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vincent the vizard chapter 46 . 12/28/2017
So I just had the best experience for the past few months. Your work has always been food in my opinion. You took a story that had been over used (p4) and breathed new life into it. You took characters from said story that I've heard be called flat, and you gave them more depth than i can fathm. You're doing gods work, thank you.
Type-Smithee chapter 46 . 12/24/2017
Good chapter. The Teddy Johnny body is a strange thing to do.
Ant Crown chapter 46 . 12/23/2017
After Binge watching over most of Criminal Minds, I’m shocked that the Cops (Despite Japanese Cops being treated as incompetent in their media) haven’t gone over as to what the cause of death was (I’m pretty sure I’m not remembering what the COD was) or checking for defensive wounds with the Victim.

It’s not towards you but more towards the original writers.
the Zogg chapter 46 . 12/23/2017
Finally have time for this. This chapter was pretty schizophrenic, tonally speaking. We had serious discussions thanks to Mistsuo's actions and the case heating up juxtaposed by Teddie's antics with an extra helping of bizarre.

As always, Mitsuo's voice stands out a lot compared to everyone else. In fanfiction it's really hard to write a villain who's as petty and awful as Mitsuo without turning them into a strawman designed to prop up the MC but you've utterly nailed how to make that kind of character truly unnerving and terrifying.

Merry Christmas!
Omegamorph chapter 46 . 12/22/2017
Yeah had a feeling Teddie was an inverse Jojolion.
Tiamatio chapter 46 . 12/21/2017
I've been waiting so long for this! God has shown his mercy on us peasants.
SkyRig chapter 46 . 12/21/2017
oh boy. Are we getting into Jojo-esque territory? Well, moreso than before?

At any rate, I look forward to the next chapter.
Captain SteeleStag chapter 17 . 11/2/2017
Hello, it's me again. The guy who made the shitty stand pun and spin pun in the same review. I was going to complain in a joking matter about why the supreme MILF hunter Kakyoin was here but not Gyro 'Best' Zeppelli, but a few more chapters and he's here! Along with the super sonic gay priest. The monologue by the observers got me thinking. By bonds, did they me the joestars and Zepellis, Johnathan and William, or specifically the Gyro and Johhny from SBR? The answers will solve a lot of questions about where we are, but will open even more questions. 4th dimensional warp fuckery is so fun to think about. I hope to read much more of your work
Captain SteeleStag chapter 2 . 10/27/2017
Yes, finally! Some love for the best jojo. I'm just now starting this story, and I'm wondering, will the spin or stands be involved? The existence of either will throw this story off the beaten path, and this kicks the crutches out from under a lot of authors. Some eat dirt, others land on their feet. I can already tell you're the latter. I guess you can say you'll put a new spin on things! Did you underStand my pun?
Kaiser Dragon chapter 45 . 10/20/2017
Oh man we are going to need something to counteract the dark and fast, yeesh, No one deserves to meet their end like what happened to Kinshiro Moroka, So here is something to take the dark side out of the readers mind for a bit. here is an idea for a Sailor Moon crossover if you want to do it, it is Harry Potter and Sailor Moon crossover challenge. You think you can handle it?

The Wizard of The Planets and the Silver Senshi part 1: Harry's new family. When Harry was little more than three the Grunnings drilling company That Vernon works at was bought by a Japanese business firm so they are forced to move to Jubaan Japan. After moving to Japan Harry's abuse by the hands of the Dursley's was exposed to his school teachers. After this happens Harry is adopted by the Tsukino family and is raised along Usagi as her brother. However when Albus Dumbledore finds out about Harry's adoption by the Tsukino's after his abuse at the hands of the Dursley's he goes to Japan and reveals Harry's heritage to the adult Tsukino's and proof of the Wizarding World and asks that they raise him to the best of their ability. Take a look at another Harry Potter and Sailor Moon Crossover called Little Love of Venus Now on the topic of Dumbledore I would take a look at Quartermass's Cetra Heritage Saga on his character and see how Dumbledore is portrayed as I am tired of character bashing.

