Chapter 16

We have been home for about 4 days and today is my baby shower. Our honorary guest of course is Charlie. My dad is staying with us for the next 4 weeks to help us out. He has been a big help. It still amazes me how he took over where my biological dad left off. Ray has always loved me and cared for me. I never doubted his love, and that is how I plan on raising Charlie. I believe my mother just doesn't know how to be a mother. Maybe she is jealous of my relationship with Ray but that is her fault I needed someone to raise me and he took that on.

"Honey, Charlie is hungry do you want me to warm up a bottle or do you want to nurse her?" Christian voice comes through the intercom, I can't help but smile, Christian is a completely wonderful father, "I will be right down to nurse her." I throw on my robe and grab my nursing pillow. I always laughed at those crazy mom's who go over board with the antibacterial, the organic, and the all natural things but I see now I am just like the rest of them. I settle down and open my blouse and unhook my nursing bra, Christian sits with me while I nurse Charlie, "I still find it amazing how you do that." He says with intrigue, " Oh Christian its natural and it's the healthiest thing for her. " He smiles, "I know its just wow how your body has adjusted to take care of her amazes me. I really didn't think I could love you anymore than I already did but I do. I have fallen in love with you all over again." He leans over and kisses my forehead and watches Charlie nurse. "So what time do we have to leave to go to Bellevue?" I ask him. He is still staring at Charlie and kisses her dark copper head, "I believe in about an hour. Is that ok?" I nod and switch sides, Christian helps me get my bra latched while I unlatch the other side, "That should be ok, I am basically ready. Mom and Kate have everything I could need for Charlie, including cloth diapers so I only have to put a disposable on her for the car ride."

I finish nursing Charlie and swaddle her. I place her in her bassinet and Gail agrees to watch her while I finish getting ready. I am walking around in just my bra and boy shorts when Christian walks and sits on the chaise lounge and just stares at me, "Can I help you Mr. Grey?" He shakes his slightly, "Nope just enjoying the view, ma'am." I chuckle I know its been rough on him. He needs some distressing considering we have been pretty much practicing abstinence for the past three weeks. A wicked smile comes across my face. I slip my heals on and walk over to him, I pull him up so he is standing in front of me, "Is there anything I can do for you sir?" I look up at him through my eyelashes. I crash my lips to his and hear him groan into my mouth. With that I work my hands to his hips and slide his pants down. I can tell he is already hard; I rub the bulge that is protruding from his boxer briefs and drop to my knees. It doesn't take long before he has found his release and picks me up and kisses me, "You didn't have to do that." He says sheepishly, "I know I wanted to, I missed the way you taste." I wink at him and finish getting ready.

We arrive at Bellevue and everyone is already there. I just hope everyone understands that I don't want to play pass the baby, I want her to rest and not be around a bunch of germs. Grace helps me with all of the baby things, "Grace can we put Charlie in her room I she was falling asleep in the car." Grace smiles and Charlie's bag to a room covered in pink and brown, I lay her down in the plush crib and she falls right to sleep. "Ana come you have to see the atrium I think Kate took over when Mia left off." Oh this cannot be good, "Oh Mom, what did she do?" I laugh because I can only imagine. "Oh you will see."

We walk into the atrium and I am greeted by tons of family and friends. Mrs. Jenkins is here and so are Molly and the girls. Kate runs up to me and hugs me, "Oh Ana how are you feeling? Where is my precious baby?" Christian walks up behind me and tells Kate, that Charlie is sleeping upstairs. His arms snake around me and Kate give an eye roll, "Geesh Grey must you constantly touch her." He squeezes my waist, "I can't help myself Kate." He kisses my cheek and goes to find Carrick and Ray. "So let's get this party started."

We walk further into the atrium and Kate makes the announcement that I have arrived, that's when everyone comes rushing over to me. Everyone is hugging and kissing me and asking questions. I finally sit down by Kate and Grace and take in all the decoration sage and brown everyone. I absolutely love it. Charlie is loved very much we eat brunch and open presents, I am sure Charlie will not need anything for the next three years. Kate and Molly have both been right by me the whole day. They both seem to be trying to one up each other. Even down to the dirty looks they give Christian. All I can do is shake my head. It's almost like they are in a competition for the award of Ana's real best friend.

