Okay so this is my first AOT fanfic. Now of course i go for the obvious pairing. ERENXLEVI!

Levi: Dammit don't pair me with him!
Me: Levi! Eren gets to read the diclaimer go away!
Eren: I can't say i'm happy about this.
Me: Shutup and read the disclaimer!
Eren: Mio doesn't own Attack on Titan. If she did why would she write a fic about it? AOT belongs to the japanese people who wrote/directed it. If she did own it, AOT would be Yaoi heaven. On with the fic!

For two months Eren and Levi had been dating. Most people knew but anyone who made fun of them or insulted them proceeded to have the shit beaten out of them by Levi. Eren and Levi were like any couple, Levi gave Eren plenty of hickies. Now Levi usualy did not get drunk. But the guys were having a party and Eren could not come due to the drinking. Levi came home that night and attacked Eren with kisses and hickies. usually Levi put these in places people would not see. But since he was drunk Levi had horrible aim and place one on the side of his neck close to his chin. Everyone could see it.

Levi and Eren walked into the office. Eren pulled his collar up higher tho it didn't help.

"Eren stop twitching you'll make people notice it."Levi muttered. Eren nodded. Both their faces were slightly pink. Levi was extremly embarassed about the little mishap and tried all he could to cover it up to no avail.

Hanji ran up. "Eren, Levi are you coming to the party tonight?" They both shook their heads. "Aww why?" Eren's head tilted down to his shoulders instinctivly and Haji grabbed his chin. She lifted its softly."Levi! I thought you didn't plan on flaunting your relationship!" Levi and Eren's face went cherry red.

"It was an accident. I got drunk!"Levi whispered. Hanji laughed.

"I see why you don't want to come to this one. Thats hard to miss Eren, keep your head down."She skipped off. Eren and Levi headed to the lounge. Eren sat and tried to get his blush to disapear. Levi started cleaning.

"How the hell did it get so dirty in here?" Levi growled and scrubbed obsesivly at the windows. Erwin strode in as Eren looked up and over to Levi.

"Do you want me to help?"Eren spoke softly and Erwin reached under Eren's chin and yanked his head up.

"Eren what did you do?!"Erwin asked and Eren leaned back. He let out a small whimper.

"Ouch." Eren reached up to his neck." That really hurt Erwin!" Levi appeared and tilted Erens head up.

"Were does it hurt?" Levi asked concerned. Eren pointed to his adam's apple. Levi turned to Erwin, his grey eyes bore into him."Apoligize!" He hissed and Eren let his head down.

"Heichou its okay"Eren said softly and Levi looked back at him, he shook his head. Levi took his hand and led him to the mens bathroom. He tried some more cover up. The hickie was now a light pink. Levi kissed Eren lightly and pulled back.

"How's your neck?" Levi asked.

"I'm fine it just hurt cause he yanked." Levi nodded." You just need to..."

Levi looked up at the taller boy. Tho Levi was shorter he was the dominant one." To what?"

"Get better aim Heichou. Seriously go practice!" Eren told him and tried not to laugh as Levi pulled him in for another kiss.

AN: I did it! I wrote a AOT fic! ErenXLevi forever!