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DocHoliday0316 chapter 43 . 7/8/2018
Great chapter, dude. I really love the first half of the chapter, with Johnny and Nanako bonding with each other. And the way that Nanako likes western music because of the beat and rhythm reminds me of why I like J-Rock and J-Pop, despite not knowing a lick of Japanese myself.

I also liked the trip to Okina, and I'm glad that Gyro, Johnny, and Yukio were able to clear up the air between them. I also really loved the showdown between Gyro and those three wannabe gangbangers. I got the vibe of a showdown in the Wild West, but it also reminds me of how Joseph was introduced in Battle Tendency, with him saving Smokey from two corrupt cops.

And I'm surprised that Axl Ro is here as one of Johnny's new social links. I'm guessing his background as a soldier is still retained, just transplanted to the Middle East, where he probably lost his whole unit. Looking forward to seeing how his character arc goes.

Anyway, looking forward to how the next chapter goes.
DocHoliday0316 chapter 42 . 7/7/2018
Awesome conclusion to the Shadow Rise/Shadow Teddie arc, dude. I love the conclusion to the Shadow Teddie fight. Special parts would have to be Rise's "I'm getting sick of your Introduction to Philosophy Class" line against Shadow Teddie, and Johnny revealing that he thinks so little of himself, and sees himself as a minus. But what steals the scene for this chapter is Gyro figuring out that Puck's true capabilities is that it's story's version of the Spin, and using it to defeat Shadow Teddie. Hell, I'm honestly looking forward to seeing what Kintoki Doji can do (and I got a laugh out of Johnny's "Sure, why not" reaction to Teddie getting a Persona).

I'm looking forward to the well deserved break for the Investigation Team, since they went through hell and back in this arc.
DocHoliday0316 chapter 41 . 7/6/2018
Alright, I have decided to finally catch up on reading A Different Kind of Truth, and I upon finishing this chapter, I'm reminded of how really damn good it is.

First off, I am glad that the Joestar Secret technique makes another appearance. Secondly, I'm really loving how you're portraying Shadow Teddie, and I really love his Supermassive Black Hole ability (and I am reminded how much I love that song). And I like how you're portraying Himiko here, with its abilities reminding me a bit of Koichi's Echoes (namely the first two Acts). And I also like how the visor turns into a Daft Punk esque helmet.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how Johnny, Rise, Gyro, and Teddie defeat Shadow Teddie.
Count chaos chapter 49 . 5/3/2018
At last! I'm finally done with college for the semester... the pain can finally start enjoying myself!

And to celebrate that fact, here's a review of your latest chapter!

So it seems that Johnny still has some demons that his friends need to fix, eh? Makes sense since Johnny is the poster child of someone who has a metric ton of inner demons that needs banishing. Though he's still unconsciously putting up walls between him and his friends, refusing to admit his own true feelings. Sooner or later he will let go of his stubborness, and perhaps then he will learn Act 3!

As for his social time with his friends, I find it funny that he got his blue lipstick from Rise. That's pretty hilarious especially with Kanji and Marie being nonchalant about it while Yosuke's freaking out about it. Speaking of Marie, her scenes are rather heartbreaking considering how and why she lost her memories, but it is nice that Johnny and Rise and Kanji are trying their best to help her out and cheer her up.

Also it's really cool that Johnny now has Matador, which goes without saying is one of the best early personas in all of the series. That skeletal bull fighter can really show his foes how to properly duel with the best! Which Johnny will need since they are now going in the one place that none have survived... RETRO GAMING PARODIES OF SHIN MEGAMI! If the difficulty in there is just as hard as the rest of the real series, then they are properly screwed! :P

Anyway, this is a really great chapter and I'm glad that they finally reached the mid way point of Persona 4. Can't wait to see that fish face brat get his face kicked in and I especially can't wait till we get to Naoto's own dungeon. She is my favorite character after all! Until then, I hope you have a nice day!
the Zogg chapter 49 . 4/15/2018
It's pretty funny in hindsight that it took as long as Rise joining to finally have someone that's as fashion-conscious as Johnny and Gyro.

It's even more surprising that it finally hit me that it also took halfway through 4 for Johnny to start fusing Persona. I get the feeling that he'll regret neglecting fusion soon. The guy was playing Very Hard Mode for no good reason.

For character motivation it's pretty clear that Johnny doesn't want the case to be solved because he still doesn't know how the TV World lets him walk.

For Rise, I wonder if her interest in him is like how I theorized back in SB that Rise could see a lot of herself in Johnny if she fell to the dark side of show business. But i don't think Rise knows that Johnny's a former celebrity like herself.
Kancolle Haruna Chan chapter 6 . 4/3/2018
Johnny knows the Joestar secret technique as well! Guess it does run in the family.
Uraharaisgod chapter 17 . 3/21/2018
Haha, only just in town and Gyro's already got his eye on Kanji's toy making skills, gotta get himself a new teddy asap.

