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SkyRig chapter 41 . 1/7/2017
Damn, that was freaking awesome! Can't wait for the next one! Although, I do gotta ask...if this is "Jojo," then can we expect Diego Brando or Dio Brando anywhere? Hell, I'm just waiting for the words "Za Warudo!" any chapter!
Mugiwara N0 Luffy chapter 40 . 12/1/2016
Sorry for late review, been pretty busy lol This chapter turned out quite nicely in wrapping things up against Rise's shadow. Had to say, it was nice to see Rise have her moment and Gyro able to help her through it. Not to mention Teddie's big moment against her. All in all, quite a nice chapter. Though honestly, I was expecting it to be much longer, but perhaps that's because I was expecting the Teddie fight to start with this wrap up as well. Either way, it's coming next chapter and while this one was short, it accomplished what it was meant to and that was to end Rise's shadow fight at least. I also did quite enjoy the post defeat beatdown dealt out by the Investigation Team XD until next time!
Omegamorph chapter 40 . 12/1/2016
See that Gyro borrowed a bit from Jolyne there. Its always the particularly nasty and obnoxious ones that get the best beatdowns I guess.
Mingyu chapter 40 . 11/28/2016
Gah! Okay! Okay! Fine,you win! Rise's dungeon is creepier than Gyro's! It was the flesh melting that tipped the scales for me. Yeesh. Those kids are going to need therapy.

...And a really good excuse for those kinds of injuries. A rabid Risette fan with buckets full of acid, maybe?

Great characterization, as always. The chapter ending seemed very fitting (and therapeutic). Thanks for the chapter!
the Zogg chapter 40 . 11/28/2016
That was a very hardcore fight TIM!

For Shadow Rise I found her pretty hypocritical, she tried to convince Rise that she was nothing more than a dumb bimbo...when Shadow Rise was the smartest Shadow so far and all of that power, cunning, and smarts came from Rise. It was the big hole in her rhetoric.

I also enjoyed Shadow Rise getting a beatdown worse than Shadow Kanji given what a cruel bitch she's been. You managed to make a girl being beaten up well deserved. Which is hard given double standards.

In terms of villainy I think Shadow Rise has been the best Shadow so far. I love how she so meticulously stacked the deck to create an unwinnable scenario, slowly but surely depriving the Not-IT of any advantage with her adaptable powerset. The build up made her near victory feel well deserved, even more than in in the game where she was just omnipotent.

Of course, Rise roaring back was just as well deserved, there's nothing sweeter than a foreshadowed payoff as Gyro and Rise had their moment breaking the Shadows control letting our heroes grab victory from the jaws of defeat.

I also detect some character development from Johnny, when it was clear that Shadow Rise had their number Johnny wanted to retreat for the teams sake, a pragmatic tactic, but more rational and justified than what he wanted to pull in Yukiko's dungeon.

Well, with Shadow Teddie coming up I'm sure that the Joestar secret Technique is going to become the overarching strategy too getting out of the next jam.
Tom Reidem chapter 40 . 11/28/2016
Man, I hope that teddie doesn't bring out his shadow cause I want to see Rise after the tv world
Raptor915 chapter 40 . 11/28/2016
And thus ended Shadow Rise. I've got to commend you, I found her the most disturbing and horrible persona. The way she mentally tortured Rise was horrible. That, and she was Squicky as hell.

I've really been enjoying this fic, but I do have one question. If Diego Brandi were to come to Inaba, would he interact with Pucci at all?
SkyRig chapter 40 . 11/27/2016
Seriously, dude...this is so fucking awesome! Also, way to go Gyro, channeling JOtaro! Platinum Star baseball version for the win!
reven228 chapter 40 . 11/27/2016
Man, that was a great fight! Rise's shadow, despite trying too hard to be sexy, was a legitimate threat and the fight ended wonderfully. Great job all around, keep goin and stay golden
SkyRig chapter 39 . 11/24/2016
...this shit just keeps getting better and better.
The Inkasters chapter 34 . 11/24/2016
My philosophy on reviewing series I've previously reviewed is this: wait for an arc of chapters to be finished before writing another review rather than shotgun out reviews every chapter. In my opinion, this is the optimal way to get the broad view of the series, as well as to pick up on things the previous review may have missed.

There has been no serious departure in quality from the previous review, so there's no need to really get into anything like that. Suffice it to say, you continue to satisfy greatly and I still look forward to reading more: the Rise arc is bound to entertain.

