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''Stay on the phone with me'', Maura whispered, pulling the thin duvet over her shoulders.

''Okay'', Jane replied on the other end in the same whisper.

The silence was comfortable, though this particular thing had never happened before. They could hear each other breathe into the phone, but there was no need for words to be exchanged. A lot could be said, yes; but neither wanted to have a conversation that would inevitably lead to an argument.

It had all started three months ago, and Maura in particular, felt she was sinking under water.

''I'm going to hang up now'', the blonde said hurriedly. And just as quickly, pressed the 'end' button of her mobile phone. She could feel it about to happen, so she quickly had to get off the phone. There is nothing she hated more than arguing with Jane. They had had their fair share of disagreements, yes; but Maura hated this particular one more because she knew Jane was guilty. In the past when they'd argue for whatever big or little thing, the brunette would stand her ground, never letting her views go unheard. Even in the tragic event when Jane had shot Doyle, the brunette didn't let Maura accuse her quietly. But now, for some time now, Jane had let Maura yell and hardly ever defended herself, opting only to offer apologies – at times not even knowing what for.

Maura was quick to shed tears when it came to Jane….or Joyleen – she just couldn't help herself. And as the darkness and emptiness of their bedroom enveloped her, Maura silently cried herself to sleep once again. She was counting. Tonight was the second night she was sleeping without the love of her life. But all in all, since the day Jane had proposed, it had amounted to five nights. Very few it was, by any standard, but way too much according to Maura. She wanted no night apart from Jane. And it didn't help that her partner had been, on all occasions, strangely evasive about what is was that she was really doing.

Three months ago Jane had gone to 'Rhode Island'. Maura even thought of this in quotations, because she wasn't entirely convinced that Angela's cousin Theresa lived in Rhode Island. On top of that, the blonde couldn't find a logical reason as to why she wasn't invited to come along. Jane had come back from work and simply said,

''Me and Ma are going over to see her cousin tomorrow. She's not feeling well''

''Oh I'm sorry. What's wrong with her?'', she had inquired.

''Something with her heart or whatever. She's in hospital and I couldn't let Ma go alone''

''Where does she live?'', Maura had placed a comforting hand on Jane's back, hoping to provide whatever comfort she could.

''Uhhh, Rhode Island. Listen'', Jane had quickly moved away, ''don't worry about it. I'm sure it's nothing serious and she's just being dramatic like Ma often is. Me and her won't be gone long''

And from the look on her face, Jane had realized that Maura had been – understandably – of the assumption that they would be going together.

''Just stay here Maur. Joyleen will be over for the weekend and there's no need to be travelling all that way when she'll probably want to rest''

What had raised Maura's suspicion about all of it was the fact that Jane hadn't even asked her. Jane always asked her. Given the fact at that time, Maura would more than likely not even have gone. True, Joyleen would be home from school and it wasn't logical to drag her all the way to Rhode Island. And there was no way Maura was going to leave her at Hope's house – and miss the opportunity to spend with her daughter because she was going to another state to see someone she didn't even know? No. But Jane had taken away the autonomy from her to make that decision, and it pissed her off, and worried her all at the same time.


After that impromptu trip, Maura had noticed some hushed conversations between Jane and their family and friends. On three occasions the brunette had driven on her own to pick and drop their daughter from school, claiming (jokingly but seriously) that they were just bonding.

''You know one of the things I hate the most Jane?'', Maura raised her voice. This was a couple of days ago before Jane had left to go (once again) to see her aunt Theresa.

''Maur'', Jane said patiently. Hoping the argument wouldn't escalate.

''No Jane, stay right where you are'', she lifted her hand to indicate that Jane should move no further. ''I hate being perceived as weak. I don't like it when people think that I can't handle things. When people take it upon themselves to hide things from me, assuming they are protecting me. I hate it'', she said in a deadly voice. ''this is the last time I am going to ask you what it is you are up to''

And she was serious. She'd had it up to her neck with the secrecy that was going on, and she was having none of it any longer.

And as she predicted, Jane had claimed nothing was going on and had apologized, reminding Maura profusely of how much she loved her.

It didn't help much.

Inside, Jane was a mess. A whirl of emotions where wreaking havoc within her. She was beyond excited, but because it was partially at the expense of Maura's happiness for the time being, it hurt her as well. It had been three months of being elusive with her partner, and she hated it. She loved Maura more than anything, and had repeatedly vowed to never be the cause of her pain or discomfort. But for the past three month she had been just that. And from the argument they had had before her departure, Jane was absolutely sure she had stretched Maura's patience to the limit.