Hoping that he isn't replacing Naoto in the story, will be kinda sad if he is, but oh well.
Xolsis chapter 48 . 2/27/2018
So finally dropping a much needed review that i kept forgetting to post to this story. I recently got into JoJo about a year ago and of course i still have not caught up. Your fic was my first introduction to Steel Ball Run and since then out of misguided curiosity i found out the end fate of Gyro and Johnny. My biggest concern is if you are going to stick the Zeppeli curse as it is iconic and important to Johnny and Gyros brotherly tale. Regardless of how you will handle this i much look forward to it as every chapter has kept me entertained. You have managed to make a retelling of Persona 4 into a story of its own. Sure the most important plot points remain the same but the journey has the JoJo flair making it almost a completely new tale. The strongest factor that has done this has got be the inclusion of Johnny instead of Yu. Because Johnny is an actual human being flaws and all who we see begin as a true fool at the beginning but slowly progressing to the world. I think that is my favorite part of him that he is constantly changing and getting over the trauma that his mistakes gave him. But at the same time making him and the rest of the cast feel like real people by making mistakes and calling each other out on their bullshit. Of course his blunt and at times rude attitude is quite enjoyable in that he doesnt just accept these weird anime shenanigans and most of the time says the same thing most of us probably said the first time we are playing the game. What with him trying to turn the Tv of when rise pops up, or the latest creepy Kashiwagi scene.
Now for the rest of the cast. You've managed to not only keep the P4 cast in character, but expand upon them in making them feel more human than the game did. What with the interactions with Johnny and Gyro and also making them take actual damage in the TV world where it really feels like their lives are on the line, to their more believable actions. I especially like that you had the others call Yosuke out on his homophobia which i found really irritating in game when no one said anything. Honestly i found kinda out of character that he would do that considering what his shadow was like. I chalk it up to that just being what the norm was like in Japan. Anyways the more in depth analysis into each of their characters is just amazing and well thought out what with more explanation into each of their thought process and personal flaws. Now the way that you have changed the personas to make them more standlike is an ingenious move and each of their abilities is not only unique but really fit the characters personality and the shadows doubly so. (Shivers at shadow teddies OP power) Does make me curious at what power Noato is going to have and how the Personas ability change after the second awakening everyone will have. The one question i do have is that will the crew ever be able to summon their Personas in the real world considering that Rohan can? Just a thought.
The change in Social Links that you have made is phenomenal what with adding characters from the Jojo series to replace the unimportant ones. The problems that they experience are unique and make them feel right at home in the Persona world from Kakyoins parents issues to Rohans manga problems and the way they pull at our heartstrings keep me invested in each and everyone of them. The Link that takes the cake though is a no brainer and one or rather two that were already well loved in the original game. Of coures its Nanako and Dojima. Their interaction with Johnny this troubled rude teen really adds to their depth. Especially the fact that Johnny is puzzled and confused at the kindness they show him simply because hes family when his only experience with family is sorrow and loss. Dojima really acts a hell of a lot more like a dad and really he has to because he senses that Johnny never had one at least not one who cared and that Johnny is actually a really kind guy who's kindness has been buried under the pain that life has brought him. Nanako on the other hand brings out the kindness and protectiveness that Johnny has with her simple honesty and innocence that Johnny has alway needed. REALLY makes me look forward to how your going to handle the kidnapping scene (chuckles darkly).
Now that the overview is over lets get into the recent stuff. I greatly enjoy the shift in tone and writing that you make when you write from Psycho's(cant remember his name) POV. It really shows his lack of empathy and sheer monstrosity in that he sees other people as mere NPC's that he can kill simply because he wants to. Ugh. The entire Teddie situation was beyond hilarious especially that he is now a Joestar haha. I like that you have him living with Gyro who can toataly afford it and is probably a better role model than Yosuke no offense to him of course. Really looking forward to the beach scene but that is probably going to delayed while they deal with their latest foray into the Tv world. Now Johnny mouthing off to those two chicks was beyond satisfying and once again said everything that us players wish we could say to them when we got to that point of the game. The whole part where Yosuke was bawling his eyes out to Johnny was very well handled and showcases the rare times we see Johnnys simple and honest kindness. Chie realizing that she might have feelings for Johnny was very much how somebody would react, wondering what kind of strong feelings they have for that person. If that is the route your goin for those two getting together i have no complaints and look forward to how you handle it. One thing though, I beg of you please, please PLEASE dont make a harem. My reasoning for that is that personally i dont like them and i honestly cant see anyway that, that wouldnt tarnish the bonds that Johnny has made with everybody. Though if i might suggest a pairing maybe Marie? I dont know why but i just really like the romance that you have with her in the game especially at the end where she proclaims her love on TV.
Are you going to do an Adachi SL?
Will we see any of the previous JoJo's in any capacity? I ask this because youve made numerous mentions of them with Igor and Johnny seeing their backs in the early part of the fic. Not only that but Our Rohan is here so it does make me curious and wondering that if they do what kind of interaction that they might have.
Will Philemon make an appearance?
Sorry for the extremely long and probably disjointed review im not very good at this haha. Thank you very much for this wonderful story and i look forward to the next chapter have a good one.
Count chaos chapter 48 . 2/23/2018
Ok, so Chie clearly is starting to have feelings for Johnny, which is very cute considering how Tsundere-ish she is. Well, more tomboy, but still. It's adorable how she's trying to come to terms with her feelings while Johnny is totally oblivious to her budding romance... If you go with the harem route with all the girls here and have Johnny be totally clueless along the way, I will laugh my ass off. That is comedy gold right there! At any rate, Yosuke and Johnny helping each other like that, with those two vile girls, is very nice and heart warming. Sometimes you just need someone to lean on and let the water works flow. Also Gyro admitting his true feelings to Johnny. Very nice self reflection and perhaps, once Naoto joins the investigation team, he'll learn to work through his problems together with her.

