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It had a purpose.

Its purpose gave it life.

Until It satisfied this purpose It would not rest, could not be complete, could not have vengeance.

It moved upon the ground, silently, quickly. None could stand in its way. If any did, he consumed them for fuel, energy, spitting out their bones and continuing on. Great distances It moved, getting ever near to his purpose.

So sweet. So tender. A call unlike any other.

It was the ultimate meal, its purpose, its life.

The brightness of the day hurt, so It hid and waited, moving with the dark.

There, among the green hills was its purpose. It quivered with excitement and watched, listened and waited. Soon, it would have life, soon the dark satisfaction of purpose will be had.

Belladonna smiled down at her little boy and ruffled his dark curly hair. How was she so blessed with this child? He sat in her lap as she read him his favorite bedtime story.

"And the cows looked at him with fiery eyes, so he knew that they must be the King of Elfland's cows, and that he was still in the Land of Faery. Then he said to the cow herd: Canst tell me where lies the Dark Tower of the Elfland King?"

"Mother, are there really Elves?" Her son interrupted.

"Yes Bilbo. You might see one in the forest if you are lucky Elves are very light on their feet and you will not see them unless they want to be seen."

"Ohh." He replied with a huge yawn. "I want to find the elves."

"Tomorrow young one. Now, do you want me to read a bit more?" He nodded and she gave a soft smile that he couldn't see and continued.

"And the cow herd answered, 'Nay, that is beyond my ken; but go a little farther and thou wilt come to a hen-wife who, mayhap, can tell thee.'"

Soft quiet snuffs met Belladonna's ears and she gently closed the book, set it down and lifted Bilbo into her arms as she carried him towards his bedroom. As she laid him down he curled up on his side and snuggled into his fluffy pillow as she tucked the blankets around him. She stood there in the soft candle light, her heart catching at the sight at him. Running a hand gently over him, Belladonna bent down and placed a kiss to his curly head.

"Sleep well my son." She whispered.

The door shut quietly behind her and she spotted Bungo at the hearth. His shoulders were hunched over as he stared into the fire.

"Is something a matter?" She asked, going over to him.

"It's nothing. Just an uneasy feeling tonight." His arm went around her and pulled her against him. "Bilbo asleep then?"

"Yes, and he wants to go look for the Elves in the morning."

Bungo just snorted and shook his head. "That may be fine and dandy for you Took's, but he is a Baggins, and we Baggins are very respectable."

She giggled and raised up and placed a quick kiss to his lips. "Oh, yes. I know all about your respectable nature Bungo Baggins. Should I repeat those specific words you said to me to woe my heart?"

His face turned into a nice shade of pink, and blinked a few times, clearing his throat. "Now, why would my sweet wife say such cruel things to her husband?"

"Oh hoshposh, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just you," She gave him a small kiss. "And me." Another kiss. "And I would love to hear those words again."

"Bella." He groaned, pulling her in for a deeper kiss. Even after several years, her stomach still fluttered when she was with Bungo.

A loud crash startled them apart as they looked towards the kitchen.

"What in the world...?" Belladonna asked as she started towards the noise. Bungo pulled her back, a frown on his face. "Bungo?"

"Shhhh." His hand tightened slightly on her wrist. A coldness crept into the room and she shivered. "Who's there?" Bungo called out. No one answered but there was a slithering sound along with sounds of things being thrown off the shelves. It was as if the darkness itself was moving, blocking out any kind of light, trying to suck the existing light into it. And it was slowly heading towards them.

A darker shape moved forward from the blackness, a snake-like appendage twisted its way towards them. Another one crept out along the side of it, slithering up along the wall. The wood creaked and splintered where it touched, paintings fell and crashed to the floor, the wood itself seemed to age and blacken, cracking and splintering where it was touched along with the floor boards as it snake-like things slithered forward. Fog, black and think slowly moved with it, Bella could she her breath forming into white puffs of air as the room grew colder.

"Bungo?" She whispered as they took a step backwards. She glanced down the hallway towards Bilbo's room. Bungo shoved her behind them and they moved another step back. A soft, squishy, slithering sound could be heard and whispered words that made her shudder even though she could not discern the words.

