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What is Karl and David lost 7 sisters and 3 brothers in the plane crash. When they find their dad they find them. Now it is time for all of them to find a place in Dinotopia. What is going to happen next?

Chapter .1.

Waterfall City

"Welcome to Waterfall City to Capital of Dinotopia". Mayor Waldo says to Frank, Abigayle, Nigel, Lucy, Allison, Peter, Zaria, Saranna, Sammi, Rexanne and Jack

"Thank you. Where do we go now?" Frank asks

"You need to right your names in the book of people who have been washed up here. Come this way and we will do it now in front of everyone. You're hero's. I have something else to give as well", Mayor Waldo says leading them into senate.

The new Scott's where a bit shocked by the dinosaurs.

"Don't worry. They won't hurt you", Karl says to his family

"They are all really nice", David adds, "Zippo is letting us live in his house"

"You will need your hands free let me take Twenty-Six", David says to Karl

"Thanks", Karl says handing her over

"Everyone we are here to welcome 11 new Scott's to Dinotopia. Eldest to youngest first", Mayor Waldo announces

Marion hands Karl and David's father a quill. Frank quickly writes his name.

"Welcome to Dinotopia Frank Scott", Mayor Waldo says as everyone claps, "Next"

Marion hands another one the quill.

"Welcome to Dinotopia Abigayle Scott", Mayor Waldo says

Everyone claps. Then Marion hands to quill over again.

"Welcome to Dinotopia Nigel Scott", Mayor Waldo says

Everyone claps again loudly. Next Marion hands the quill to a teenage girl.

"Welcome to Dinotopia Lucy Scott", Mayor Waldo replies and everyone claps

Marion again hands over to quill.

"Welcome to Dinotopia Allison Scott", Mayor Waldo says as everyone claps

Marion hands to quill to a young boy.

"Welcome to Dinotopia Peter Scott", Mayor Waldo says everyone claps

Marion then hands to quill to the next Scott

"Welcome to Dinotopia Zaria Scott", Mayor Waldo says

Marion then hands the quill to the next one

"Welcome to Dinotopia Saranna Scott", Mayor Waldo says

Marion then hands the quill to the next.

"Welcome to Dinotopia Sammi Scott", Mayor Waldo says

Marion then hands the quill to the next Scott.

"Welcome to Rexanne Scott", Mayor Waldo says

Marion then hands the quill to the youngest.

"Welcome to Dinotopia Jack Scott", Mayor Waldo says and everyone cheers

The new Scott's blush a little bit at the attention.

"Karl Scott please join me on the podium", Mayor Waldo says

Karl immediately joins the Mayor.

"He is a medal for saving Dinotopia and bring back all those sunstones. We can't thank you enough", Mayor Waldo says putting the medal over his head

"Thank you Lord Mayor", Karl says

"Mr Frank Scott your children will be enrolled in our school. That will teach them all about Dinotopia and it's traditions, laws and languages and other things that our important. They start in 1 week. Mr Stenosaurus do you have enough room in your place for all of them?" Mayor Waldo asks

"Yes I do Lord Mayor. It will be my honour", Zippo replies

"David Scott I except you in Canyon City in 2 weeks", Oonu (Skybacks Leader) says to David, "For your 2 year of training"

"I will be there", David replies

"Breathe Free", Oonu says

"Fly High", David replies

"Father my I join David and his family?" Marion asks

"You can. You can help explain things", Mayor Waldo says smiling slightly

Karl takes Twenty-Six as they leave the Senate following Zippo.

"When can we get some clothes?" Abigayle asks

"Tomorrow. I will personally go and get them", Marion replies smiling, "I will look at your leg when we get to Zippo's", Marion says to Karl

"Ok. It is not that bad really", Karl replies

"He was shot. So he needs it looked at", David explains

"I will look at it and use herbs to heal it", Marion says

"They don't eat meat here", Karl says to his siblings and father

They all nod wondering why they didn't eat meat. They make their way to Zippo's house ready to catch up finally…

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