Operation White Ghost

A/N: Continues on from 'The Frozen Lake'. Some of this is what I hope will happen in future episodes.

Chapter 1

Kensi grabbed her bag and headed out to the waiting car. Granger was there, driving her to the local naval base, where a plane was waiting to take her off to another country. She had only been told about her mission twenty minutes ago, but didn't know anything about it. No-one would tell her what she was about to do, or where exactly she was going. All she knew was that her life was going on hold for an indefinite period of time, and she wasn't allowed to get in contact with anyone except Granger. So, here she was, trying to control the sudden onslaught of tears that were threatening to fall. She hated Granger right now, and Hetty too. They had worked together to get her away from her friends and family, and they still wanted her to trust them. She didn't think that she would be able to do that anymore, not even if they were doing this for a very good reason.

"Agent Blye, are you even listening to me?" asked Granger, pulling Kensi from her thoughts.

"Why should I? You just ruined my life."

"I am the only person that even knows what is going on Kensi. You have to trust me."

"I'd rather not!" Kensi turned her head to face out of the window as tears started falling.

Granger sighed but stopped speaking. He knew Kensi was right, he had ruined her life. But he was doing this for a very good reason, and he hoped that she would see it soon.

They finally reached the base an hour later, and Kensi jumped out of the car with her bag in a hurry to get away from Granger. She had no idea where she was going though and ended up stopping to wait for Granger.

"Where are you taking me?" asked Kensi in an annoyed voice.

"You will see soon enough." Granger took her bag and led her to a waiting plane. "Get in Blye."

Kensi did as she was told but only after Granger had gotten in. She chose a seat well away from him and didn't speak for the entire flight to Colombia. She still didn't know why she was on this mission, but she wasn't prepared to ask Granger either. As soon as she could get away from him, the better it would be for her. So, the moment the plane landed and the door was opened, Kensi grabbed her bag and walked away, still angry and hurt.

"Agent Blye, I presume?" asked a woman when Kensi arrived at her safe house the next morning.

"That's me." Kensi was still angry.

"I'm Amanda Holmes. You will be reporting to me for this op. Do you know what you're here to do?"


"Your job is to take down this man." Amanda showed her a photograph. "His name is Alexander Stalls. He is wanted in three different countries, including the US, for espionage and murder."

"How do I find him?"

"You don't. That's our job. This task force has been assembled to find Stalls, all you have to do is kill him. But you need to watch out. Stalls has men willing to die for him here, which is why he's so hard to catch. If you manage to kill him, you will have to run as fast as possible or you will die out there."

"Okay. Is he staying here?" asked Kensi, referring to Granger.

"No. At least he isn't supposed to be."

"Where am I staying?"

"Here, with us."

Kensi nodded and asked a few more questions, then walked off to get some sleep. She hadn't been able to sleep the night before, all she had done was think about Deeks, and how much he had to be hurting right now.

When Kensi woke again four hours later, she was feeling a little better. Some of her anger had dissipated while she had slept, but she wasn't happy to be there either. Nothing was going to change that until she was allowed to go home.

"Sorry Agent Blye, but we need you out here."

Kensi looked at the door and saw Amanda there. She gave the woman a smile.

"Okay, I'm coming."

Kensi got up and walked out of the makeshift bedroom, finding a team waiting for her. She suddenly felt nervous, like she was the new kid at school again. She had hated that feeling when she was constantly moving around with her father, and she never wanted to feel that way again.

"Agent Blye, this is the task force. This is Joey, Scott, Dani, and Meg. Our job, as I explained earlier, is to find Stalls for you. After he is dead, we all get to go home to our families, so we want to make this as quick as possible. Is that alright with you?" asked Amanda.

"That's good for me. I can't wait to get out of here."

Everyone in the room murmured their agreement and welcomed Kensi warmly. It reminded her of the guys back home, and how they were so caring towards her. She felt a pang at the thought, knowing that they missed her as much as she missed them, but she pushed it away, refusing to allow it to drive her. She knew she would never get through her task otherwise.

"Hey Kensi, we're heading out to get some exercise. Want to come?" asked Dani.

"Sure." Kensi followed her new friends outside into the cold air. It was perfect weather for a light run.

Nobody expected what was about to happen to them.