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Vanessa Masters chapter 8 . 11/16/2020
Johnny was surprised when Nanako's cute and innocent face suddenly turned stoic, and she even glared cutely at the dishes. He watched as Nanako turned on the sink and took the sponge in her right hand. With her left hand Nanako took a dirty dish and held it slightly to the faucet. Nanako held the dish vertically and placed the sponge at the bottom before swiping it upwards, leaving a clean mark of the path that the sponge took. The dirty sponge was now in contact with the water, cleaning it before Nanako repeated the motion several more times. Johnny could not help but watch in amazement as Nanako then placed the now soapy dish under the running water to rinse it off before taking it out and spinning it over the sink.

"The water… it's not getting on her or over the counter at all!" Johnny noted as he saw that the water droplets from the dish did not make contact with Nanako at all. She was probably holding the dish at a specific angle to pull off the trick, most likely achieved after washing the dishes herself for so long.

"Kiaaaa~i!" Nanako sung out suddenly before she placed the dish on the drying rack before picking up the next plate.

Johnny blinked for a second before shaking his head. "Guess everyone has their habits..." He then yawned in exhaustion, and his body ached in slight pain. Man, he was getting tired. Figured he would after getting his ass kicked by Yosuke's Shadow.



Oh no, school on Saturday? Dang.

Oh that last bit. Wow.
Vanessa Masters chapter 7 . 11/13/2020
AAA-OOF!" With another shout of shock before letting out a grunt of pain, the three Yasogami students landed in front of the TV. Johnny opened his eyes and looked up to see that as he laid face-down, his back was arched in a way that his legs and feet dangled just above his head. "I swear, that damn exit is just messing with us now." He lifted his arms and pushed back on his feet, making his legs flow onto the ground. Johnny then turned his head to see Chie next to him, lying on her back and groaning a bit in pain. Johnny then looked to his left to see Yosuke was face-down like him, but with his face smashed against the floor and his ass comically sticking up.

I love that when a group falls out, or crashes in a group lol.

And Yosuke booty in the air.

Well, yosuke and Johnny are a little closer.
Vanessa Masters chapter 6 . 11/11/2020
"If the Shadows got them, then its because you guys threw them in here!" The Mascot shouted with renewed conviction. "So come clean already!"

The creatures repeated accusation caused Chie's anger to spike again.

"For the last time, we didn't do it! You're the only suspicious one here, not us! If anyone threw them in here, then it was probably you!" Chie then knocked the Mascot onto the ground with a quick kick to the back of the bear's stubby feet and turned him over. "Show us who you really are you weirdo!"

"No! Stop! Get off of me!" The Mascot shouted out, but Chie ignored his pleas. Chie then grabbed the Mascot's zipper and pulled, taking off the top of the bear costume…

…Only to find nothing inside.

"WAAAAHHH!?" Chie gasped out in surprise and horror as the bear's arms flailed around for the missing top, but nothing was inside except for other blackness. Chie crawled away backwards towards Yosuke and Johnny, continuing to stare at the headless creature. "W-what the hell?! He's hollow!"

"Dude, that's just freaky!" Yosuke shouted while Johnny just gaped at the void of nothingness that were the creature's insides.

"Just what the hell is he?" Johnny asked while the Mascot's arms began blindly searching the ground for the missing head, could it be another Shadow? But then again it wasn't trying to hurt them. "What kind of things actually live in this place?"

The Mascot's arms then found the head and snapped it on back into place, and the expression on the 'face' part was that of relief as the Mascot zippered the head back onto place. "You guys are so mean… I'm not the culprit, why would you even think that?"


Lol that would’ve been a shock.

And these shadows, I imagine saki didn’t survive her shadow tearing her down.
Vanessa Masters chapter 5 . 11/10/2020
Back into the tv world? O.o
Vanessa Masters chapter 4 . 11/10/2020
Johnny turned his head to the side. He didn't know how to answer that, and a part of him didn't really want to. "But… didn''t all this start because I wouldn't acknowledge it?" "Yeah, it was."

"So even…" Chie didn't finish the sentence. It was still uncomfortable to think about. But still, it was too serious not to address. "Even that you tried to… kill yourself?"

Johnny sighed a bit. "Yeah, that too."

"Why would you even want to do that?" Chie asked, glaring at Johnny. "E-Even if you're like this, there was no reason to…!"