The Wizard of the Planets and the Silver Senshi part 2: Harry's powers and adventures. Now if you follow when the Harry Potter Movies came out Harry was born on 1991 and seeing as the Sailor Moon series takes place in the 2000s to my knowledge so this would make sense to have the worlds merged. Now as Harry develops and goes on his adventures throughout the original Harry Potter Hogwarts books he develops all of his cannon skills, equipment and abilities. Including all the Deathly Hallows for the final Battle against Voldemort and Chaos. However when we get to the start of Sailor Moon Harry does get his own Senshi powers and his own crystal which should be born of the Earth's Golden crystal, Harry's magic, and the scouts own powers symbolizing Harry's earthly heritage, his bond with his friends and family and his growth as he goes down the Sailor Moon Anime(whether its the original DIC Sailor Moon anime or The Sailor Moon Crystal reboot is up to you)with his sister and the Inner Scouts and hold his own with them and is their equal in terms of power and versatility. Also when the gang find's out about the Horcrux in Harry's scar, they eventually exorcise it without killing him but Harry does get the skills and powers Voldemort had as Tom Riddle. Also on the topic of Harry and the Scouts he has to have no Sailor suit, dear goodness no!

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi part 3: Parings for the Main protagonists. Seeing as love plays a massive role in the Harry Potter mythos and as Sailor Moon is a love story their has to be love and parings. Usagi has to get with Mamoru, Harry gets with Makoto, Justin Finch-Fletchley gets with Ami Mizuno, Minako Aino get's with Viktor Crom, Rei get's with Yuuichirou Kumada, Hermione gets with Ron Weasley. Luna and Artemis get together(the moon cats),and Luna Lovegood get's with Neville Longbottom. For the rest of the casts parings you can do what you want so long as it fits their cannon characters.

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi Part 4: The Senshi's abilities. The Senshi gain all of their cannon powers, gear, and abilities throughout the Anime and the Manga but they also gain access to Wizardry and learn all spells and powers that Harry can do during his time at Hogwarts. Also Tuxedo Mask gains the Golden Crystal and all the powers he has in the manga but also Wizardry like the rest of the Senshi so he is not given the punching bag treatment like in the Original Anime. You can also give the Senshi Japanese or other Oriental styles of Magic and other powers of magic so long as those powers suit their cannon characters.

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi Part 5: Harry's enemies. Every great hero need's great villains so Harry's enemies have to be no push overs. Voldemort has to be Harry's greatest enemy. The Death Eaters have to obtain the powers of Dark Celestial Threats and Youma along with all their cannon powers when they find out how powerful Harry is becoming and the strength of his allies, they have to be legitimate threats. Also Harry has to face the same enemies that the Scouts face in the Anime and Manga and face a mixture of both the main enemies of his series and the Sailor Moon series.

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi Part 6: The Neo Silver Millennium. When Harry and his friends get to know their future and what the Neo Silver Millennium holds, it is truly something beautiful. The Wizards no longer have to live in hiding and both sides are working together to build a world where science and magic coexist in harmony and to build a better world. The Neo Silver Millennium also encompasses the entire Solar System and they are able to colonize and terraform all the planets of the Solar System. The Wizarding World's Fantastic Beasts and all of the creatures of mythology are also able to roam free and have wildlife preserves and all of earth's ecosystems are revitalized and repaired.

The Wizard of The Planets and The Silver Senshi Part 7: Harry Potter's allies. When Ron, Neville, Hermione, and Luna Lovegood encounter the scouts, they not only gain their own crystals but they also gain the powers of Endymion's four generals as they were before they became Youma but also their Youma powers but purified and added to their new crystals along with their cannon powers. This needs to happen so they are not left in the dust or become irrelevant in terms of the story. Also all the Celestial Soldiers in the Manga that are allies to the Scouts show up as well to aid the Scouts and Harry in the Final Battle against Chaos and Voldemort.

