however, my attention was held by the tension from the rift between Wesley and the AI. The resulting dynamic is masterfully written, making for a deeply satisfying read. And of course the tension is not only external, it's also internal for Wesley. The events-and Wesley's final decision-are a *great* precursor to the moral gray area he lived in for most of S4.
Finally, I loved the parallel between F/G's actions and Wesley's original mistake. Good intentions very nearly brought about catastrophic results. This seems to be the story of Wesley's life; is it any wonder he got sick of it all? Yet he constantly does the right thing, a fact that never ceases to amaze me. Shows he's a fundamentally good man, though ironically a ruthless one as well.
Oh, and great bit of foreshadowing with Gunn thinking of the Naminore as a basketball. That made me smile at the end, despite all the tension. :)
All in all an excellently-crafted story, with Wesley playing a pivotal role.. I just wish I could find more AtS fics like this. I know I'll be revisiting this one from time to time.
Jedi Buttercup chapter 2 . 1/15/2003
I'm sorry I didn't review this the first time I read it. It's become one of those fics I reference things to (as in, I read something in a story, and think, I saw this done better in ...) and really deserves more than 2 reviews.

So why didn't I? Because I'm really not one for the angst. I mean, OW. But ... Wesley. And excellent writing. And sometimes, there really is more depth to be found in the shadows, as I'm discovering in my own fic. Plus, you really made me feel things from everyone's POV.

Bravo. Very well done.
Roguester chapter 1 . 10/20/2002
Whew! thank god for another f/g fic! that was excellent! please write more!
Miss Becky chapter 2 . 10/5/2002
Brilliant! I love a long, well-plotted story, and this one has all the things I look for. Great job, and I'd love to see more from you.