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Gundam Kaiser chapter 51 . 10/16
I'm pretty sure I spotted Mario, Link, Pikachu, Chun-Li, Peach, and Zero Suit Samus in the costuming department, but I haven't got a clue who Yosuke's costumed as. ...unless it's supposed to be DMC5 Nero or something.
Tiamatio chapter 51 . 10/13
I think I got them
Johnny is Link
Gyro is Mario
Yosuke is Flynn
Kanji is Simon Belmont
Chie is Chun-Li
Rise is Princess Peach
Yukiko is Zero Suit Samus
And Teddie is Pikachu
Emerald Star chapter 51 . 10/12
I like the chapter and everything in it especially Gyro and how realistic Rise is acting in regards to losing her limb and it growing back. And while I am on board on Chie being Johnny's potential lover, could you please cut off Chie's tendency to become violent to her friends. I noticed that her violence and tendency to hut her friends, especially Yosuke were justified but I can't help but feel uncomfortable. They never hit her back or hit her whenever she does something dumb. I'm beginning to thinks that Chie is a borderline abuser in this fanfic. With their quest to find the killer and getting hurt each time they enter the Shadow TV they don't really need one of them to aggravate their still healing or fresh injuries with one of them having a hair-trigger temper and beat them up. She could scold or yell at them whenever they would do something harm and it would be fine for me but really? Hurting you already injured friend because he did something dumb or he makes you annoyed is okey as long as you are a girl and they won't hit back or complain?

I just hope that she would stop hurting her friends, they get enough injuries to last a lifetime inside the TV and if she continue to be violent while in a relationship with Johnny then that would bring a bad taste to my mouth. Abuse is still an abuse and I stopped finding Chie's violence funny and now I find it irritable.
reven228 chapter 51 . 10/12
OH FUCK! Rainbow Road WITH THE REAPER IN THE AREA! THAT is how you get me excited for the next chapter! I will admit, it was kind of cool to see everyone do cosplay, although I'm surprised none of them called it out. Well, on the plus side, if they survive this they have their costumes for the next CON. I can't wait for the next chapter, and here's my guess as to everyone's costume.

Johnny as Link
Chie as Chun-Li
Gyro as Mario
Yosuke as Ike (Fire emblem)
Teddie as Pikachu
Rise as Princess Peach
Yukiko as Zero Suit Samus
Blue VanLocke chapter 51 . 10/12
If I got them correctly;
Gyro as Mario
Johnny as Link
Yosuke as Flynn
Teddie as Pikachu
Chie as Chun-Li
Rise as Princess Peach
and Yukiko as Samus in her Zero Suit
Starlight's Poet chapter 51 . 10/12
Gotta admit, I loved this chapter.

Especially since you introduced the baddest mofo in Persona gaming history since 3.

Don't fuck with The Reaper.
jalen johnson chapter 41 . 9/16
Geez poor Teddie I didn't expect that you would have them fight his shadow after they got through with Rise shadow but it was nice to see them use the Joestar secert technique that was funny as hell anyway great chapter man I can't wait for the next one.
jalen johnson chapter 40 . 9/16
Well thank god that's over but it was nice to see Rise and Gyro get their development her along with Teddie all in all this was a pretty good chapter man can't wait for the next one.
jalen johnson chapter 37 . 9/5
Johnny has a point right Gyro has no drive no personal reasons on why he wants to catch the killer he doing this because he thinks it's just a job and he owes the other for saving his life. Its kind of similar to Yosuke situation with his shadow and how he only find the killer because he wanted to be cool and be a hero in the early chapters in the story. Having Johnny saying that to Gyro must have reminded him of his situation and that's why he chose to go with Johnny and Yukiko was pretty great as well in backing Johnny up. Hopefully Gyro can find his drive otherwise he can't be the leader otherwise he will get everyone chapter man.
jalen johnson chapter 36 . 9/4
Gyro and Rise do have good chemistry together and yeah despite both being famous their situations are totally different in america or in the west in general you can freely choose what sort of career of gig you want to do while being famous such as the case for Gyro. Rise doesn't have that sort of option people usually see her as Risette and not Rise she stuck at presenting to be a idol and not anything else. Basically its a cultural thing between the west and countries in Asia sucks that Rise got kidnapped anyway good chapter man.
jalen johnson chapter 35 . 9/4
Poor Rohan getting transported to an alternate world must have messed him up real bad and I'm suppose suprise Johnny doesn't know who Joesph is well he and Giorno and Josuke are around somewhere also are you going to include stands in the story anyway great chapter man.
jalen johnson chapter 31 . 9/1
This was pretty nice I actually enjoyed the Gyro and Johnny moments in this chapter and your right those two need to establish a great relationship outside from Chie and the others like Johnny said this journey didn't truly began until he met Gyro.
jalen johnson chapter 30 . 9/1
So Rohan survived the reset huh makes sense that means that Giorno and Josuke and a few others are out there somewhere I wonder if you would include those characters but I doubt it good chapter man.
Loose Cannon Doccy chapter 1 . 8/30
Alright, it's been a while since I started reading this and I think it's high time that I give you my two cents. Y'know, tell you everything constructive that I possibly can because I like this story, and I want to see it improve. I've got plenty to share with you, so I'll break it up into parts. I'll start with the relatively negative things I have to say, so we can get them out of the way.

