Reviews for A jump through time
skyeza chapter 23 . 5/24
This was such a brilliant read, i truly enjoyed it. I thought it was well written, extremely intriguing and very interesting. It was sad about her dad not being there.
tinkerbear10 chapter 23 . 3/21
i love it! hope there is a sequel
Guest chapter 23 . 3/11
this was quite complicated interwoven web but you untangled it very well.
everything seems to have been explained...the only thing i do want to mention
is that the later chapters esp the last was explained very quickly...
although the fic would be longer, i would have rather the later chapters to
be not so hurried and have some dialogue and interactions rather than a
quick summary.
but the story itself was well done.
Wizards N Dragons Realm chapter 3 . 2/28
the 3 dimension above Haley would be amazing to see. Also just wanted to point out a small typo, near the end of this chapter you wrote the Haley lied down on the living room "flour" while Bella lit the candles. Anyway the typo is on the word flour it should be written as "floor" since flour is actually something you cook with. :-) just saying! :-) I know it was probably just a typo but I always seem to find then when I read different stories. but this story I have read at least 10 time along with some of your other stories since I really enjoy then so much.
andrewpine chapter 21 . 1/28
I will struggle through the rest of the story. i want to see what the all powerful Bella ends up doing.
andrewpine chapter 20 . 1/28
For being the all powerful hybrid witch Bella ain't shit the way MICHAEL keeps getting around her magic...I imagine now that he has the ring he will be going to kill Nik's father and wipe out his village because Bella didn't think about putting a barrier around his village.
andrewpine chapter 18 . 1/28
Actually his father's name is Ansel. why are they dragging out the change?
andrewpine chapter 17 . 1/28
Seriously? Why are you dragging out their rebirth as vampires? they should be change now along with Bella after she spells rings for them that they hunt down MICHAEL and kill him for good.
andrewpine chapter 16 . 1/28
me guess you are going to kill Kendra for no reason.
andrewpine chapter 15 . 1/28
Where are you going with this ? will she kill Michael with magic ,will they become vampires ,will her and Klaus get married and just live out their lives? what?
andrewpine chapter 9 . 1/27
Stop the let us read the stories and find out what will we do know now that she won't have to put up with little Eddie's bullshit.
andrewpine chapter 8 . 1/27
It is tense not tensed...Hopefully once Bella gets back she kills all of the witches very slowly,especially Agnes.
andrewpine chapter 6 . 1/27
Why are they coming back,she has enough crap on her plate without the squirrel munchers showing up again in her life. I guess the little bitch decided he can't live without ''his love'' and wants her to run back into his arms so he can control and smother her once again since she is just a human and she needs him to protect her.
andrewpine chapter 5 . 1/27
Of course her child should long will it take for Bella to go back in time and save her she should go back to the beginning of the party warn Nik then kill all of their enemies before they can attack .she needs to trigger her wolf gene to make her stronger. so if they pulled the stake out before it burst in flame why did it kill him?
andrewpine chapter 4 . 1/27
Forgot to mention earlier how did the Bible just happen to be laying on the ground for Haley and Elijah to find?
So Nik is in his mid twenties and Bella is Eighteen and no one seems weirded out by this in this story ,usually Charlie is ready to give him the stink eye and or at least shoot him for hanging around his ''little girl''.;)
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