"I was just at the bottom of my rope." Johnny interrupted her, looking to the ground. "I lost my legs just trying to have someone, even if it was just a stupid girl who wanted to brag to her friends about me later, acknowledge me. To not throw me to the side like my dad. And he funny thing is that in the end, it was all for nothing. Losing my legs was my fault. I blamed myself for my big brother's death, and I knew my dad couldn't stand the sight of me." Johnny gave another sigh, looking at his injured arm. "I was so ashamed of everything. Of the choices I made, of all my faults, and losing the ability that seemed to give me some type of worth in this world. So I guess… I just didn't want to live in a world I had no place in anymore."

A small rock was then chucked by Chie at Johnny's head, bouncing off it and causing the young man to click his tongue and rub his head in pain.

"That's a load of crap!" Chie exclaimed, getting up from her seated position. "Even if all that happened to you that's no reason to give up on everything! There are plenty of things worth living for, and not everyone is like those jerks you used to hang out with!"

"I know that now alright?!" Johnny shouted back before his expression turned soft. "But, thanks anyways."

"Still, I don't like how you used to be." Chie muttered, looking at him with an even harsher glare. "How could you just push people around? Just because you were famous doesn't give you an excuse!"

"No, it really doesn't." Johnny admitted with a nod. "When I was crippled, I had a lot of time to think about things. Being famous was part of the reason why I pushed people around. Another was that no-one would call me out for it. They just encouraged me to do whatever I was doing. I'm not using it as an excuse, 'cause I know in the end it was me doing it. I'm not that proud of it anymore. Just another part of my life that I don't like."

Chie, despite her own conflicting emotions, could tell Johnny's confession was genuine. "He really does regret it all." Chie then looked to the spot where Shadow Johnny once was. The hoof marks of the horse armor were still there, imprinted on the ground from its weight. "Does confronting something like that thing really change a person?" Still, it was good to see Johnny regretted all the crap he used to do. So that earned him some points in her book. "And after all he went through… he could use someone like me to be around."

"Don't worry about it man." Yosuke's voice came out, and the two turned to see Yosuke with a roll of bandages in his hands. He even saw some bandages now wrapped around the hand Yosuke cut during their escape. "We aren't like those guys you used to hang out with." He then went to Johnny and kneeled by him, beginning to wrap the bandages on Johnny's arm. "Look, if you need someone to talk to about your personal crap, just come to me." He then flashed Johnny a grin. "I'll help you out, and Chie probably will too. Stuff like that shouldn't just be bottled up."

"Like your one to talk…" A venomous part of Yosuke's mind thought, but it was gone as soon as it appeared.



But hey, Johnny has made a friend. And another trip to the velvet room.
Vanessa Masters chapter 3 . 11/10/2020
The copy began circling the trio, grin widening as it stared directly at Johnny. The boy stared at his copy, who was walking on legs that weren't crippled before turning the copy's voice pulled his attention to its face.

"You don't want their sympathy, but your situation is so bad that you can't stop feeling sorry for yourself! Because you were such an idiot you lost your legs, and there were no more fans, no more awards, no more praise, and nobody gave a damn about you! You couldn't handle it anymore, so you raided your dad's gun drawer, put the thing in your mouth, and just sat in place like a fucking idiot before putting it down! God, you're such a pathetic loser!"It then looked at both Yosuke and Chie. "Hell, I know you even hate having to be with these two!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Johnny shouted out, looking from side to side as Chie and Yosuke just started at the copy with shocked faces. How did this thing know so much? No, that didn't matter! It was revealing everything! He didn't want anyone to know this! It wasn't their right! It was his! His alone!

His shame alone…!

"You think they're like those assholes and bitches that you used to hang with, when really they are totally different! You knew that our 'old pals' were faking whatever friendship they had by just giving you blind praise. They just wanted to have the perks of being friends with someone famous! Hell, why else would those guys let you push them around and those chicks let you bone them? Soon as you lost your legs, they left you in the dust!" The copy continued on as if never interrupted in the first place. Johnny's eyes were now showing its panic. It really knew everything!"You're so afraid of being fooled again that you try to push everyone away, yet these two just keep trying to be friendly to you! It boggles your mind why they would even stick around you, when you've been nothing but a cynical little shit to them! And not just to them, but to everyone! You're such a paranoid asshole that your willing to blow any friendship or connection you can get just on the off chance you'll get hurt again. Whatever. I mean, it's not like you deserve any real friends anyway. Not when you act like such a jackass to everyone, before and after you lost everything."

Yosuke looked at Johnny, who now seemed utterly scared by all that was being revealed. "That's why he acts like a jerk? He just doesn't want to have sucky friends anymore?"