Speaking of Rise, reading through your parody story of this fan story brought me to the Persona Q bit, and Rise seeming to take a shine to Gyro in it. It occurs to me that Gyro and Johnny are, in a way, split halves of Yu's overall personality, and these recent chapter's with Gyro's weirdness kinda emphasizes this. Johnny is serious and stubborn: when he says he's gonna do something, he's gonna do it and it's going to be hard to change his mind or to make him deviate from his chosen path. Gyro is personable and likable, but he's got his character flaws even apart from what made his Shadow appear, as Steel Ball Run and the recent chapters show. He's the part of Yu that gets people to like him... or at least, part of it. Johnny's interactions with Chie and Yosuke show that he's not without his own charm when he's set his mind to it.

Finally, in Steel Ball Run, there comes a point where Johnny finally begins to come into his own as a Joestar and, like Jonathan and Joeseph, begins to eek the Zepelli with him (not to mention more spoilery things). One wonders if we're set on that collision course sometime soon in this story. Could a conflict within the Investigation Team over leadership be soon to occur?

The character interactions of our non-JoJo's cast is as stellar as always, little more to say than that.

Next, something I failed to notice but, with it being brought up during this lull in between kidnappings, is immediately alarming: Rohan Kishibe and Enrico Pucci are in town... and Rohan recognizes Joestar. Considering Diego Brando is bound to come into this story eventually, one wonders how Enrico will react. Methinks Winter and Spring won't be quiet months in this Persona timeline. Whether that involves honest to goodness Stand Power rather than Personas remains to be seen.

Speaking of Diego, "infectious Personas" aren't exactly a thing in this universe as far as I can tell. Makes me wonder what Diego's Persona will be: will it still be Scary Monsters as per the canonical events of Steel Ball Run, or will it be the Stand that Diego was meant to awaken as his own: The World? If the latter... well, if Enrico wasn't going to be excited before...

Finally, I once again want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to write this for us all to enjoy.

gorilla_fingers, Inkaster.
Mugiwara N0 Luffy chapter 39 . 11/18/2016
Good chapter, and nice to see things are approaching their climax for this arc. I finally got around to playing the game so I was a bit surprised with the route you took with Rise's shadow being different at first, but you also said you took from the anime which I have not watched yet lol either way, it does display more of her inner feelings than the small conversation the game displayed, so that's good.

It's nice to see that Gyro and Johnny are at least able to talk and communicate at this point, but it makes me wonder how long it'll take them to reconcile from their fight. I am also interested to see if Rise will latch onto Gyro similar to how she does to the MC in the main story. It is also going to be interesting to see how the group will handle fighting two bosses in a row though lol

Thanks for the shoutout by the way, that means a lot! I do get that DxD doesn't agree with most so I try to tone down certain elements of it with the balance of JoJoness XD glad you like my characterization! Your display of Johnny and Gyro have been very much on point and amazing as well. Can't wait for the conclusion of this arc and the newest member of the team :)
Type-Smithee chapter 39 . 11/17/2016
Why is Rise laughing like Monokuma?
the Zogg chapter 39 . 11/17/2016
I have to say I have to find Shadow Rise the darkest Shadow self yet. Whatever incompetence she has in seduction she makes up in her skills at psychological torture. The way she attacks Rise's agency and sense of self-worth is sadly realistic, in my opinion. The glee she has bullying and ripping a person down, I can see a jealous person acting like that.

For the fights I like how you're using Shadow Rise to develop Yosuke's character and have him move on from being an entitled fanboy.

I think that Chie's fight this chapter was the best, her learning how to partially materialize her Persona reminds me of the more subtle uses of a Power-Type Stand from the end off Part 3. I think that it shows her developing as a warrior.

Yukiko's effortless offscreen victory because she didn't play into the horror cliches almost stole the whole chapter, though.

But, yeah, the sheer lengths shadow Rise went to shame and demean her original self was rather disturbing in the cruelty of her tactics. It was like a mix of an entitled stalker and a vindictive bully. You've done a lot to give Rise a powerful sense of self-loathing.
Mingyu chapter 39 . 11/17/2016
Fun fact: Rise is a huge Dragonball Z fan. _

Great fights! Shadow Rise trying to use horror against Yukiko was hilarious!

That is some creepy stuff, although personally the hospital level is in my number one spot. But hey, at least this display got through Yosuke's thick skull. I'm kinda hoping that plays a part in Rise's resolution somehow. Thanks for the chapter!
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