I remember reading a book the day I met him. It detailed my mother's adventures, and I loved it. I was in the garden that day, basking in the pale morning light. I was alone for once, the way I liked to be. I disliked the useless prattle that many of the nobles insisted upon.

"Such a lovely face to be hidden behind a book." I leaped at the sound of his voice. It was a silky baritone, and reminded me of velvet. The owner of that voice matched it perfectly. He was tall and breathtakingly handsome, with dark eyes, angular features, and a strong jaw line. His hair was dark and expertly tousled while still managing to look formal. He wore a white coat with black lining and an exceptionally tall top hat. I looked him over quickly before meeting his eyes.

"If you're here just to flatter me, don't. I'm not in the mood for such things." My tone was sharp and I spoke honestly. I was tired of men fawning over me simply because I was the Princess. I had not the time for such nuisances, and I was quick to let each of them know. My brother often chastised me for rejecting them so quickly, telling me that I would eventually have to marry. I always pointed out the eventually in his sentence and he would shrug, a helpless smile creeping onto his face. He hated the attention just as must as I.

"Such a cold response! Surely you don't intend to push everyone away like this..." I felt a blush warm my cheeks at his words, as thoughts of Elliot crossed my mind. I certainly didn't push him away. I watched as the man smiled, and I once again found myself admiring him. I looked away from him and my eyes moved to my mother's statue.

"Why are you here?" I asked coldly, his eyes meeting my fiery grey ones. I had always liked my eyes, simply because they weren't normal. Most people's eyes were blue or green or brown, but mine were a pale grey with flecks of gold. Walter said they were just like my mother's. I wouldn't know though, she died just after I was born. Mere minutes after I was born, or so I'm told. He took on a hurt appearance, though it was obviously fake.

"I merely wanted to meet the notorious Princess. I am your brother's new business partner, Reaver." I nodded quaintly, giving him a small smile for the sake of being well mannered. I met his eyes and found myself faced once more with a surprising depth.

"Pleasure to meet you Mister Reaver. My name is Katarina." I extended my hand for him to shake it, and could not help the blush that followed when he brought it to his lips. His lips lingered on my skin for longer than was strictly necessary, and his eyes never left mine. He finally let go of my hand and I hastily returned it to my lap. His lips curves up in a dangerous smirk and I cannot deny the shiver that went down my spine as he looked at me.

"I'll ah, be going now." I said, flustered. He nodded slightly in acknowledgement of my words before I looked away. I grabbed my book and stood hastily, rushing inside. I thought that might be the last I saw of him, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Sorry for the short chapter! I have high hopes for this story, and am quite excited about it! I have not dropped any of my others for this one though, so do not fear if you happen to be fond of them. Thanks for reading!

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