We finish up the party and Grace has all the men take the baby's new things to the condo. For the rest of the afternoon we sit around with Mrs. Jenkins, Molly, Kate and the girls. "Ana, so please tell us who is going to me Charlie's godmother?" Molly interrupts Kate. Kate shoots her a look that could stop anyone in their tracks, "Yes, Ana please tell us who will be Charlie's God parents." Oh come on, here comes the fight of the century I can already feel it, "We haven't really thought about that, we still have time to figure all that out." I try to chuckle but I know whatever decision we make will hurt someone. Elliot is going to be Charlie's Godfather that is a given, but her Godmother that is going to be very hard. "Well Kate since you were in the room when Charlie was born I think I should be Charlie's God mother." Oh shit here it comes the cat fight I have waited for, I can't believe Molly went there, "What? Ha, well let me tell you, I have been Ana's best friend since our freshman year in college, without a doubt I should be Charlie's Godmother. " Molly rolls her eyes and laughs in Kate's face, "Where were you when she had no one? She obviously couldn't trust you to keep her secretes."

I stand up and walk out of the kitchen I can't deal with this, I love both of these women but for Christ sakes fighting over who is the better friend has to stop. I go up stairs and check on my sweet angel. She is up and starting to stir, I pick her up and settle into the rocking chair and begin to nurse her. I rock back and forth and try to calm down. Being stressed out is not good for my milk production. I finish up and just rock Charlie for a bit. These two women are making me crazy. I am half tempted to just have Mia be Charlie's Godmother and tell those to crazy ladies where to go. I take a deep breath and exhale, and start to sing You Are My Sunshine. I finish the song and look up and see Mrs. Jenkins watching me, "Annie honey, that was beautiful." I smile up at her and she sits on the ottoman, "Honey listen to me, don't worry about who you pick for a Godmother, you will make the right choice. Don't let them pressure into making a decision." She pats my hand, and looks at Charlie, "Hello Ms. Charlie." I readjust the baby and hand her to Mrs. Jenkins, " Will you hold her for a few moments I need to go take care of Kate and Molly." Mrs. Jenkins smiles kindly and settles into the rocker with the baby and I go down stairs to face my two best friends.

I know I have to get these two to like each other, hmmm what common interest do they have together? They both like to shop, they both like to have spa days and they both dislike Christian, well Kate has a love hate relationship with him now, it only took about 2 years. "Oh look my pompous brother in-law is back with my gorgeous husband!" I look past Kate and see Christian and Elliot walk in the door, "Oh look my obnoxiously annoying sister in-law is still here." Christina throws back at her, "Easy Bro, that's still my wife." Elliot laughs, "Oh Elliot you know we do it to each other every time we see one another." Christian is right they do, I do believe deep down they do care about each other they just have a funny way of showing it. I walk over and kiss Christian and whisper hello. He stares at me; he always knows when something is bothering me. He leans into my ear and asks me what is wrong; all I do is shake my head, "Not now I will tell you later." He presses his lips into a straight line and nods.

We are sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and I feel my phone vibrate, I look down and check it, it is Mr. Turner the man who changed my name from Anastasia Grey to Annie Sanders. "Excuse me I have to take this." I get up and walk out on to the patio,

"Hello Edward, how have you been?"

"I am good. What can I do for you Mrs. Grey?"

"Edward, you remember when I came into your office and you changed everything for me? Well what I need now is to be changed back to Anastasia Grey and I also need some information about one Elena Lincoln."

"Mrs. Grey you know my services aren't cheap, but I will get you what you need and then we can discuss payment."

"Edward don't worry about costs, I have the money, I can give you my black card if you want me to pay you now."

Silence on the other end….

"Edward are you there?"

"Yes sorry Mrs. Grey, Elena Lincoln, what do you want to know?"

A sinister smile crosses my lips and all I can say is, "Everything."