I really hope this happens because it would rock! Because if it does happen...Oh boy Harry, you are in for one magical adventure with the Scouts and the Wizarding World and it would be awesome! I can only wonder how the rest of the Scouts will react to the reveal of an entire world of magic that they did not know existed until now and I am looking forward to their interactions with the Wizarding World. I can see Ami being curious about the differences between the magic's of the Scouts and the Wizards and the biology of the Fantastic Beasts. Jupiter can get along with Hagrid and would love the challenge of facing some of the Death Eaters, and Rei would definitely be curious about the spiritual side of Western Wizarding magic.
Thunder Dragon chapter 45 . 10/20/2017
Holy cow, No one deserves to meet their end like that. Man with what almost happened to Nanako this chapter was dark! Yeesh! But that is how things are in the Shin Megami Tensei Universe.

Can I make a request? First I have to ask, What is your opinion on a High School DxD and YuYu Hakusho crossover? Or if you are a YuYu Hakusho fan at all? If you are I have a challenge for you. If not you are missing out on a underrated anime classic. A writer named MirageFire tried this topic a few years ago and it has sort of died. Now I am not sure if the writer passed away or he just plain lost interest as it has not been updated since 2012 but I think you have the skills to pull it off. First off take a look at the original version of the story called DxD Hakusho and see if you want to continue it or make your own spin like with Yusuke Urameshi having a buddy dynamic with Issei like Josuke and Issei in A Devil's Diamond(a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and High School DxD crossover)along with having the same bonds like with the rest of the Spirit Detectives and having all his cannon powers and some from DXD. Just a thought but hey if you want to do it go for it if not it is your choice. If you do decide to do this take a look at the High School DXD Light Novels as well as the YuYu Hakusho, and the DxD Anime and Manga, and the two YuYu Hakusho Movies. Now if you are not a fan of YuYu Hakusho I recommend that you watch the English dub of the series as it is one of those rare occasions where the dub is better than the sub. Now when you are done watching YuYu Hakusho(if you haven't watched it or bought the manga), comeback and look at my suggestions down below later. The main foes that Yusuke fights are creatures called Yokai which are Japanese folk monsters that also appear in DxD, And the setting of YuYu Hakusho is draws heavily from Hinduism and Buddhism which also appears in DxD, just a thought to consider if take you it up and merge the two worlds together.

Now for the Story Arch's, You have to do what you I can only assume you are doing here. The Spirit Detectives and ORC have to go through the events of both series cannon. That means Yusuke and his crew go through the High School DXD Light Novels as well as the YuYu Hakusho Anime and Manga, and the DxD Anime and Manga and the two YuYu Hakusho Movies.

Also I have a few ideas for the Spirit Detectives Individual Character Arcs and their power ups. Let me lay it down for you. My request is that I want Yusuke and Kurama and Hiei, and Kuwabara to go through Arc's to obtain different abilities along with the powers they gain in cannon and here is a list of powers and abilities that I think would fit them perfectly from both DxD and Yu Yu Hakusho.

For Kuwabara I would like him to learn Holy Magic and Senjutsu as it would fit his concept of him having high spiritual awareness and considering that angels can manipulate the holy light to make light constructs of weapons it would fit him quite well considering he can use his spiritual energy in a similar manner and you can even give him some original abilities to go with his character and if you add Senjutsu it would fit as well as it involves using your own inner energy along with the energy of the world around you it can bend space and time as well and considering he can do that with the Dimension Sword, Kuwabara learning Senjutsu would give him the experience to use the Dimension Sword more effectively.

