The Smasher's Apprentice!

this is strange to me. I rarely read nor write OC fanfics. But I couldn't resist!

It was not a good day for anyone in the Smash Mansion. Master Hand was going to have an 'announcement' later.

Everyone could remember what happened when Master Hand had an announcement. The first time, half of the Smash Balls escaped from the Mansion and half of the video game enemies went berserk. The second
time, a whole class of visiting kids ended up setting the pool on fire. Somehow.

Ike sat at a table in the corner of the cafeteria eating pieces of chicken. Around him was Link, Marth, Samus, Zelda, and Pit. Ike's eyes were glued to the clock at the top of the cafetorium doors. It was silent.

"What do you think the announcement is today?" Pit smiled timidly as he stuck a piece of lettuce and tomato into his mouth.

"I don't know," Link took a bite of pizza. "Probably gonna make an indoor Mario Kart stadium and one of the karts are going to crash through the wall."

"Legit answer," Samus rolled her eyes.

"Maybe if we hide Master Hand won't notice we're gone," Ike suggested, taking a large bite of chicken.

"I doubt it," Zelda said. "I heard a rumor that Master Hand would be going door-to-door getting everyone this time, rather than telling everyone to just go."

"Just like a Girl Scout," Samus murmured.

"Oh, sarcastic little Samus," Link laughed. "Always there when we need her."

"I'm going to my dorm," Samus stood up. "See you durin' the announcement."

"Bye," Everyone waved.

Samus twiddled her thumbs as she walked through the empty hallways. She could feel a pair of eyes on her, but she couldn't tell where they were. Hidden within the shadows, running past and glancing at the bounty hunter—where could those eyes possibly be?

As if it appeared out of nowhere, Samus walked into an elevator. "Oh," she said.

"I guess I'm almost at my dorm." She stepped in, pushed a button, and waited for the elevator to rise to the floor her dorm was on.

When Samus entered her room, the first thing she noticed was a paper on her desk. Rarely did she use the desk, which is why it caught her eye. She considered selling it, but Master Hand threw a fit when she asked to sell it.
The paper was lacy and grey and had three white stripes wrapped around the top. The words on the paper were fancy and calligraphic. The ink was ivory.

'Hello Samus,
I'm not sure Master Hand told you this yet, but I'm your apprentice! I'm the first one to arrive and will be collecting all of the letters from other apprentices around the world and in other dimensions. So, if you get a whole bunch of mail, I'm really sorry!

I'll see you today—the sixth of January. So don't bother askin' about my name, cause you'll find out what it is about now!'

There was a knock at Samus's door and the creak of it opening.

"Samus, it's time for the announcement," Master Hand said. "Please get your stuff together and get in line."

As Samus closed her door and stood in line, she pouted.

"I feel like a kindergartener."


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