Thankfully, she wouldn't have to do it again.

''Morning beautiful'', Jane greeted enthusiastically.

''Hi'', Maura answered; trying to orient herself from the state of sleep she'd just been pulled out of.

''Come on, get up Maur'', Jane said, practically jumping up and down on her stop.

''It's really early Jane, I'm surprised you're up'', Maura said squinting her eyes at her phone's screen to see what time it was.

Jane smiled. Even when they argued, one of them would soon enough come along. And it also helped that Maura was just waking up so her brain might not have caught up to the fact that she was rather unhappy with Jane at the moment. Nonetheless,

''Listen honey, I can't make it back today''

There it was.

Maura was two seconds away from hanging up.

''WAIT'', Jane tried to stop her as fast as she could. ''Just give me a minute, please''

''What is it this time Jane?''

''Would you please come over, and spend the weekend with me?''

''What!'', that was unexpected.

''Uhhhh, Aunt Theresa is feeling better and she apparently wants to go to the beach'', Jane laughed a bit. ''I think her time in hospital gave her a bit of a scare and she says she now wants to, and I quote, 'live her life to the fullest'''

''So you want me to come to the beach with you?'', Maura asked, voice devoid of any particular emotion.

''Please'', Jane said sweetly. ''We're going to Cape Cod''

''Jane…'', Maura sighed. She was slightly relieved that Jane was finally including her in this whole Aunt Theresa business but she wasn't particularly keen on heading over to Cape Cod on the whim.

''Just hear me out honey. Joyleen has class till 12pm and hockey practice till you go to collect her at four. And don't be mad'', she paused for a second, ''I asked her coach for a pardon just for today''


''So you can get her as soon as she's out of class and head over here''

''You can't just excuse her from her extra-curricular activities so we can go to the beach Jane. We have all weekend anyway, what's the immediate hurry?''

''Ahh, you see, that's the thing. I sorta kinda booked tickets for you guys. Plane leaves at one-thirty''


''I know I know I know. I didn't want you to say no so I did that. And I know you are gonna be mad at me'', she quickly added. ''I just want you to know that you're allowed to slap me as soon as you get here''

And that at least got Maura to chuckle. ''don't think that I won't do it Jane Rizzoli''

''And you'll be allowed to'', the brunette smiled.

''I wish you could give me some of that happy energy you have this morning''

''Well, I'll have you know that we're on our way to the beach as we speak. That's why I'm so excited I suppose''

''Well good for you - skipping work, making your girlfriend angry and hurt and leaving her all alone''

''I'm sorry for that babe. And I promise you-''

''I know that song Jane. You promise you will make it up to me big time. I've been hearing it for many weeks now. This girl'', she gestured to herself even though Jane couldn't see her, ''is starting to lose her patience''

''I have the whole weekend to make it up to you, I'm pretty confident I can pull it off''

''I dare you'', Maura challenged her.

''Get your ass over here and I'll prove it''

''Fair enough''

''I took the liberty of emailing you your travel arrangements and I'll personally meet you at the airport''

''If you think that will make up for the stress you've been putting me through these past couple months you're mistaken Detective''

''I'll have you know that I knew what I was getting myself into when I started this relationship with you Doctor Isles, I got this'', she said confidently.

''I hope so. I have to get ready for work Jane''


After getting ready for work Maura went through her few emails. She had the weekend off, and her message from Jane indicated that her flight from Boston with Joyleen was in fact headed to Nantucket, where Jane specified – again in the email – that she'd be waiting for them upon arrival. The whole thing appeared strange to the doctor, but she was just thrilled to enjoy the sun at the beach with her two favourite girls in the world.

Work was the usual, although Susie as well as her assistant Christina (whom she'd become close friends with since she hired her when Joyleen suddenly came into her life - permanently) where absent from work for the first time. Text messages from them stated that Susie was consulting with another lab about their previous cold case and Christina was a little unwell.

Maura left her office in time to make it to Joyleen's school after the semi-long drive at precisely 12:10pm. Her daughter was surprisingly out of class and ready to go. The thirteen, almost fourteen, year old was super excited about their trip to the extent that she didn't even mind that Maura had packed clothes for her. Yes, her mother was a fashion goddess, but that only applied to 'adult apparel'. When it came to clothes for her daughter, she knew quality, but not teenage trends.

