Today was the day we all have been waiting for, it's the day that Grayson and his parents meet Nashi and the family… ok so, maybe it's not a day to look forward to. Unless you're not Lucy then you might be waiting for this day of reunion between Natsu and Gray or actually meet this Grayson Nashi is madly in love with.

"I can't believe my little princess is dating the stripper's son!" Natsu grumbled next to his wife, who was cooking.

"Honey please…" Lucy once again tried to calm her dear husband down.

"Don't forget she's madly in love with him!" Hoshi decided to add.

Natsu growled and you can see the dark aura starting to surround him; Lucy shot her son a glare while his twin sister, Layla, smacked his arm and Kasai rolled his eyes at his troublemaker brother.

"Natsu, honey, think about our daughter's happiness, she's in love for the first time and you don't want to ruin it for her, right?"

Natsu sighed tiredly and calmed down, once again Lucy managed to calm him down note: she's the only person ever recorded to that! Without fighting or threatening...

"Dad you didn't mind me dating Akira who is Uncle Gajeel's son who if you remember beat the shit out of mom…" Natsu flinched.

"And I'm dating Lilianna who is Sting's daughter, and he was trying to steal mom from you!" double flinch.

"And I'm dating Elena who is Jellal's daughter, you know the dude who hurt your friends…" triple flinch.

"YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT! BUT, Gajeel spent years making it up to your mom and he's married to her best friend! Lilianna is the daughter of my childhood best friend Lisanna! Plus Sting also made it up to us and apologized! And Elena is the daughter of Erza… enough said."

Cue sweat drop

"So what did this Gray do for you to still be enemies with him?" Hoshi asked the millionaire question.

Natsu again growled and Lucy decided to tell the tale, "you see sweetie, Gray Fullbuster is an awesome friend *Natsu growls* and he really was there for me when I was new here *another growl* but, he and your father never got along! Always at each other's throats, fought about everything, never stopped fighting, always insulting each other and the list goes on and on...basically their relationship is like your Uncle Gajeel and your father but ever since childhood! That's the best I could explain it…"

"So they're rivals?" Layla asked confused about the relationship between this Gray and her father.


"No, we are not rivals; we are enemies and will always be enemies!" Natsu declared with determination surrounding him.

"Honey, you can't deny that Gray was there for us. You know if it wasn't for him I don't think we would still be together…"

Cue angry growl

"WAIT, WHAT!?" of course Nashi decided to enter the scene now.

"Wow, lil sis, you look great!" Kasai complemented the youngest.

"Thank you Kasai-ni san." Nashi bashfully said.

"*whistles* damn girl!" Layla winked at her.

"Someone dressed up for tonight." Hoshi teased her and smirked when her blush was 3 times worse.

"Sweetie you look stunning!" Lucy gave her a warm smile.

"My little princess is growing up…"Natsu said tearfully.

Nashi was wearing a pink ruffled dress the reached to her knees, her pink locks were curled, her face had barely any make up just a bit of lip gloss… she looked like a princess.

And then the bell rang, causing Nashi to freak out…

"OH MY GOD! What do I do? Shoot, shoot, shoot, they're here! I'm about to meet my boyfriend's parents! What do I do? What do I do? HEEEEEELLLLPPPPPPPP!"

"Well, first you open the door!" Hoshi pointed out.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Nashi jumped on him.

"Or not…" Layla sweat dropped.

Nashi dashed upstairs, leaving the whole family to shake their heads.

"Ok, I'm going to open the door, while you guys make sure everything is good." Lucy said taking the lead and going to open the door after fixing her husband's tie.

"I still don't know why are we dressing up for stripper and stripper jr." Natsu grumbled.

"JUVIA! GRAY!" Lucy cheered excitedly.

"LUCY!" Gray and Juvia greeted cheerfully.

And behind Gray and Juvia was a handsome, tall and charming young man. Lucy was suddenly really excited to see if this is her supposed to be future son-in-law.

"Good evening, Mrs. Dragneel. My name is Grayson Fullbuster and I'm the boyfriend of your dear Nashi." Grayson greeted Lucy politely and bowed after his introduction.

"Oh my, such a polite young man." Lucy giggled softly "and really handsome too!"

Grayson blushed but, she was right he had his father's hair, his mother's eyes, and tall for his age, and he seemed to be built just like his father when he was the boy's age.

And then a growl was heard and they turned to see a seething Natsu, and in turn Gray growled too…

"Flame for Brains"

"Ice Princess"

"Ash Head"

"Frozen ass"



Lucy and Juvia who were holding each other's hands and jumping from excitement like high school girls sweat dropped at their husbands.