More of the thing pulled itself into the room and if there was a name for the creature, none came to mind of the horror.

"Bilbo Baggins'ssss." It hissed.

Bella looked back towards Bilbo's room as a cold chill washed over her. She started to shiver and not just from the room, but from fear.

"Bella." Bungo. "Go get Bilbo and head over to the Greenhand's." His voice was soft and low. She nodded and ran past him towards her son's room.

But that thing was quicker as one of its tentacles lashed out and wrapped around her. Cold, hot pain washed through her and she screamed before her breath seemed to get sucked from her lungs. Spots danced before her eyes and then she was free, dragging in deep lung full's of air. Bungo was there, helping her up and running down towards Bilbo's room.

She blinked and saw the fire stoker in Bungo's hands, his grip on it was so tight his knuckles had turned white. A piercing scream came behind them, spurring her to hurry even faster. Throwing the door open, Belladonna rushed to her son, scooped him out of bed and ran back out the door where Bungo held the fire poker in front of him as if it were a sword.

"Hurry, run. Don't look back he yelled." As that thing slid smoothly across the floor a lot quicker than it had previously had before. Bella ran, her son clutched to her chest, his own freighted mews spurring her on.


"Mine!" That voice screamed and Belladonna tightened her hold.

She had just reached the front door and had taken a few steps out when another piercing scream rent through the air. This one made her stop short and spin around.

"Bungo!" She screamed as she took a step back towards her home. Her beloved, took a wobbled step out the door before he fell to his knees. He glanced up at her, fear and pain in his eyes. Those eyes that showed nothing but love and kindness. A tight pain constricted her heart and she took a step towards him.

"Protect our son." He whispered. Bella barely heard him and then a black tentacle wrapped around his neck and dragged him backwards.

"NO!" She screamed. Stifling a sob she tightened her grip turned quickly and ran towards their neighbors. Bilbo was shivering in her arms.

It didn't take long, but it still felt like forever as she reached the Greenhand's. There was a soft light coming from within, informing her that someone was still awake. She pounded on the door and didn't stop until it opened.

"Good gracious." Mirium Greenhand cried out. "Belladonna, what happened?" She immediately wrapped an arm around her and pulled her inside. "You're shiverin', where's Bungo?"

"Something," Belladonna took a deep breath. "Something attached us." She reached a hand out an took a firm hold on Mirium, begging with her eyes to believe her. "It was dark and, and, and wrong." She couldn't stop the shiver that ran through her. "It has him, Bungo. I don't...I don't think." A soft sob escaped her as Mirium guided her over towards an arm chair and sat her down.

"There now dear, you're safe here."

Small arms had wrapped around her neck, a face buried into her neck. She rubbed her nose in the soft curls there letting them calm her somewhat.

"I'll gather Arnold and the boys and we will go check it out."

"I will get some tea started." Mirium said, and soon Belladonna had Bilbo sitting on her lap a cut of tea in her hands. Truth be told, she couldn't swallow even the tiniest amount, but the warmth and smell help bolster her up a bit.

The crash had her leaping to her feet, clutching Bilbo against her. He whimpered against her.

"It's coming momma. I can feel it."

"No." She shook her head. "No, I will not let it get you."

"Bella dear?" Mirium said, a concerned look on her face as she stood.

"I have to leave. I need to leave now." Bella told her.

"Don't be silly, Holman will see what the trouble is. You're safe here dear."

A chill swept over Belladonna her breath was picking up in pace again.

"Bilbo. So sweet, juicy. Mine, he is mine."

Mirium frowned and she turned towards the door and Bella's eyes widened. Whatever this fowl thing was, it wanted her son.

"What is the sound?" Mirium Greenhand asked as she headed towards the window.

"No, don't!" Bella yelled at her. Mirium paused and looked back at her and Belladonna could see some fear starting to show in her eyes. Her hand came up to her mouth as she looked back out the darkened window. The whole smial creaked and groaned and Bella took a step back as her eyes scanned the rooms. Bilbo whimpered in her arms and she knew she had to leave, had to get him to safety.

