Reviews for 365 Days With The Doctor
GriffinGirl8655 chapter 103 . 4/14
... :D Fantastic chapter! It made me smile!
Whovianpower chapter 102 . 4/2
DrGiggles chapter 103 . 3/27
Dutch is such a cool language! :D
DrGiggles chapter 102 . 3/27
Oh dear, killer rabbits! I'd be terrified.
DrGiggles chapter 101 . 3/27
Ahahahaha! Doctor, you're totally right :)
Blue Stone Shining Wolf chapter 103 . 3/27
I love him correcting her on Racicoricofallapatorain, like in the show. But I love even more that of all the languages in the universe, he picks Dutch. The Doctor is never fully predictable.
TiaKisu chapter 103 . 3/26
Ha, it's so cute how Rose can't - for the life of hers - pronounce that word. I must agree with her though, it's a surprise that he'd favour an Earth language out of all. On the other hand, it suits him quite well. :D

Thanks for the lovely chapter!
Christian Chick chapter 47 . 3/26
Can I favorite this one chapter especially?
Christian Chick chapter 2 . 3/26
I was right. This hilarious.
Christian Chick chapter 1 . 3/26
I can already tell that this is going to be great. You got the voices so clearly, I love it!
Vi chapter 102 . 3/23
:) loving it. Can't wait for day 103
TiaKisu chapter 99 . 3/23
Now that is a scene I can easily picture has happened behind the scenes. It seems just like Jack to eat that last bagle albeit knowing the Doctor won't be happy with that. And then he is frightened and hides, hoping the Time Lord won't find him. One Captain that is. XD
TiaKisu chapter 101 . 3/23
Ha, awesome chapter and brilliant reference to the blonde incarnation with the fashionable vegetable. Indeed, it's a funny human quirk that we judge others by how they look still... green heels? Now that's a picture that will make me laugh for quite some time to come!
TiaKisu chapter 102 . 3/23
Haha, yeah, that famous scene with the violent rabbit. Figures they'd stumble upon a species like that. XD
unshakespearean chapter 102 . 3/23
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