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Shadowsnow chapter 63 . 8/28
Oh but you absolutely must write a date scene from solely Atobe’s perspective! I love your deep characterization of every character, especially Shizuka and Atobe and the extensive research you’ve conducted really shows! I’m really amazed by how well you can balance Atobe’s outwardly narcissistic persona with his deeply considerate and insightful true personality. Can’t wait for your next update!
Aonial chapter 63 . 8/12
I love your story that i read finished all the chapters in one shot! When reading your story, i can ‘hear’ your ‘voice’ which is what my english teacher told me made a good writer. I can imagine myself in your characters’ shoes as if i’m living their lives. Most importantly, i love how you manage to portray all your characters so well! I hope to read your next update soon! :D
windwolf1988 chapter 63 . 7/24
Oshitari needs to be with her
AshleyEvans306715 chapter 56 . 7/18
Hello! New reader here :) I just wanted to let you know how much I love this story. It's made me laugh so many times. I absolutely love all the characters, especially the Hyotei regulars and their interaction with Shizuka. I also love the whole mystery/drama going on with her and Jacques-Pierre, I'm really curious about her past and can't wait to learn more. When I first started reading this story, I wanted her to end up with Yukimura XD But then it changed to Oshitari, and then Otori and now it's Atobe. I feel like you did a great job developing Shizuka's character and personality and it's really hard for me to imagine her being a perfect couple with any of the characters. Regardless I'm curious to see whom she ends up with. I think the writing style of your story is so easy to read that it's very fun to read the story and follow along. I can almost imagine it as an anime episode and I absolutely love that. Sorry, I think I'm rambling Anyway, just wanted to let you know I love love love this story. Hope you update soon~
GiantPanda7050 chapter 17 . 7/10
Just curious. Have you ever watched Kuroko no Basket? The main character’s last name is Kagami so I originally thought this was a crossover
KloEE-chan chapter 57 . 7/9
I really really love this story. I’m a huge fan of Ryoma and he’s also my fav character in PoT that’s why when I read this story, it’s the first time that I felt pissed at Ryoma and that’s an incredible feat. I usually stick to what or who I like so this story is amazing because you managed to portray Ryoma without being to OOC and managed to get me to kind of hate him. Anyway keep up the good work! this is an amazing story hope to see more update from you.
La obscurite chapter 63 . 7/9
Aww why not? That was wonderful! Reading this chapter made me wish that the MC would end up with the 2nd ML instead, why do the 2nd MLs always have to suffer.
eunoiapaint chapter 62 . 6/24
This is so, so good. (And it reads like a K-drama.) the characters are so precious and have so much depth to them, and Shizuka is so...agh! She is so honorable yet complex, a person that can keep my attention least the past 10 hours of reading. But, I would really appreciate more focus on Shizuka’s own personal abilities (her art and her martial arts/bodyguard background) to balance out how much focus is placed on the players around her and their relationships. Super excited for your next update! Thank you for writing so much already!
delypanda chapter 62 . 6/18
Can't wait for your next update! I enjoyed reading this very much :)
There hasn't been a chapter where I didn't cry tears of laughter HAHA but there are some parts where I got really confused
I don't know if it's just your writing style or whether you didn't explain enough..?
KisaragiMaru chapter 23 . 6/16
Jirou is just so precious hahaha (actually they all are)
Love this!
KisaragiMaru chapter 19 . 6/16
Hiyoshi is just so fun to tease! And he cares in his own way XD

That last line though. His sass is awesome v
KisaragiMaru chapter 17 . 6/15
Omg, Otori is just precious. Yes, precious! I came reading this fic for Atobe but you're making me second guess myself because Otori, Jirou and Oshitari are just asdzfhhjkl XD

Love this fic! You got everyone's character right on! Thank you for writing this!
Hiyoko chapter 62 . 5/3
Oh~ I've only just found this story but my, my! I'm already looking forward to the next chapter after reading the whole thing in a couple of days! The interactions between the characters are so endearing and not to mention hilarious~ ;A; makes me want to re-watch The Prince of Tennis, so nostalgic~3

I've not read many stories where the characters are true to themselves, with all their unique personalities- even the smaller details! I'm so happy that I can experience such a well written story and The Prince of Tennis characters interactions to Shizuka. (and not forgetting Nao, Namisa and even the curious Yumi~! what happened in the past, I wonder?)

Thank you for sharing your story~
Lady Syndra chapter 62 . 4/18
Looking forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 62 . 2/26
An Update! Good work as usual!
After years of wondering if you had stopped writing, I am happy to see you are still working on your stories.
I REALLY hope you will also update the great Naruto fanfic you published using a different account, or at least tell us about your plans with a quick message.
Keep going!
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