1: The Social Links
The Social Links are hit and miss. The major problem with a few of the Social Links that Johnny makes, (Slow Dancer, Sayaka Kasshoku, Rohan) is that it gets pretty obvious early on what's the deal with them. Granted, this was never a problem with Kakyoin's SL, which so far I'll say is perfectly paced so maybe this is more of an issue with how the characters act than anything else. In return, the Social Links with Yosuke and especially Chie are by far the strongest Social Links you've written, Chie's to such a point that it honestly wouldn't surprise me if Johnny and Chie became an item, even if I doubt it. Generally, your Social Links are fine, but they could really benefit if you improved the pacing of them.

2: Plot Progression
When the plot makes itself known, things tend to bog-down storywise. It becomes a bit sloggy, because it ends up feeling very out of tune with your regular character interactions in the Investigation Team - it makes for a strange contrast that ends up feeling a bit out of place. I'd reccommend trying to weave the two together in some way or another, but I'm honestly not entirely sure how to handle it. Perhaps it's just a limitation of how the plot in Persona 4 is written in the first place.

Now I've said more or less everything negative I have to say, and if you've read that then it's time your dessert since you've eaten your vegetables. This is where I start singing high praise.

1: Character Interactions
Outside of Social Links, you have these down to a science. By far, the main draw of this story as of right now is just how well you handle this. The friendships and conversations feel believable and incredibly true to character - just the general fun things that happen around the cast are what make this story as enjoyable as it is. In particular, I really like how you handled the camping school trip - it particularly gives me high hopes for how you handle other events, like the school festival or the hot springs episode. That last one is always a source of major aggravation for me every time I play P4G, and so I hope that you'll handle it well, like you did with the camping school trip. Perhaps... I dunno, having the boys actually get some payback or along those lines?

2: Fight Scenes
Now these are just perfect, end of story. I've never had a single problem with any one of your fight scenes, they're perfectly paced, illustrated and coreographed. They never feel cluttered or messy, they feel sleek and gripping.

3: Character Dynamics
Here's another part that I adore, the dynamics between characters. In particular, Johnny, Yosuke and Chie play off each other so well that you could write the story about them alone and it would be fantastic regardless. Another dynamic is Johnny, Nanako and Ryotaro. Johnny is just the right amount of dysfunctional that makes the dynamic between the snappy and jerkish Johnny, the hard-ass and troubled Ryotaro and the absolute sugar bomb of concentrated adorableness that is Nanako - these are the two things that elevate this story to something else. It's already good on its other terms, but the excellent job you've done with character dynamics are what make it not good, but great.

All in all, you've got a solid story on your hands that I am perfectly willing to follow and read right 'till the end. Hope this helps in some way.
jalen johnson chapter 28 . 8/25
This was a nice chapter man I loved how you have Gyro interacting and hanging out with the main cast and giving us some insight of his life and your right not everything he does have to be about Johnny or Johnny be involved in his life somehow Gyro can do other stuff without Johnny and this chapter proves it since after all Gyro is basically the duetagnoist/second main character of the story after Johnny so we do need to see some insight of his life anyway great chapter man.
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