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reven228 chapter 42 . 1/28/2017
A wonderful chapter, you covered a lot of ground this arc and the finale had the perfect amount of JOJO-ness. I'm so glad the fic is going well, and I cannot wait for next chapter. Keep goin and stay golden
Undying Soul98 chapter 42 . 1/28/2017
Nice chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed the battle, and liked the character development that occurred. To be honest, I still feel that Gyro isn't a fit choice for leader, and really acts better as a smart Lancer- but then again, his development is hardly finished yet, and there is still time for him to grow. So yeah- congrats on writing a great crossover so far. This is probs the crossover that first got me to get off my ass and start watching JoJo (And admittedly I haven't even finished part 2 yet- but SOMEDAY!). Apart from that, I wish you luck with writing the next chapter. God knows I'm happy for this arc to finally be over...
Dullahan0 chapter 42 . 1/27/2017
Boy, A Developmental Potential is right. I always felt like Echoes Act 2 never really got a chance to shine past the fight with Yukako despite how insane it sounds and now that Rise has that power plus misdirection and sonar, possibilities are endless.

I also really like how you delve into Rise's and Teddie's mindset even more than the game did. It makes their struggles feel so much more human. I sympathize so much with Rise.

Oh I can't wait to discover what Teddie's persona can do. And what ideas you have for Naoto's persona. But for now, I'm looking for to some normal days.

I hope this story never loses its luster for you because it hasn't for me.
SkyRig chapter 42 . 1/27/2017
Dude...the character development is getting better and better.
The Inkasters chapter 42 . 1/27/2017
Another arc, another long overview of the series thus far for a review. Before I start, I want to thank you kindly for your recommendation of my own work. The gesture is, as ever, appreciated, and I can only hope that my own critiques and analysis of your work is a grand enough gesture to return the favor.

With that said; as with the previous review, there's been no departure in quality in this arc. Improvements in pacing and flow in the story have continued at pace and it's just been getting better and better to read. At this point, I really can't say I doubt the ongoing integrity of the story, at least in so far as mechanical structure. Mechanically in terms of tone, set-up, dialogue, grammar and structure, you've only shown signs of improving. So kudos, my good sir.

However, it isn't in mere mechanics that A Different Kind of Truth shows its amazing quality. The Rise arc has so many examples of good integration of multiple source materials in a crossover, the adaptation of concepts from a series to fit with the tone, style and structure of the new work, the pitch-perfect understanding of building a rising action, climax and falling actions and a solid foundation of how the author understands the characters they're wiritng.

First off, many sympathies for using the written medium to try to communicate an idea or concept that would be much easier to explain in a visual or animated medium. Such is the fate of authors who write for JoJo's though, the series that is so heavily supported by its bombast and the creative design of its aesthetics and the abilities of its protagonists and antagonists. Describing the powers of Stands like Heaven's Door and Echoes Act 3 would be a nightmare in the written medium and we saw a taste of that in Himiko. However, I believe that you did the absolute best anyone could have asked of anyone given the medium. Sometimes, as writers, we're asked to write and describe things that are inherently limited by our medium. It is in how gracefully we manage those limitations that signal our skill. You, sir, have signaled quite well and I was quite satisfied wit Himiko's design and abilities as described int he story.

Next, characters. As ever, you write the characters to an absolute T of what we know about them and what things we can gather from the various sources we have on them, on top of expanding what we know in order to help flesh out their characters even more. This has been a constant strength of the story remarked as early as my first review, so I won't restate that in full here. However, what i'm also beginning to notice is how characters we know can be made to achieve multiple roles, so as to not over stuff the story. Partially this is expressed in JoJo character replacing some of the minor arcana that adds a layer of mystery to the series outside of the proper Persona mysteries: is this a reset universe or is this a pre-reset universe, did Rohan only accept Johnny's answer because he previously used Heaven's Door on him and then wiped Johnny's memory, what exactly is Johnny's relationship to the rest of the Joestar line? However, this is also partially represented by characters fitting into roles that other,vestigial characters had filled.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying: Rina Higashikata hasn't made an appearance in this story yet, but she bares an awful similarity to a couple of characters w'eve already seen and grown fond of.

More seriously, in the Persona boss fights we can see both the reflections of what those bosses were and also what roles some of their SBR counterparts filled in terms of inspiring growth in Johnny and Gyro. Rather than packing the story full of SBR characters that would only take up more space, you're using the existing Persona space to reach similar means on top of the ones that exist for the Persona cast itself, which is applause-worthy in a medium, fanfiction, that tends to go for more bloated, less trimmed down.

Finally, with we haven't reached the final act of the conflict between Johnny and Gyro, as suggested by Gyro's wish for a talk and the fact that the entire thing hasn't been fixed yet, it was satisfyingly built up, delivered upon and now is reaching a satisfying and in-character conclusion soon. The fact that we've seen Gyro develop the Golden Rectangle is a good way to keep the character's power growing in line with how much more dangerous their work is bound to get from this point on, and also hints to the arrival of a certain Tusk Act 3, which I'm certainly looking forward to. I can only imagine the reaction everyone will have when they watch Johnny Persona 3 himself in the dome, before it's revealed that it's a part of his new Stand ability.

I also like how lightly sprinked references and comedy are throughout these chapters. Its never enough to totally derail the tone and atmosphere that is being built up, which is quite true to the tone of Persona 4 and SBR. Yes, these can be pretty serious series, but still, they're series that feature a man signing about pizza mozzarella and a a cross-dressing contest. We love these series because they're a little goofy on top of being so well written (in terms of characters, character motivations and aspects of the plot, JoJo's and Persona do have their problems).

