"Okay, you ready guys?"

'For the third time, Robin, WE ARE READY." Raven once again confirmed.


Raven sat indian style chanting.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Ziiiinthos..."

She had stopped chanting and now was just hovering in mid-air with her eyes closed.

Raven had just "contacted" one of the people working in the arena workroom. After five minutes, they could slowly see a change in the sky.

The force field was slowly being cut off. They could be free again. 'Why hadn't I thought of this before?' Robin wondered.

Everything was finally working right. They're eyes literally sparkled at the thought of seeing a real sky.

Until Gizmo and Mammoth showed up.

They looked pissed.

"You!" Mammoth pointed at Robin.

"You did this to me!" Mammoth pointed at this big ugly bruise on his head. It was so hideous That all of the titans(except Raven) turned away.

Gizmo spotted Raven.

If they were going to foil their plans, he was going to foil they'res.

"WAKE UP PIT SNIFFER!" He pushed Raven to the ground.


Raven looked at Gizmo with pure shock and anger.

"You- You!" Beastboy was struggling to not choke that fool to death.

So he let it loose another way.

Let's just say that the titans didn't know that he knew that many foul names.

"What did I do?" Gizmo asked with curiosity.

"WE WERE GOING TO GET OUT AND YOU RUINED IT YOU-" Raven covered Beastboys mouth before he could say anymore.

"Ha Ha. Very funny. No one can get out of this arena, lizard breath."

"Like you would know, you never tried." Bumblebee commented.


"Make me."

"Both of you guys shut up." Robin commanded with a vein popping out.

"Raven, is it weak enough for us to go through?"

"Sure. but that doesn't mean we won't be eletricuted on our way out."

"There will be no way out." A voice boomed from a hidden speaker.

The titans looked at the direction from which it came from.

"We have recently discovered someone trying to shut the forcefield down, therefore releasing you. I just wanted to remind you that, if you do, I'll just release the citizens in the arena."

The titans frowned at the thought of that.

Gizmo and Mammoth didn't really care.

"I don't think you wanted-"

The Master Of Games voice was cut off abruptly by sounds of someone tackling him.

All of a sudden the force field around the arena shut off.

Bumblebee even flew up to check. "It's gone!"

The titans watched in amazement as real air began to fly in.

Then a hovercraft flew in. It simply plucked Bumblebee out the sky.

Then the same hovercraft flew towards them and plucked them out the arena.

They were met by a smiling Argent and Kole. The Master of Games was tied up in the corner.

Then Batman entered.

Beastboy and Cyborgs eyes widened and their mouths hit the floor.

Robin just looked annoyed. Raven continued on looking bored.

Starfire kept on glaring at the Master Of Games.

"Hi." That was all Batman had to say.

Cyborg and Beastboy put their hands to their cheeks in amazement. His voice sounded better in person!

"Argent, get them some food. They look like they lost some weight out there. Kole, get Silkie.

"Silkie! Is he okay?"

While Argent and Kole were busy taking care of their needs, Batman went to the control room.

Cyborg and Beastboy turned to each other and said the same thing. "B-B-B-B-BATMAN!"

Argent came back with Silkie in her hands. "Here, Starfire."

"Silkie!" She squeezed her bumgorf happily." You're okay!"

Silkie gurgled in response.

"So, that's it? No beating up the people who were in charge of this?" Robin asked.

"Nahh, we already done that for you. Plus, you guys are in no condition to fight anyways." Argent responded.

"So its over?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

"What about the people who died?"

"They weren't actually dead. The Master Of Games did something so they can be unconcious when they sustained life threatning injuries. They're healing in the other room, matter of fact."

Bumblebee whipped her head towards Argent. "So Mas y Menos are still alive!"


"When can I see them?"

"Tomorrow, if they're awake."

Starfire had heard this conversation and was now glad. For she didn't really kill her sister. She ignored the fact that Blackfire might just want to kill them more now.

Yes, yes I know. Its probably not the ending you expected. Sorry to dissapoint. :p Good news is this will bring my attention to the other story im working on, and im planning on making a new story today. (I work at to stories at a time.) I'm sorry if you epected beastboy and raven to kiss in this story, but i was just gonna keep it to hidden , for this story. By the way, yes all of them are all out the arena now if you didnt catch that.