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The titans were in the living room playing cards when suddenly the television went on. "Hello, Teen Titans."

"...Control Freak? What do you want?" Robin inquired.

"I'm afraid you have mistaken me, Robin. I am no freak...You do not remember this voice?"

The Titans stared blankly at the Cyborgs face showed with remembrance.

"Master Of Games? You're supposed to be defeated!" Cyborg spat with venom.

"No one defeats me, Cyborg. Now, I am here today to tell you that I have come back with more power, and I want revenge. I have read a book with a ravenous plot, Titans. I want to use the same plot on you, except without a happy ending- for you, anyways. I will be putting you in the Hunger Games. You guys are lucky that I have enough mercy not to just teleport you guys here. I want you to pack a suitcase full- no more than that. More information tomorrow." And before the titans could comment, he phased out the T.V.