The innocence of a charmer


The snow fell over the countryside of New York a women laid in bed looking out her side window to see the snow fall then, she heard voices coming from the door. "Marine please bring the children in here." the women said a women around the age of 20 came from the oak door, the women came in caring two children that where wrapped in a pink and blue blankets she took her children and looked at them, the little boys deformed hand made his amber hair look even redder, but his sister had silver eyes and amber hair but no deformed arm just like her mothers she looked at Marine who was stared to leave, shut the door behind her and started to sing the song that her mother had taught her children. She closed her eyes and started to sing:

Soshite bouya wa nemuri ni tsuite
Ikizuku hai no naka no honoo
Hitotsu, futatsu to

Ukabu fukurami itoshii yokogao
Daichi ni taruru ikusen no
Yume, yume

Gin no hitomi no yuragu yoru ni
Umareochita kagayaku omae
Ikuoku no toshitsuki ga
Ikutsu inori o tsuchi e kaeshite mo

Watashi wa inori tsuzukeru
Douka kono ko ni ai o
Tsunaida te ni KISU o

She opened her eyes and saw that both her children asleep in her arms. She kissed on the top of her children's head and hummed the rest of the song.

Then all that change when the sound of screams coming from outside her home then she saw a man from the train bombing in Assam, not very long ago, "Ashoka what are you doing here." the women said her eyes widen as she saw that in his hand instead of his staff but instead was a bloody knife, she grabbed her children and without holding any staff she closed her eyes, and murmured an old spell and with that she was in a basement safe room and sat her children and once the children down she turned around and there was Ashoka he took the knife to the women's stomach and as well the women said a word and the man started to shack, "You…you little bastarde using the poison spell on me when you left and when I staped you are smart. But they will come for them and they would have killed the coven they know they are his children the coven would have kill them and start a war with them you know it." he said in his Indian accent and fell to the ground. Then the sound of clanging and men wearing loose blouse and loose brown pant each man was holding either a staff or a sword, a man wearing a pentacle around his necked and had silver gray eyes and pepper brown hair he grabbed the women and saw what had happen and he knew what to do he told his comrades to move the and take the women's body to the order along with the mans while he took the girl back to her room. But the boy was no where to be seen only his blanket with his initials A.A.W.

i do not own all the document shown and Ashoka is my charater and if you dont know who A.A.W is then keep on reading and yes Assam is a real place and the boming did happen