Belladonna fled, down the hallway and towards the backdoor, her son clutched tight in her hands. Even she could fell its darkness behind her and she dared not look back, not even when she heard Miruim scream. It wanted her son, for whatever foul reason, it wanted Bilbo and she would not, could not let it get him.

The night closed in around her as she ran, pausing at the edge of town. The stars shone brilliantly, lighting her path. She could make out the other smial's, dark and quiet, asleep for the night. They were not safe, nowhere was safe for them.

Bungo she thought and stifled a sob.

"Give me what is mine. Give me what I was promised."

No, no, no, by the Valar no. Why was it after her son? What did it want with Bilbo? Bella continued forward, moving with a purpose. The elves. The elves could help her, they would protect her son. A plan had formed, she would get to Bree, obtain a pony and get to the elves. Rivendell, it was her only hope.

When the faint lights of Bree came into few , Belladonna could have wept. Bilbo had long ago fell asleep in her arms. She had travelled all night, too afraid to stop, even though no dark sound had reached her. The Brandywine was up ahead, and a faint light in the East showed that the morning was coming. Exhaustion was threatening her to stop and rest, but fear kept her going.

She headed towards the bridge when it pulled itself from the water before her. A scream ripped from her throat at the hideous creature. It was huge, with no defining shape. Long tentacles sprouted from its body, used as arms and legs as it slithered/moved towards her. Ink black, it seemed to pull shadow and light into it, making the area around it darker than it should have been. Even its eyes, or what looked to be its eyes, where black, but shinier then its body, and then its mouth opened, wide and deep, teeth yellow-black and razor sharp, its tongue blood red reaching towards her.

Belladonna ran along the river's edge, not daring to swim the waters, more than positive that thing would get them before she reached the other side; if she didn't drown first. There was a loud cracking sound and splashing as the bridge was torn free and the creature screamed. It sent cold fear into her heart, making her stumble and fall to the ground. Glancing back she could see it, moving faster then she thought it could. It was taking shape, the tentacles shaping into what looked like legs, giving it a more sturdy purchase on the ground, a longer snout extended from its mouth, the teeth lining all along the insides. It was terrifying to look at.

"Mine, my purpose, my life, give it to me, mine." It kept saying and it was all Belladonna could do to keep from screaming her fear and frustration.

Stumbling to her feet, Bella moved forward, tears falling from her eyes. What was she to do? Hope was failing her. The water's edge flowed over her feet, cold and swift. It soon soaked into the bottom of her dress.

A soft movement got her attention to her right; it was a small boat, big enought to hold a Hobbit for fishing. Bella reached for it and gently set Bilbo inside, tucking the blanket she still had around him a little tighter.

"I need you to be very brave and very quiet now, okay?" She whispered.

"I'm scared." His brown eyes were wide his lower lip quivering.

She gently ran her fingers through his hair and leaned down to depart a kiss on his head. "I know my love, I know. Remember I love you so very much." Bella told him as she pushed the small boat out into the current. "Now stay quiet and keep down." She didn't dare linger, watching long enough to see the current catch it and take it down the river. Her heart seemed to stop briefly and her hand clutched at her breast. She prayed to the Valar, to Yavanna and Aulë and to Eru and to anyone who would hear her to watch over and protect her son, her little Bilbo.

Bending down, she quickly gather up a bundle of the weeds the grew there and pulled them to her breast. That thing was close now, so close she could smell the fowl decay of it.

"You cannot have him." Her words were full of loathing and anger and bravery she did not feel. "He is my son."

The creature made a growling noise as it came closer. Bella turned and ran in the opposite direction of boat. A quick look over her shoulder showed her that it had worked. The thing was after her, and it was moving fast.

Her foot caught and she tumbled down and before she could get back up a slimy, smooth, cold cord-like arm slid around her neck and arms, lifting her easily into the air. She tried to scream, but nothing could get past as her throat was being squeezed tightly.

The creature screamed, a high piercing sound that made terror and dread course through her.

"Where is he? Where is my purpose?"

A cold pain seared through her and she struggled, tears streaking down her checks. Spots danced in her vision even as the wood started to lighten up from the breaking dawn. Her eyes flicked in the direction of the river but could not make it out any longer. Darkness soon claimed her and she knew no more.