Finally, I must thank you again for taking the time out of your day to write this for all of us to enjoy.

gorilla_fingers, Inkaster.
Count chaos chapter 41 . 1/19/2017
Hello. My name is Count Chaos and I wanted to write this review about your story, "A Different Kind of Truth" and how epic it is. First off, I have to congratulate you for being one of the only people who has wrote a Jojo crossover that is very well done. Sure there have been others who are decent, yet your story fits the theme of not only Jojo, but also Persona 4 Golden in a very detailed and believable manner. As for the grammar and structure, the story itself is incredibly written with little to no mistakes. Though there the occasional misspelling of a word or missing word, but those are, as of this point, rare. Having said that, I do feel that chapters are really well done and have a natural flow to them. They don't seem to long and they progress the story really well.

For the characters, I feel like you really did a tremendous job on capturing each and every last of their personalities that it almost feels like it would be something they would actually say in their respective series. Johnny is a close-hearted youth who slowly gets better as the story progresses; Gyro starts off lacking in desire, but slowly gets finds his drive; Yosuke is the clumsy goof, but is determined to find the killer; and I could on and on, but I will simply say that you really do a damn good job.

Though I was surprised to see other characters from the Jojo series in P4G. Not that's unexpected, considering how this an alternate reality that "Technically" takes place after Stone Ocean and the universe reset, but I did enjoy seeing the references to Valentine and having Rohan in the story. Though I do wonder if Valentine will show up later in the story as doing a presidential visit around Japan and stops by Inaba. Or Diego coming around the town to challenge Johnny and Gyro to a race or something along those lines. Or having any of the other Steel Ball Run characters show up, though I already seen that you done so with other references in recent chapters.

Also I love how you made each Persona just like a Stand, complete with stats. Though I do wonder why Yukiko's persona doesn't use any healing spells yet. That stuff kept me alive, and sane, through some of the rougher parts of Persona 4 Golden...Seriously... Fuck The Reaper boss...

Finally I would like to take a moment to mini review the latest chapter from your story. I was expected Shadow Teddy to show up at some point soon and I wasn't disappointed in the least when he did. This chapter was simply epic from beginning to end. I also laughed really hard when they did the legendary Joestar Family Technique. You win massive points in that regard. Now we just need to have Kars yelling the background and it would have been perfect! Also poor Teddy and his emotions going haywire at the moment while trying to face his shadows along with his friends, who also feel bad about what they done to their friend. Well not really want they done, but more like sending Teddy the wrong messages.

Welp that is all I have on the review thus far. I can't express enough on how much I really enjoy this story and I hope to see more of it in the future! I can't wait to see Teddy conquer his shadow and I especially can't wait to see Nagito's shadow battle. That part was always my favorite in the story.

Until then, I do hope you have a fantastic day!

Sincerely, Count Chaos.
Guest chapter 12 . 1/16/2017
The way he talks when someone fights. You really write teddy to be kind of Speedwagonis right. XD
Very good fic till now.
Keeper of Harmony chapter 41 . 1/12/2017
Sweet. Daft Punk reference. Love them. Love you. You're awesome. Keep it up. I'm rooting for you.
Omegamorph chapter 41 . 1/12/2017
Quite the dangerously effective ability from Shadow Teddie.
Mingyu chapter 41 . 1/8/2017
Yeesh, this crew is having a really bad day! I loved the incredibly Jojo-esque plan though. And nice job staying true to Teddie's issues. Thanks for the chapter!
the Zogg chapter 41 . 1/8/2017
As I've said before on SB, Shadow Teddie makes for a very strong antagonist after all the hams the previous Shadows were. He's forced you to branch out and I very much like the results. And even Araki mixed his villains up and dialed the ham up and down depending on the fight. I think the extremes of the Pillar Men show that the best.

I understand what you mean by how nihilism is hit or miss. As a teenager I considered nihilist villains to be the best but now that I'm older and more mature I understand that most nihilist villains are pretty pretentious and hard to take seriously though some still hold up for differing reasons. Shadow Teddie uses the tactic of his philosophy actually tieing into Persona 4's themes so what he says isn't TOTAL BS helping keep the menace of his rhetoric.

Of course, you're also helping Shadow Teddie by showing our Teddie's problems throughout the fight, making Shadow Teddie more understandable by proxy. He might be a blessing in disguise otherwise Teddie's relationship with the Not-IT could have turned toxic.

Though Rise was an equal show stealer this chapter. She immediately got on task and took charge better than Johnny or Gyro with her Persona powers. I can tell you really like her and her plan to misdirect Shadow Teddie might be the most clever gambit you've ever written.
reven228 chapter 41 . 1/8/2017
Another amazing chapter! To be honest, with the amount of damage the characters receive during battles now, I didn't think you would do the Teddy fight after Rise, but I'm glad you did. Teddy to me wasn't too annoying, but he still was a but if an annoyance, thus to me it was a surprise to get to see him get a shadow when I played the game. Great chapter, keep goin and stay golden
Type-Smithee chapter 41 . 1/7/2017
I'm glad Rise has cool powers in this story!
Dullahan0 chapter 41 . 1/7/2017
Yoooo, Rise's stand power is awesome! I was afraid she was just gonna be generic support like P4 but sound manipulation is really cool while also being not combat related.
Krulla Chief chapter 41 . 1/7/2017
So is Teddie's Persona basically like Cream, but with some restrictions in place then?
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