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CT7567Rules chapter 49 . 6/7
I have a very strong feeling that Damien might resurrect the psycho rangers. those guys were always interesting, plus I loved seeing them get destroyed. I also feel like that the demons of queen Banshera may appear, but I can only speculate. either way great story and keep it up.
CT7567Rules chapter 30 . 6/4
What was Tarkins suggestion?
CT7567Rules chapter 35 . 6/4
If I were in the Star Wars universes, as there galaxies version of Rambo or the Punisher I could tell easily that Anakin and Padme were married. I still have the feeling Anakin will return, but not in the way we expect to see.
CT7567rules chapter 49 . 5/31
I have got a feeling Damien will use someone and frame Ahsoka for the attack on the temple. I say this since I feel that as a power ranger, Barriss won't fall to the dark side.
Robert Smith chapter 49 . 4/7
Hi there i have injoyed reading this story a hole lot, and i hope you keep working on this story when you have the time for it. I also have a helpful idea if you like it or not? Also i was wandering if on the alliance that Damien made with Tiberous. i wander what would happen if Tiberous told Damien where Zane's bace is at. after all Damien
could trick the separatist where that bace is at and let the seperatist take out Zane
for him or try any ways. that is after all what evil does have someone els do the dirty work for them.

TheXMan99 chapter 49 . 3/26
The fight between James and Warrior is similar to Jayden and Decker. Keep it up.
SPARTAN-626 chapter 49 . 3/24
Nice to see this again and yes man that movie was AWESOME! Really captured the original PR and then some.
Lord demon chapter 49 . 3/24
Well I made this character hoping if you like him, His name The Wolf Knight, basically he resembles korrag but his armor is red, and his shield is craved from a zilo beast, and a green lightsaber ( it resembles kylo ren lightsaber and its from the old republic), surprisingly he has seven mega zords, and they're based on mythology creatures, 1. Cerberus, 2. Manticore, 3. Unicorn, 4. Griffin 5. Kyubi, 6. Ceryneian hide and 7. A chariot with a Pegasus, Cerberus for the body and the middle head as the head, manticore ( lion) for the right arm, unicorn for the left arm, griffin for the back for wings, ceryneian hide ( deer) for the right leg, kyubi ( nine tail fox) fox for the left leg and the chariot with the Pegasus with back up air support and speed power, he is a slave Darth Bane for tricking him for power on his zords when the wolf knight needed his zords to save planet naboo unfortunately he was inprisson by Zane but his zords escape and hidin until daiman releases wolf from prison and force him to join in, but wolf has a soft spot on pups and kittens and he save a kitten from being killed by a fallen building and return it to its owner ( a 6 year old boy) later on he join the power rangers, with out his suit he's an human with light green eyes and brown hair
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 49 . 3/24
wow so this monster looks danf]grous and a bit messed up hope the rangers can deal with her. I'm kinda mixed with the sperate teams one hand i do like the rangers are learning more about eachother but on the other hand im worried is this arc just made for the sake of gender power since we have 3 males rangers and 3 female rangers on too teams, I really hope they chracters get developed and chmistry trhoughout the next chapters making this arc work and have a good effect on the team making them trust eachother more. other than that I like that they are look for a sith holocron its the craze now a days. This was a nice chapter and it was wonderful seeing Barris in her own Starfighter i dont think she was in one before it looked cool. I like seeing the rangers again and the morphing powers it awsome. Warrior looks badass i cant wait to see him again. This was a great chapter dude and i am really glad you liked the film i loved it even ordered some toys from amazon of the movie rangers. I wish you luck on your studies it will be worth it in the end. I hope your doing well and may the power protect you
josephguy217 chapter 49 . 3/24
Awesome chapter keep it up
Guest chapter 48 . 2/8
A few questions.
1. Is Warrior similar to Koragg from mystic force?
2. Is Anakin really dead?
3. Have you considered bringing in any other zords like the light speed rescue ranger zords, cause I think that would be cool.
4. Have considered trying to make some of your stories into comics one can read on sites like deviantart? Cause that would be cool as well.
ItsMeVader chapter 2 . 2/6

Seriously, this fic should be the groundwork for future Tokusatsu X Star Wars fanfics. I'm loving the premis of this story and, with me planning to write uchu Sentai Kyuranger X Star Wars Rebels, it made me a decision that I should write on eofr TCW as well. You got me there, but be honest, I'v eread the entire story a long time ago and was pretty impressed! Keep it up!

Love Only,
Yikes chapter 2 . 12/31/2016
Jesus fuck, this is terrifyingly bad. O_O
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 48 . 4/26/2016
wow I loved the opening to this seeing the chracters team up agasint that hologram monster it was awesome. I cant wait to see Obi Wan get into the group he is a awesome character I wonder if R2 and 3po will join its just those two with Alpha they would be like a mtch made in heaven. Zane's idea with the group splitiing s a good one but it could be either bad or good since that Power rangers episode showed gets shouldn't split while another one showed that they can still work properly so it should be intressted how this fic does it. Daimian and Sidous are getting badder then are now but only time can tell how far they will go
TheXMan99 chapter 48 . 4/24/2016
Things are about to escalate then. The Red Ranger better beware, once more great chapter keep it up.
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