Boarding and setting off was uneventful at best. It was a short flight and the journey was filled with talk from Joyleen about how her school week had been. Before they knew it, they were landing in Nantucket.

To Maura utter discontentment, Jane was not there to pick them up. She knew she should have been slightly pleased, to finally meet Aunt Theresa and to learn that she was well, but she really wasn't. She wanted to see her Jane, her lover who had repeatedly promised that she'd been waiting to pick them up from the airport.

She was angry, put in simple words.

But her anger slowly, and then completely dissipated as their rented car drove up a long driveway leading to a house by the beach. Joyleen didn't appear too stunned, she had seen the pictures Jane sent her, and was well aware of what was happening.

Maura Isles was a good woman. The best damn woman in the world. She was sunshine and stars, rainbows and fireworks – everything beautiful in the universe. And she was Jane's world, Jane's everything. The woman deserved the best wedding. Not a big flashy expensive wedding, no. Just the best wedding. Her day. A day when everyone else would appreciate her in all her gorgeous glory.

The thing about weddings that often pissed Jane off was the pressure. The constant up and down and headaches seemed a little unnecessary to Jane. it was often the bride who was the most stressed or tired on her big day. And to Jane, that was just wrong. She didn't want Maura worrying for months on end before the wedding. She didn't Maura staying up on several nights handling wedding preparations. She didn't want her beautiful, gorgeous Maura failing to sleep the night before because of nerves and worrying that something might go wrong. The point of it all was for the wedding to be fun and enjoyable. The bride should be happy and relaxed.

And that's why Jane had planned a surprise wedding.

Obviously – as it turned out to be – Maura wasn't freed from stress. Jane hadn't anticipated that putting together an entire wedding without her fiancée's knowledge was going to strain their relationship. It was a different kind of stress Maura endured, but stress nonetheless.

In the beginning, when Maura had made it clear how unhappy she was with whatever Jane was doing that she didn't know of, the brunette had briefly considered just letting Maura know and forgetting the surprise aspect of it altogether. But after weighing the options – and eventual results – she concluded that about two months of misplaced mild stress wouldn't kill Maura.

And it hadn't.

Up until the very last minute when Maura was indeed about to burst.

''What's going on?'', Maura asked as she exited the car. Joyleen had already run off towards the back entrance of the house while Maura stood with Aunt Theresa, mouth agape.

Before the older woman could answer, Jane emerged from the front door. She was a vision, all long dark hair and dimples. Maura felt breathless as Jane effortlessly carried into a strong hug. ''Hey love'', she said into Maura's hair.

''Hi'', the blonde giggled as Jane put her down.

''Sorry I couldn't come to pick you up. Come with me'', Jane took her hand leading her into the house.

''What's all this?'', Maura asked, gesturing to the activity around them. The house was somewhat isolated, with neighbours a good distance away. It was a sizable two-story blue house with a private beach at the back and semi-detached cottage. There were a number of cars however, with men taking some sort of… into the back. And walking into the house, Maura could hear a lot of chatter and laughing on the porch indicating that there were a number of people present as well. ''Was that Angela?'', she asked as Jane led her up the stairs. It wasn't possible to miss the matriarch's voice anywhere.

''Ya'', was all Jane offered as they entered one of the bedrooms. ''Come see'', the brunette urged, closing the door behind them.

''OH MY GOD!'', Maura gasped as she looked out the window. It was a clear view of…everyone. And everything that was going on. Angela stood amiably with Constance and Richard Isles, who looked clearly out of their element. Hope and the 'sick' Christina were happily chatting with Susie and Frost, while Tommy and Lydia fussed over TJ. Frankie, with his and Frost's girlfriend were having what appeared to be a swell time with Cailin and Joyleen and three of her best friends – who had brought their parents who were chatting with Cavanagh and, ''is that Rondo?''

''Bet your vanilla ass it is'', Jane said lightly smacking Maura's bottom.

They both laughed. People down there paired very strangely, and from where they were, it was a very funny view. What could Rondo honestly have to say to the wealthy parent of a fourteen year old girl. Or a twenty year old Cailin have to say to a thirty year old male detective standing by his girlfriend. Yes, it was awkward. But they were all smiles and seemed happy, and that's what mattered.

''Jane what is all this?'', Maura asked seriously. She didn't dare hope. Down the beach, she could see the men 'setting up'.

''Remember this morning, when you dared me to make it up to you big time''


''Well, yeah. This is it''

Maura just stared at her blankly.

