Reviews for Just A Little Detour
Rayneee chapter 1 . 3/2/2017
this is gold! So damn hilarious, so Natsu :D . Srsly, your amazing and so is your writing!
lgohi13 chapter 1 . 1/4/2015
Ha...Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That's so funny how that turned out for Natsu! I feel a little bad for him but he got the girl of his dream, even though she'll probably be angry at him then bail him out! I wonder what would happen to him afterward, it might be a little funny. Seeing how he went through all that! XD I loved this one-shot, I'm going to read your other fanfics now! 'v'b
NatsuxLucy4ever chapter 1 . 10/8/2014
Poor poor Natsu XD
Kit-Cat Star chapter 1 . 9/22/2014
Very funny - I love it! The ending was great XD
inactivelol2014 chapter 1 . 8/10/2014
This was so cute I loved it
lucyglitter11 chapter 1 . 2/9/2014
Omggg I just wanna thank you so so so sooo much for writing me a NaLu fic for b'day! :-DDD You don't know how happy I was to see a fic with my name on it! :-)) AND YES, I LOVE NALU ;-D AND I LOVE IT MORE BECAUSE OF THIS STORY!
first of all I'm sorry for being this cruel person for reviewing after more than a month now when this LOVELY fic was for me, I HATE MYSELF D': I'm so stupud (yes stupud :-P) PLEASE DON'T HATE MEEE!

Lol the first scene seems so much like Natsu, getting irritated at the signal X-D Seriously even I find it so irritating when cars just keep coming from the opposite street! Especially if you're in a hurry (ahem getting late for school) but we cant help it now can we :-P Oh my poor horn X-D
Oh man he's gonna propose tonight (awwwhh soo cute *heart*heart*) and he's LATE! X-D Crap, he's soooo dead, I pity him :-P HE SHOULD HAVE LEFT EARLY NA!?
Hahahahaha how typical Gray "You don't even own a suit do you?" X-DDD LOL SO HE DIDN'T WEAR A SUIT WHAT WAS HE ACTING SMART FOR X'D X'D
If looks could kill then I'm sure the policeman would have been dead :-P Hawww poor steering wheel! (I felt bad even for the tie)(OK idk why i'm feeling bad for inanimate objects x-D) HIS RELAXING WAS REALLY USELESS! x-DDD
Oh nooo Natsu hit someone's car, and even got caught immediately :-P LOL even after all this he's thinking about Gray's reaction X-DDD And when the officer asks him, "You got somethin' to say lad?" he just says, "Sorry?" I HATE HIS GUTS! X-D Even I'm pretty sure Natsu would have punched the guy if he wasn't an officer :-P

Sooo the thing is, BWAAHAHAHAAHAHA LAAAMEE NATSU GOT HELD FOR HITTING ON MILK PRODUCTS! X'D You know I laughed so hard! That was so hilarious! And yes, its not only ordinary cheese, it's SWISS CHEESE! Geez how could NATSU do THAT? X-DDDD Shit he even got likely of Natsu :-P
HAHAHAHAHA NATSU HIMSELF EATS SWISS CHEESE AND ISN'T AWARE x-DD! WHY DOES HE ACT SO SMART X-D Yes of course. Lucy's fridge. His only supply of food for his life, Lucy is such a life-saver! :-P
I just love Natsu's attitude, but sometimes you see he should suppress it a little...The way to call an officer- "You! There!" X-D :-P LOL "But this officer would probably stare at the calendar all day before realizing it was his birthday" X-D And Natsu's reply was soo epic! ;-P TANGO WITH THE OFFICER! (lol)

HoHo so Natsu called Erza...I don't think he made the best choice in his life X-D
Natsu: uh I'm kind of in the jail
Erza: Silence. Natsu quit messing around.
Natsu: I'm serious!
Erza: Silence. Did you murder someone?
OMGG IT WAS SO FREAKIN HILARIOUS IM STILL LAUGHING WHILE TYPING! x'D X'D That was SO typical Erza, you nailed it! CRAP I CANT BELIEVE IT NATSU IS ACTUALLY FOOLED THAT OFFICER! X-D He's quite lucky even after the whole accident thing :-P AND HES MAKIN A RUN FOR IT! Superb! I never imagined you'd actually make him do something like that! YOU TOTALLY NAILED NATSU'S CHARACTER X-D

Right he only hit a cheese truck, pushed an officer AND ran out a cell without any bail, police is now behind him... HE'S AWESOME X-D Ahh Natsu I love him even more now ;-D AND NOW OVER THAT HE'S STEALING SOMEONE'S BIKE! X-DDDD I find it so sweet that he's going through so much lengths just to meet and propose Lucy :-D
Awww and while riding the bike too he all he was thinking about was Lucy...SO CUTE!
RIP ANONYMOUS BIKE, DIED FROM STEALING AND DUMPED. BWAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY! Poor bike owner :-P But Natsu would look so cool while riding a bike :-D
Wow that's quite the scene X-D Natsu did act quickly and stupidly BUT HE'S AWESOME :-D and of course, how in the world could she say no to Natsu Dragneel? x-D I loved the ending the most!
Aw man stupud officer ruined the moment! But quite an eventful night I say! :-D

I want to say that I just love this fic so much I've already read it 5 times because it's so freaking awesome and it's dedicated to me for my birthday! Ahh thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooo much I love you bestie YOU ARE AWESOMEEEE :-DDD You totally made my day! And sorry again for the late review THANKS AGAINNN!
ThornsandRoses12 chapter 1 . 1/4/2014
damn that officer
sin84 chapter 1 . 1/4/2014
KyaaĆ aaaaaaaaaaaa! Tooooo cuuuute! I wanna bestie like you!
skelekc chapter 1 . 1/4/2014
The best I read so far I laughed so hard
Melody233 chapter 1 . 1/3/2014
Hahaha, this is an awesome story! Very natsu like :)