(A/N: Okay so I started to read the Hobbit/LOTR again, and began to watch the movies. And then I accidently got too into the beautiful fictional world created by J.R.R Tolkien. I'll quickly give a little background to Rune: she is my OC, and the half sister of Boromir and Faramir, she is younger than both and is the bastard daughter of Denethor. She wants to prove to her father she isn't just a simple servants daughter anymore, so yeah, I thought of this while studying for History so I hope this story is as good as I hope it will be :) Please enjoy and feel free to review)

"Boromir! Boromir, I am begging you brother, please do not go!" Rune called for her brother to halt as he began to pack his luggage, knowing that he was going to Rivendell on their father's command.

"There is naught you can say little sister, to make me disobey father." He stated plainly, placing the luggage onto the waiting horse. As he turned away, Rune took her chance and blocked Boromir from the luggage. He tried to side step her but was instantly blocked by Rune, who had no mind to allow him to continue to pack.

"Rue, no offence, but I'd rather get this done sooner rather than later. We can play once I return." Once again Boromir was cut off by the small girl, her honey coloured hair hanging lose, past her shoulders.

"If I cannot persuade you to stay, at least allow me to come with you?" She bargained, crossing her arms. Boromir narrowed his eyes as his little sister stayed in front of him, her long grey dress typical of a servant.

"I am not taking you, it could be filled with too many dangers, and you are- you are only…"

"A woman!" Rune finished off for her brother, now her own golden eyes narrowing. She straightened her back, and kept her eyes on him, watching his movements carefully.

"Well, yes dear sister, and if father were to find out, he'd be filled with rage." Boromir tried to explain, but his sister refused to heed his warnings.

"Would it really matter to father were I went? I am a bastard child in his eyes, and even Faramir is not as cared for as yourself." Rune whispered softly, her eyes searching her brother's face carefully, Boromir kept his eyes on his younger sister for a moment and noticed that her face was set straight, she was not moving until given the answer that she wanted, if it wasn't for the knowledge of them having different mothers, even he would have thought they were full blooded siblings.

"You truly want to go, don't you?" He asked her softly, she gave a swift nod, her hair falling slightly over her shoulders.

"Of course I do, I have to prove that I am our father's daughter, to prove that I am a woman of Gondor." Boromir felt almost cruel if he had left his sister here, he knew the journey would be long, and they would spend more time outdoors in the cold than in the warmth indoors.

"I will speak with father, and ask him if he will allow it, I make no promises." Before he could thought about what was going on, Rune had ran forward, wrapping her arms tightly around her brothers' broad shoulders, burring her head into the nape of his neck.

"I thank you so very much brother, I cannot believe you will do this for me." She gushed, holding him tightly, hesitantly, Boromir hugged his younger sister back, surprised by his sisters sudden outburst.

"I understand little one; but please remember that I make no promise."

"Yes! Yes! I understand!" Without much notice she let go and grinned, "I will just go pack my things shall I, and get my horse ready? Should I pack light? Of course I should! But I should pack what I need! Essentials only!" Rune cried, running from the stables towards the main servant building to collect her things. Boromir couldn't help but chuckle as he shook his head as he left to ask his father what he thought of the whole deal.


"What do you mean? Bring her?" Denethor questioned his son, who sat in front of him on one knee. He looked down at him, clutching the arms of his thrown.

"I mean what I said father, I wish to bring Rune with me, but I want her to come with me as a woman of Gondor." The command was simple enough, even if part of it was of his own design.

"I still do not understand, if it were your brother, I'd understand but it is a servant girl-"

"She is my sister!" Boromir interrupted his father, instantly regretting it as soon as the words left his mouth. Boromir waited for his father's reply, silently, keeping his head down.

"You feel strongly about this, my son?" The Steward asked, Boromir merely nodded in return, his father sat back, and seemed to contemplate the issue before nodding. "If you believe she will make a good companion then take her, do as you wish, do not make me regret this." Boromir nodded his head happily.

"Thank you father." He rose, bowing slightly he left the room, knowing that he would have to get the news to his sister as soon as possible.


Once Boromir reached his sisters chambers, he stood at the door, not knowing whether to knock or not, until he heard the cursing coming from inside.

"Rune?" He called, opening the door slightly, his eyes widened as he stared at all the belongings cluttering the room. "What in the name of Middle-Earth?" Boromir muttered, looking around his sisters room with shock on his face, garments of a multitude of colour laid around the room, along with many personal belongings in which he had never seen before.

"Oh, hello, brother…er…I think I need a little help?" She murmured, glancing around the room, a blush settling deeply on her cheeks. Boromir sighed as he walked into his sister room, rolling his eyes at the mess, he picked up a light purple dress from the floor.

"I think you should bring this, and," he scooped down and picked up a spring green dress, "this one." He handed the two dresses to his sister with a shrug, Rune grinned as she placed them in a bag.

"What other ones?" She questioned, allowing Boromir to walk around her room, handing her a variety of clothing, ranging from dresses to tunics, from belts to shoes and hair ties, making sure that she would have plenty to wear for both the journey to Rivendell and for when they arrive. He picked out the most suitable and feminine whether tunic or dress, wanting to make sure that his sister would be comfortable for the long journey ahead.

"Okay, that is your bag full, need you any more?" He asked, keeping his tone level as she shouldered the bag.

"No, no more brother." Rune smiled as she began to leave the room, Boromir lifted his hand to block her way.

"Wait, little one, I have two things to ask…why didn't you ask if father had allowed you to go?" Rune grinned nervously and nudged the stone floor of her room with her toe.

"Well…" she giggled nervously, "I was going to go whether he said yes or no, because you said I could come." Boromir once again sighed, she was a sneaky child at times.

"Fine, and the second…won't you be cold?" Her eyes widened in shock, of course, she was traveling a journey that was at least ninety days on horseback, and the seasons would change before she knew it.

"O, yes, but I haven't got a cloak brother!" Rune began to panic, how would she be able to go on an adventure without a cloak to keep her warm, she was such a terrible adventurer already, no wonder Boromir had hesitated when she had made to go with him.

"Relax little on, you may borrow one of mine." Boromir spoke softly.


"So, I must say goodbye to both of you in one go?" Faramir asked both his siblings, looking from Boromir to Rune, both sitting on their horses, cloaks dangling off the horses. His sisters grey dress swung around the stirrup iron that she had placed her feet into.

"I'm afraid so, Fara…although I swear we shall be back soon, we won't leave you alone for long." Rune smiled kindly, her blond hair that had once hung lose now in a single plait down her back so to keep it out of the way as she rode.

"You keep our brother safe, Rue, you know what he is like around the other Men." Rune giggled, nodding her head. Boromir narrowed his eyes, glaring dangerously at his brother.

"Should you not be telling me to care for her?" Boromir questioned only to see his brother shake his head.

"Not in the slightest brother, she doesn't need anyone to take care of her, have you seen her with a blade?" Faramir questioned, only for his sister to now glare at him.

"Ah yes, says the brother who buys her such beautiful clothes." Boromir teased as his horse snorted in annoyance, ready to be rode into the open road.

"She is a Lady of Gondor, of course she should own such beautiful clothes, now the pair of you go, before it gets too late, it is a long journey to Rivendell." Faramir smiled at his siblings as the both bid farewell, his sister ruffled his hair as her horse began to walk, leaving their brother alone to guard Gondor they both began to pick up speed, a company of men following in their steed.