"Ahem, excuse me Mr. Dragneel." Natsu deserted his glaring contest to look at the boy who stole his princess.

"So, you're Stripper jr."

"Hey don't insult my son fire shit!"

"Well, your son stole my daughter, ice prick!"

"Dad~" and everyone looked at the whining voice from up the stairs and saw Nashi looking annoyed and nervous at the same time.

"Whoa! Na-chan you look amazing!" Grayson said with a dreamy like tone.

"Thank you Ray-kun" Nashi bashfully said.

"Well son, I got to admit your girlfriend is really pretty, who obviously got her looks from her mother!" Gray taunted Natsu.

"Say that again you perverted snow cone!"

"She obviously got her beauty from Lucy; the only thing she got from you is the hair which by the way suits her more than her moronic father!"

"Why you…" and just as they were about fight they sensed a dark aura and turned to see a glaring Lucy.

"Natsu, Gray behave." She said calmly.


"Wow, Na-chan your mom is something alright!"

"Let's just go eat…"

At the dinner table

"Wait, how did Mr. Fullbuster save your relationship?" Nashi asked remembering what she heard a while ago.

"Nashi dear please call me Gray!" Gray said happily, he really like the young girl and was glad she was like Lucy but in her own way.

Nashi blushed but nodded and Natsu growled not liking Gray getting all close to Nashi.

"Well, you see Nashi your parents were fighting that day, and it was a really bad fight, involving trust issues from your father and betrayal issues from your mother…" Juvia answered the young girl.

"What happened?" Kasai asked, it sounded serious…



"OH MY GOD NATSU! HOW COULD YOU!" Lucy asked with a betrayed voice.


"What are you talking about?" Lucy asked tearfully.

"WASN'T IT YOU WHO KISSED HIM!" Natsu shouted accusingly and then got a kick in the stomach making him grunt in pain and land on his knees.

"I thought you were different Natsu, this is why you missed our first month anniversary for, because of stupid misunderstanding on your side! YOU JERK THERE WAS A LEAF IN HIS HAIR AND I WAS TRYING TO HELP! THAT'S IT WE'RE OVER!" Lucy cried and run away in tears.

I'm such an asshole… Natsu thought to himself as he watched the girl leave...


"DAD YOU WERE SUCH AN ASSHOLE!" Nashi screamed at her father.

"You know what, I'm loving this kid even more by the second!" Gray said amusingly.

"Nashi! Language at the dining table!" Lucy scolded her daughter.


"Hey, lil sis, let Aunt Juvia continue…" Hoshi said annoyingly.

"*coughs* as I was saying…"

Back to Flashback

Gray wouldn't let his little sister figure and his kind of best friend break up for a silly misunderstanding! So he grabbed Lucy who was forcing herself to go through the shift and self-pitying Natsu and shoved them in the freezer.

"Gray-san let me out! I don't want to be in a room with the presence of an asshole!" Lucy said as she banged on the door. Natsu got stabbed in the heart by an animated arrow.

"You're not in a room, you're in a freezer." Gray said calmly, "Now solve your problems or freeze."

"But I already dumped him!" another stab.

But Gray didn't answer; Lucy just slid down the door and put her head on her knees.

"Great now I'm going to freeze to death because of an asshole." Triple stab.

Natsu knew this was his chance to fix things; he looked over to Lucy and saw her shaking. He got over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder making her look up and he saw the tears…

"Get away from me you jerk!" and she Lucy kicked him…

Natsu got up, damn she has one heck of a kick; he heard her cry even louder when he sat next to her and dropped his jacket over her shoulders.

"I'm sorry Luce, it's just I kept seeing Sting doing romantic things to you and it blinded my judgment, I'm really sorry please forgive me…" Natsu apologized sincerely.

Lucy looked up to him and cried more, he then picked her up and placed her in his lap and then grabbed her chin and leant in and kissed her.

After a heated make out session, Lucy looked at Natsu and then looked around and saw they were in the fish freezer…

"Great my first kiss was in the fish freezer after my first fight…"

Natsu just laughed nervously…


Silence filled the room as Juvia finished telling the story.

"Wow dad" Layla finally commented.

"Daddy was anything romantic in your guys' relationship?" Nashi asked blankly.

"Na-chan I'm sure your father proposed in a romantic way." Grayson tried to cheer up his girlfriend.

"Actually Grayson-kun, Natsu asked me out of nowhere when we were eating take out in the car!" Lucy bluntly said.


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