''Of late, I haven't been very…forthcoming'', Jane continued. ''I have lied to you, and I'm sorry. I wanted to do this for you, but I just didn't know how else. And it hurt me that I hurt you, and I felt so bad all those times you were angry at me''

Maura hadn't responded yet, verbally or otherwise, she was still standing by the window, watching the outside activities and Jane interchangeably.

The brunette walked over cautiously, went one knee and took Maura's left hand in hers. ''I love you Maura, more than anything in this world. And today, will you...will you become my wife, and I yours?''.

Punctuated with a kiss on Maura's engagement ring.

''I was planning this wedding for you – for us. It's not big, or extremely fancy. Just our friends and family''

And the waterworks began.

''Oh Jane'', Maura finally said, pulling Jane up so she could kiss her. ''It's perfect''

''But it hasn't even started Maura, you might not like it'', Jane laughed.

''I will. I know it. It will be perfect''. Maura squeezed Jane extra hard before letting her go, ''I can't believe you did all this without letting me know. It must have been so hard''

''You think'', Jane snorted while shaking her head.

''On that note, I do believe I have permission to slap you for what I endured in the process''

''Heeeey, I thou-'', before she could finish it Maura had lightly slapped her cheek already. And as luck had it, Angela chose just that second to walk in.

''OH'', she gasped at witnessing the violent act (as it appeared to be).


''Oh Maura honey'', Angela walked towards Maura. ''Are you that upset? Jane thought it would be wonderful, and we've all been helping wi-''

''Ma'', Jane said – exasperated.

''It's uhhh'', Maura blushed, feeling thoroughly embarrassed at having been caught by her soon-to-be mother-in-law slapping her soon-to-be wife just hours before their wedding. ''It's not that''

''Oh no, what happened?'', Angela looked frantically between the two of them.

''Nothing happened Ma. Do you knock? We were just…'', she waved her hand in the air trying to grab a description for something blatantly obvious.

''But she slapped you baby. What did you do?'', Angela looked furiously at her daughter. Of the two, she was the one most likely to cause problems – or so everyone thought.

''We were just playing around'', Jane offered. It sounded so juvenile, yet it was the truth.

''Like that?''

''Yes Ma, adults can fool around too you know''

''Oh'', Angela said, some form of comprehension dawning on her.

''What? What is that face Ma?'', Jane could now see her mother backing up towards the door.

''I'm not that old you know. I'm still familiar with the various methods of fore-play''

''Seriously Ma, just leave'', and this time when Jane shut the door, she locked it. ''I think I would have been better if she thought you were upset about the wedding, as opposed to that'', she pointed to where her mother had been standing.

''I'm so humiliated Jane'', Maura said. ''What will she think of me?''

''Other than that we're rough in bed?''


''Come on Maur. She's too excited about the wedding to even remember once she gets downstairs''

''But still''

Jane pulled her in for a kiss before she could worry further, digging her fingers into Maura's scalp. They hadn't kissed in two days, hadn't fucked in seven. It felt like a lifetime. And when Maura moaned and began grinding into Jane, the brunette reluctantly pulled away.

''I think we should leave this for after the wedding''

''I hate to agree with you. And Jane…''

''I know honey. You were just messing around with the slap. And I gave you the go-ahead remember''

''Yes, I just wish your mother-''

''My mother will be alright''

The weather couldn't have been more perfect – bright blue sky and a lovely warm sunshine. After Maura had learned of her surprise wedding, she'd been forbidden to go onto the beach until the ceremony. Everyone else came into the house to greet and congratulate her, while last minute preparations were made.

It was nothing like the wedding she'd ever hoped for. In fact, the events unfolding could never have been imaginable – not even in her most creative dreams. Granted, the adoptive-mother/birth-mother relationship couldn't under any circumstance go smoothly, but they managed it just fine. Hope was respectful enough to appreciate that this moment was for Constance, and not hers. She'd painfully joked with Angela saying she'd have her moment when Cailin's big day came along. So Constance, regardless of her slightly detached attitude, helped her daughter get dressed. Joyleen was also around, offering her moral support by telling her mom how absolutely gorgeous she was.

And the time came faster than Maura could blink. Everyone was neatly sitted in their positions by the beach, where a make-shift aisle and alter had been designed.

All of Maura's breath was completely knocked out of her lungs as Richard Isles walked her down the aisle. It was beautiful, as simple as that.