At any rate, the stage is set and I look forward to seeing the start of the "Video Game Killer" arc, as I like to dub that arc anyway. :P
Gundam Kaiser chapter 48 . 2/19/2018
Dude, I've been mulling this over for several chapters now, and at this point I'm more sure than ever. There's nothing left for me to do now but just come out and say it.

On more than one level, in my personal opinion, this story is SO. MUCH. BETTER. than the original Persona 4. And I'm not just saying that because "everything's better with Jojo", no, I'm saying it because you've done a better job of getting me invested in the Persona 4 cast than the original game ever did - in large part because you show so many of their ordinary-day interactions with Johnny from their perspective, as well as showing how on some occasions they behave with each other when Johnny isn't around.

So basically, thank you. The story is awesome, you're awesome, thank you for your hard work and your effort, same goes for Kiiam you beta, and I completely understand how getting a job can sap away at one's writing time.
the Zogg chapter 48 . 2/15/2018
So much stuff happened in this chapter with Johnny zeroing in out Yosuke and Chie's Social Links most likely being maxed in the future. I do wonder what powers their evolved Persona will have.

I nice thing I have noticed is that whenever Yosuke is screwed over just because he's the Butt Monkey instead of him making an ass of himself the characters and the narrative side with his legitimate grievances.

Mitsuo steals the show again through his fucked up worldview. His murder has made him worse, the fact that he sees his parents, people who he should know as people given that they raised him, as mere 'NPCs' now is probably the most chilling part of his viewpoint showing how divorced from reality he is.

Using the faceless Internet acting with disgust, mockery, or dismissal of Mitsuo's crimes was a powerful move as well. The Internet is a apathetic to creepy place and it showing basic human decency at Mitsuo's gloating really hammers in how much of a piece of shit he is more than the heroes denouncing his motives.
Guest chapter 48 . 2/12/2018
First of I love you work.
When I make my fanfic site you be in the favirot author and favirot story link.
Your the greatest,I'm not trying to take you fic I just going to make a prediction to everybody.
I feel like a teddy presona might be like Josuke 1 or Giorno that he can heal in a wired way.
Teddy can heals a lot in the game and if he could somehow make a body then mabey he can heal the other.
Feel free to talk about it everyone.
Ziggy Starfish chapter 48 . 2/11/2018
Congrats on getting a job dude! Great writing as always.
Guest chapter 48 . 2/8/2018
As always great chapter
I loved the interactions between johnny and chie, and that one scene where yosuke cried

And I think a new ship has sailed.
Count chaos chapter 47 . 2/9/2018
Hey TIM! Sorry for the really late review on your last chapter for ADKT and it shames me that I haven't written to you before you posted your other latest chapter today. Been busy with school and trying to keep up with new games I got over Christmas. Still I had a lot of fun reading your last chapter and I loved how you portrayed the interactions of Gyro and Nagito. As someone who is a big fan of Nagito, I'm rather curious how you intend to handle the rest of her story line with the cast. Maybe I'll have my answer in your latest chapter. Sorry for this rather brief review, but since you already have your new chapter out, I want to give you a more detailed review of that than the old one. That said, I hope to read your newest chapter soon! I'm sure it will be entertaining and awesome just like the last chapter!
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