Reviews for Spoils of War
lordvaatithewindmage chapter 23 . 4/25
Poor Tony, but he's free now! I loved the story!
dfeels chapter 1 . 2/21
wow... just wow...
I did not expect the ending but I guess in some way that's what Loki would do. yeah
their views are too different and there's no way in hell that tonys going to say loki's right because he truly believes. and loki's not going to understand because he's not going to listen. (also its my headcanon that your story claimed is going to happen in this universe somehow later on)

moira hawthorne chapter 23 . 1/25
cant say I enjoyed it... I read it... its well written... but so sad... so terribly sad... it hurt to read... all the way thru
Guest chapter 20 . 4/5/2017
Wow, can't wait to see what happens next
Guest chapter 15 . 4/4/2017
Love it. Interesting story
Guest chapter 14 . 4/4/2017
Love it, great story
Guest chapter 13 . 4/4/2017
Love it.
Guest chapter 11 . 4/4/2017
Amazing story
Guest chapter 10 . 4/4/2017
Wow, this was wierd in a good way I think, and realy interesting. You are creative.
Guest chapter 9 . 4/4/2017
I don't know how to compliment you enough. This is super interesting. And I like how Loki is not just made out to be this evil bad gay, you write him in a way that makes it easy to fell sympathy for him. You're a great writer.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/4/2017
This is amazing, I love it
Guest chapter 5 . 4/4/2017
Wow, amazing
Guest chapter 4 . 4/4/2017
Guest chapter 3 . 4/4/2017
Love it
Guest chapter 2 . 4/4/2017
This is incredible. It's so interesting. I finishd reasing poetic justise yesterday, wich was amazing. This is the first fic I've read were Loki wins, so I'm realy exited to see what happens next.
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