Jane hadn't picked any colours really, mostly out of fear of getting it wrong. The alter was decorated with white lace and brown logs at the top, while chairs were left transparent and garnished with white and pale yellow roses.

Yes, it was beautiful.

And to everyone's surprise, Jane had worn a dress.

Yes, a dress!

It was a white thin strapped long dress that went all the way to her bare feet. Her brunette locks were tied in a bun; lose tendrils lazily being blown by the wind. She worn no jewellery, but looked absolutely breathtaking.

Slowly, and shakily, Maura walked down the aisle in her father's arm. Joyleen had picked her dress when the girl had gone shopping with Jane some weeks back. Maura couldn't have been any more proud when her daughter presented the dress to her. Strapless, short, white, layered – it was nothing short of perfect. She had let her hair down, and secured it with a thin white band to prevent the wind wreaking havoc on it. Her last touch was the white dangling earrings she adorned, and she looked like the perfect wife as she approached Jane.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and after exchanging vows Joyleen and her friends threw rose petals at them as they walked down the aisle hand in hand, as wives now. Maura congratulated herself at how well she had held herself together throughout the entire ceremony. She'd been deeply touched and so close to pulling Jane into an embrace and just crying out for a long time. But she'd waited. Well, until it was all over and she'd wept while praising her now-wife for all she'd done.

After the mingling and congratulations, everyone was hungry. The sun had set by this time, and if they thought the afternoon was beautiful they were proved wrong. The sky had turned purple and the atmosphere was serene.

Jane had gone all out.

A make-shift bar had been put by the beach as well. It was more like a lounge of sorts. There were couches and tables beautifully decorated. Surrounding it all were some beautifully draped pillars. It looked very intimate and welcoming with little fire-stands scattered around. It was so comfortable and everyone had the chance to eat and mingle while they reminisced about the wonderful day they'd all shared – the official joining together of their loved ones.


''Why aren't we joining everyone else?'', Maura wondered as Jane walked her off in another direction.

''Because we need some us time''

''Isn't that for tonight?'', the blonde joked.

''Yeeeees, but this is a different us time. Come''

And once again Maura's mind was blown away.

There were lights on the beach sand manipulated into swirls on opposite sides. In the middle was yet another aisle which, this time, led to a small table set for two. Jane took her brides arm and walked to the table with her.

''This kind of thing can make a woman feel very special Jane''

''I should hope so'', Jane said, pulling Maura in for an unreserved kiss. Maura was quick to grant her tongue entry, resulting in a moan that Jane immediately sucked in. All too quickly, for both of them, it ended. ''I love you''

''I love you too Jane. Thank you'', she began to choke up. ''for all of this. It's the best thing anyone has ever done for me''

''I would do it a thousand times over honey. For you….it's a pleasure''. And she pulled Maura's chair out for her, and sat opposite her on hers.

''Wow'', Maura breathed again, taking in her surroundings. It hadn't gone completely dark, but the purple sky had given everything around them a whole new look.

''I figured with everything, we could do with a little time alone'', Jane said shyly. ''I sorta sprung everything on you''

''It was perfect Jane'', Maura assured her. The food sat untouched before them, while they took a moment to just relish in each other's undivided attention.

''I want to apologize Maura, for the way things have been since I started panning this''


''No, I know. I didn't like keeping things from you and lying. Maybe there was a smarter way to do it''

''Yeah, together'', Maura joked again.

''But that would take the surprise element away''

''So I guess there was no other way''. Maura took her hand and kissed the wedding band that now sat on her tanned finger. ''if you had another chance, would you do it the same way?''

''Yes. Although I'd make sure to be a bit more tactful'', she laughed, ''but I would do it again Maura''

''Good. And just so you know, you did more than make it up to me big time. I can't believe we're married'', Maura squealed, glancing at her ring for confirmation. ''It's a dream come true, really, it is''

''You gave me everything I never thought I even needed Maura. I've never been happier in my life. You're the best best-friend; we have a wonderful daughter and a lovely home. I'll be here for you Maura, for the rest of my life. I'll be there even when I'm mad, or sarcastic, or reckless, or whatever. Just know that I'll be there for you. And there isn't a single thing on earth that could make me stop loving you, not a damn thing''

''Me too Jane. Me too''

And they sealed it off with a kiss.

''To the rest of our lives'', Maura lifted her wine glass to Jane.

''To the rest of our lives'', the brunette echoed. And with the click of their glasses, their future was sealed.

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