For Kurama I think that him learning Yojutsu would fit him quite well, Kurama is a Kitsune who are know to be both malignant, benevolent, wise, and masters of illusions, Yojutsu is the Yokai's equivalent to Illusion magic and Kitsune are masters of illusion in legends so it would fit him. Add that to his concept as a master strategist and add his back round as a master thief and bandit, with him knowing Yojutsu you can see the enemy literally walking into his trap and following Kurama's plans every step of the way like a boss. Also he should learn to use Senjutsu like Kuwabara

For Hiei I would like him to learn how to use Ice as a weapon along with his Fire based abilities, the reason I want Hiei to learn how to ice based attacks goes with his back story, we know that Hiei was born to a clan of Yukki Onna's called the Kuromihe, and since he was born a Fire Yokai he was cast out, and grew up with a grudge against his birthplace and a longing for a home. You can make him learn how to use ice by making it an arch about Hiei coming terms about the past and forgiving those who ruined his life while training so he can come full circle on his revenge trip.

For Yusuke I would like him to master Sacred energy and all the Abilities Shisui had, the abilities that Yusuke has in cannon, and obtain all the same power his friends have and the new one's I have listed. The reason why I want this to happen is this. At the beginning of YuYu Hakusho Yusuke is a punk with no friends and constantly gets in trouble and only really looks out for himself at the beginning in the series, him learning all the skills and obtaining all the powers I mentioned would show how far he has come from that punk he used to be by him learning discipline from training, how to use his mind by studying and meditating, how to value life from his near death experiences, how power should be used because of all his fights and value the world around you by traveling and solving cases and show the bonds he made throughout his journey and give him the power he has to overcome any obstacle in his way just like cannon.

Here is who I think each of the girls should be paired with.

Paring number one, Kurama/Rosswiess. My reason for this is simple, they both have a lot in common, they are both intellectual geniuses, they have both have gotten the short end of the stick in life, and I think a romance between a former bad boy turned good guy paired with a good girl would fit perfectly.

Paring number 2, Kuwabara/Yukina. If you are a fan do I need to explain why?

Paring number 3, Yusuke/Rias/Akeno/Xenovia/Kuroka/Keiko/Ravel Phenex. Do I really need to explain why? These I feel are the best girls for Yusuke Urameshi and his development.

Paring number 4. Issei/Asia/Koneko/Irina, This is as cannon I want it to be if Issei is going to be in it with the changes in parings with this crossover that I think would fit perfectly for the characters. If he is not going to be in it, Yusuke gets Issei's cannon powers and the Girls in this paring slot.

Paring number 5. Hiei/Mukuro it is almost confirmed cannon.

For the other members of the YuYu Hakusho casts paring see the manga and who hooks up with whom in the manga.
Count chaos chapter 45 . 10/12/2017
Sorry for the late review, been busy with college and other stuff, but I have some time for a short review now. This new chapter for ADKoT is really good. I like the bonding moments in this one, especially the one for Nanako and Marie. Slowly but surely, Johnny is opening himself up more and more... Though without a few minor hiccups from time to time. Aggressive hiccups that scare his little sister. But still, progress none the less. Anyway, I liked the ending of the chapter especially as it gives us not only King Moron's last thoughts, but also a very horror themed ending. Fitting for the Halloween Spirit I say! Anyway, this is an amazing chapter and I hope to see more of this story very soon!
the Zogg chapter 45 . 10/10/2017
Coming off the double dose of Shadow Rise and Shadow Teddie and the Social Links entering their more serious phases A Different Kind of Truth is definitely becoming more dark and dramatic even before you add what you've done with Mitsuo in the picture.

Once again Mitsuo is always the guy I forget when I think back on Persona 4 but you turning him into a Stephen King villain goes a long way to making him much more memorable, like, he's more pathetic in a disturbing way as well as more viscous rather than coming off as a whiny bitch who everyone forgets about. I get the feeling that Shadow Mitsuo is going to stick in the Not-IT's memories for awhile.
Priest Bootylicious chapter 45 . 10/9/2017
That last part with King Moron gave me chills. Very good writing.
Omegamorph chapter 45 . 10/9/2017
Well the Dark Tower turned out much different in this universe. I've heard reviews, but will only read the book after I see the movie. That way I won't be dissapointed the first time around.
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