Yosuke knew how much it hurt for people to be taken advantage of and tossed aside when his use was fulfilled, but actually leading to believe that you care about them then taking it back? That was just horrible.

"I said shut up!" Johnny shouted frantically at the copy, scared out of his mind. Both Chie and Yosuke were looking at him with pity in their eyes! "How can you know these things? Who the fuck are you!?"

"I told you, I am YOU!" The copy replied, angry at the question. "I know that the only reason you came to this town, the only reason you came to this place, and the only reason you're living with your uncle is because you want to give a 'useless person' like yourself some sort of reason to keep on living!"

"Shut your goddamn mouth!" Johnny shouted, now shaking in both fear and anger. "That's not true! It's not!"

"But it is." The copy then became deathly serious, stopping just before the horse and looking at Johnny with a blank expression. "I know this because I am you. I am your Shadow 'Jojo'. I know EVERYTHING about you."

"A… Shadow?"

H lord all that shadow speaking, it made me weep for Johnny. But he’s gotten closure, and awakened his persona
Vanessa Masters chapter 2 . 11/10/2020
Oh, Shadow Johnny!
Vanessa Masters chapter 1 . 11/10/2020
Bonds to help the broken bird fly.

Aptly put.

I feel for Johnny, and his diss passion for his mom could be because she never took his father to point.

Awful what his father said: ‘god took a good child, He doesn’t make mistakes. You didn’t appreciate Johnny, so he took away nicholas’ that’s my interpretation.

And hey, Chie taking Johnny to task, snapping, nicely done.

Lol poor Yosuke, I love him. Poor guy.
YaBoy chapter 49 . 11/2/2020
hey, I know it's been awhile, but this fic is really fucking good. I hate that you've just dropped it like this, and I beg of you to pick it back up or at least hand it off to a different author. The relationships here are very engaging.
Noobeginner chapter 51 . 9/8/2020
I'm still hoping you update this, that's all.
Vocal Percussion chapter 51 . 8/20/2020
So, It's been 2 years since the update... You still alive?
Guest01 chapter 51 . 8/5/2020
Hey dude, it's been awhile since I read your fic.

Honestly, this is one of the best jojo fics I have ever read and it's sad to see it being dis-continued when you are writing other fics as well. Have you ever mentioned why you never bothered or do you write fics on a whim when you start a new one? I have never enjoyed a persona fic until you made this and you put so much into it that you also made an abridge series out of it. Heck, you were able to get this recognized as a tv troupe and that's one heck of an accomplishment right there (and you also made a profile pic for this crossover as well). This is a fic that demands to be finished since it is nearing its end and to see it left like this... kinda hurts when nothing has been updated. Do u no longer have any passion for it or is this just a hiatus?

I've been looking forward to this fic's story because you did what Atlus never does for its main protagonist in most Persona games and that is giving the character an actual character with a story so intriguing it could only come from Jojo. You introduced two of the best Jobros in the world of Persona and it always made me question whether Johnny was going to die due to what fate had in store him as well as Gyro being the reason why Johnny was able to learn Tusk Act 4 (and it's an OP stand in its own right with conditions) and who he would use it on.

All I could say is this; I'm really glad I read your fic regardless of the fact that you may have discontinued it. I've read some Jojo fics including the persona crossovers with Jojo as well but none of them hold a candle to this. The only fic I know that has a similar story to yours is the My Hero Academia crossover fanfic with Steel Ball Run called Anyone Can Become A Hero and I kind of enjoyed reading that (I think the author may have been inspired by your work) but compared to yours, A Different Kind of Truth just has bit more going for it with Johnny developing as a character from an a-hole who hates himself to someone who has grown from the person he used to be. I wondered if Diego Brando was ever going to show up or not (for this story, he doesn't have to) or any of the cast from Steel Ball Run for that matter like Funny Valentine or Hot Pants. It truly was an enjoyable read at least and it somewhat makes me want to play the persona games like 1 and 2 but I am going to miss reading it if this is where you plan to stop it at.

Thanks for the ride, Infamous Man, and good luck with whatever you are doing (or whatever struggles you are going through) and have a beautiful duwang.
TMoon2 chapter 51 . 7/29/2020
Man I hope to come back to this story one day. One of my favorite aspects of this story is how you build upon the Shadow confrontations. Not just writing them as pseudo stand battles but expanding and adding additional complexity to the issues the characters face before they reject them.
Guest chapter 51 . 7/8/2020
hey you need to continue this thing
Noobeginner chapter 51 . 6/15/2020
P4 Golden finally come out on PC, yet you still don't update. Are you OK dude?
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